Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Have I been? And an anticipated review of Dr. Perricone's Blue Plasma

First things first, where have I been? Oh, I dont know, just so busy that this is the first time I have sat in front of my computer to write in my blog. In December I took a well needed break and vacation for a few weeks. As soon as I got back in Janruary I flew to Dallax Texas on business and here I am. January 30th, finally sitting down, right before New York Fashion week. Ah well, better late than never right?

Well, I am back now and I am committed to reviewing the best of the best in beauty (and dont forget my favorite, jewelry) and sharing my little journey in the world with you guys.

Now onto it, I have gotten so many questions and requests for this review and I now know why. I just picked up Dr. Perricone's Blue Plasma Daily peel two days ago and I can officially say I am in love. I know that iss crazy only after two days but its true. This stuff is actually, I dare to say, miraculous. A quick run down on my skin for any new readers, dry as the sahara desert. No matter, how much I exfoliate and moisturize (and trust me I do, Revive, La Prarie, SK-II... I have tried it ALL) it is never smooth, hydrated and forget about glowing.

Well, its only been two days so I can say I have had a 180 turnaround yet, but let me tell you there is a NOTICIABLE difference in texture and hystration. The first day I used, I woke up with softer and smoother skin. There was even a slight shine to my skin (which I am always after, as my skin is super dull and dehydrated).

This is a daily peel, but I think of it more as a serum. I put on in the nightime after cleansing before and bed and thats it. I love that you dont need to wash it off. It is kind of priey at $95 dollars but you only need like 4-5 drops for your whole face. It should last you a while.

The details from Dr. Perricone's Website are:

A unique, non-acidic daily peel designed to deliver all the benefits of a traditional peel without redness or irritation. This cutting edge liquid treatment works with Bio-specific Peeling to attack only dead skin cells, Micro-extraction to lift surface debris, unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up and finally Hydro-fusion to rebalance skin's hydration with enriched water. No rinsing needed. Apply and follow with your daily skincare regimen.

- Resurfaces and unveils new skin.
- Achieves luxurious luminosity & glow.
- Smoothes, hydrates and plumps lines & wrinkles.
Consumer Studies:
- 90% agreed their skin was visibly more luminous after just one application.
- 87% agreed they preferred this treatment to a chemical peel or exfoliating scrub and this product gave them professional results.
- 82% agreed this is the best resurfacing treatment that they have ever used.
- 87% agreed their skin felt like it has been replaced with “new skin” after 4 weeks of use.

So, in short do I recommend this? Well , do I really need to answer that. It is a RESOUNDING YES!
Let me know if you have tried or you are going to?