Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spots Du Jour 6.30.09

Soooo...something is rotten in the state of denmark (with my skin). I do not know what is up, I have been trying a few new skincare and make up products and I got a few spots on my face. Uh Oh!! Anyway, when the pimples come out I turn to my tried, true and trusty HG of acne relief.

Mario Badescu...amazing stuff. HG of all time is the drying lotion. I am sure you have all seen this and heard of it. Honestly, most things that are hyped up do not work. This is not the case with the dryng lotion.

This stuff will dry up and eradicate a pimple over night. My boyfriend even loves it.
How you use it? You dip a q-tip into the bottom sediment, DO NOT SHAKE. Put the sediment onto the spot, go to sleep, wake up with a healed spot and if not healed 75% smaller and less red or painful.

I ran out of this awhile ago and soon as I saw these spots pop up, I called Mario Badescu salon in NYC and had them messenger this "acne repair kit" downtown to my office. I couldn't wait!
I even paid the 8$ messenger charge!

This kit includes the Drying Cream which is for daytime wear under makeup. It has the Drying Lotion, what I mentioned above, you can not wear this during the daytime, you will have pink spots (this is more for white head type pimples, larger spots) Lastly it also includes the buffering Lotion which is used for cystic acne, the painful bumps that are under your skin and can not be popped or anything like that!

Drying Cream, Drying Lotion, Buffering Lotion

I look so pretty!!
Trying to get a pic of my boyfriend with his spots on....he will not allow it clearly!!

PS- I have the cutest boyfriend in the world, probably. I would be hard pressed to find someone as cute as he!
What is your pimple/spot remedy?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jewels Du Jour 6.29.09

Quick Jewels shot for the day, not really "jewels" but you know what I mean ;)
Wearing: (from left to right)
- 2 tibetan rosewood bead bracelets made by me
- 1 onyx bead bracelet with sterling skull bead made by me
- Cartier Charity bracelet rose gold and silver loops
- Red friendship bracelet made by my sisters. Red to ward off evil :)

What are you wearing on your wrists today?

Mirrored Nails Du Jour 6.29.09

I have been searching for a mirror like/ foil finish on nail polish FOREVER! I always talk about it and try hundreds of silver nail polishes in hope of finding one like this. Someone on specktra had told me about this one and the only place to get it is on eBay from a UK Seller. I went straight to eBay and scooped it up. THANK GOD I DID! This is exactly what I have been looking for, a foil metallic like finish!

This nail polish comes with two bottles, a base coat and a silver coat. I put the bade on first and let fully dry for about 4-5 minutes. I then put on the silver coat and it looked like any old silver nail polish after I got to my third finger, the first finger was dried and turned into a foil finish like magic before my very own eyes. I couldn't believe it!

Anyway, see for your self...good stuff. Be warned though the wear life is not too hot. Mine started to chip quickly, I did not use a top coat though. I was scared to use a top coat as I thought it might dull the finish.

Any suggestions for a top coat besides Seche Vite?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Contouring Tutorial Du Jour 6.28.09

The long awaited picture tutorial on contouring. Personally, I love to contour, but you have to be careful or you run the risk of looking 80's circa Dynasty. Anywho, here you go... very simple.

Products Used:
  • MAC Taupe Blush
  • MAC 165 Brush, any pointed but fluffy brush will work
  • MAC Sculpt and Shape Powder as a Highlight. Any light powder will work. Shimmery or Matte



Voila, any questions?

Inspiration Du Jour 6.28.09

Love her.

Obsession Du Jour 6.28.09

What a fantastic brush for bronzer and all over powder color. This is moving high up on the rungs of my favorite brushes. This is SO soft but yet dense. Why is this limited edition??

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Lip Du Jour 6.27.09

You all know I only do Nude and Baby Pink lips. I wanted to try out the Illamasqua intense ligloss. WOW! That is about all I can say about this gloss. Gorgeous red, almost perfect red for me. Shiny, Glossy, Pigmented, Almost Opaque, Great Innovative Packing. Huge Win in my book. See for yourself. I am almost convinced on wearing red lips and that is saying A LOT!

There is an odd reflection.

Looks like Dorothys Ruby Slippers with MAC's Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks over.

What do you all think of red lips?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 6.26.09

I can not believe I have not mentioned one of my HG favorite nudes. Again, it is an annoying one because stupid MAC and its LE color. This is Vanity's Child. I love it, I wish this was perm. This looks odd in the tube, kind of a medicinal beige, but on the lips it is a perfect light nude.

This to me is similar to my HG of all time, 2N. Very dupable. Too bad BOTH are LE. I am going to stalk out some CCO's and try to find backups!


Jewel Du Jour 6.26.09

Bracelet I am wearing today. Simple but great, I LOVE SNAKE jewelry!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

The end of an Era. 

I loved MJ, no matter how crazy he was. He was just in our LA store yesterday doing a studio pull. Steph and I spent a whole day in the Dominican Republic watching a channel dedicated to only Michael Jackson music videos. NYC Times square is at a stand still right now as the news is broadcasting across the huge mega tv's. People are crying. Everyone I walked by on my way home was talking about it on their cell phones. He was truly one of the first Pop Icons. Very sad.

By Terry Du Jour 6.25.09

Okay, I have had this for a bit and I have to say this is my favorite lip balm EVER. The only downside is the horrific price. It is a bit outrageous, do I buy it over and over again? Yes. Am I insane? Yes.

Now that we have covered that we can move on to the product/ review. Okay, well this is an exact dupe for EZBaby tendertone without the kiwi strawberry smell. This has a light rose scent. It is a thick lip treatment, very emollient, rich and smooth. It almost feel cushiony if you know what I mean. It also imparts the PERFECT nude/baby pink look on your lips. It really covers any pigmentation you might on your lips.

As you can tell this is LOVE for me. What could be better? Baby pink lips? Check. Intense Hydration? Check. Beautiful Packaging? Check. Lovely light floral scent? Check.

What do you all think?

Blue Flame Illamasqua Look Du Jour 6.25.09

So as you probably are well aware, I have a serious obsession going on, I am cheating on my boyfriend...with Illamasqua.

I just love this brand. Although, to be honest, I was not so psyched to use the blue eyeshadow. I am very tame when it comes to eyeshadow colors. I don't like bright shadows, they read as cheesy to me and in general lacking in sophistication. I know I know, I am sorry it is just my personal opinion. So clearly I was not jumping out of my skin to try the bright cobalt blue eyeshadow. My goal was to go for a sophisticated, understated smokey eye using a color outside of my normal comfort zone.

Boy, was I wrong, number 1, this was a pleasure to work with. It is Matte...which is my favorite texture ever. Number 2, this is a very sophisticated blue. It was not garish at all, and very buildable, which I like. This shadow actually made me change my mind a BIT, I will not go as far as to say I will be wearing yellow,oranges and reds etc on my eyes. No, I will not, but I definitely will venture out a bit to the colored shadows as now I know certain colors can be worked to look sophisticated and fashionable (I will never change my mind regarding "citrus" or neons on my eyes...sorry!).

All products used shown here. Very simple look actually, only using 2 e/s colors plus a pigment.

MAC e/s in Tilt.

Don't mind the wild brows, I am going to tame them tonight...
What do you think?

ILLAMASQUA Du Jour 6.25.09

Looky looky what I got (I actually got these about a week ago)... looks and reviews coming up. I can't wait to play with these babies and do some looks (already did one last night, blue look coming up next)

I think I have a problem!