Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hair Du Jour 6.14.09

The one topic I get questions, comments and emails about the most is my HAIR.

Let me tell you about my hair, it is SUPER dry, prone to frizz and very thick. With that being said, I love my hair. I really think hair is super important and my shining feature. I have tried every shampoo and conditioner. For years I have been using Kerastase, it is a great line, very expensive but worth it, BUT I stopped using it when L'Oreal popped up on the list of companies that might use animal testing on hair care products and that is a no go for me. I was recommended Kerastase after my year in college that I thought for some reason it looked good and it was cool to fry/ flat iron your hair... EW! It really helped to bounce my hair back into shape. Since then I have learned to say NO to the iron. My personal style is sorta beachy/ messy. I hate when my hair looks too neat or flat. Now I let it air dry and usually put hot rollers in it for a few minutes a few times a week on very low gentle heat. I really never blow dry it and tend to stay far away from putting heat on my hair. Since I have changed this I have noticed a big change in my hair health and Length!

Recently, well, for the past 5 months I have found a new love in a very unlikely place... The Body Shop. Kinda weird, I know, but it  came recommended highly to me by a model I met a while back. Anyway, I have been using the Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  I really am loving it because:

  • Good Price point, $15 for the HUGE bottle and $11 for a good sized one.
  • Smells AWESOME, I love Honey, but its more of an almond/ marizpan smell which is my fave all time smell
  • Super moisturizing and softening
  • Makes my hair very manageble
  • As always the body shop is animal cruelty free which I LOVE!
From the website:

Best if you want to: Soothe stressed tresses with a moisturizing conditioner that quenches dry hair to restore softness and shine.

Best for: dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair

How it works:
  • Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions hair and adds shine.
  • Community Trade bananas from Ecuador, Community Trade Brazil nut oil, Community Trade organic olive oil and Community Trade sesame seed oil moisturize, condition and soften hair.
  • Wheat and Brazil nut amino acids add moisture, softness and manageability.

What shampoo and conditioning secrets do you use?


  1. I'm a slave to the Aphogee line. I have afro relaxed hair and this range works wonders for me. I got my hair cut short in mid-Feb and it's grown so much and I know it has lot to do with the products I use, along with the biotin tablets I pop too.

  2. Ooh I think I'll have to check out the honey shampoo and conditioner. I'm dying for my hair to grow a bit quicker. Like you, my hair is thick and very dry. My hair is quite long, but I'd love to have hair as long as yours, it just looks so feminine. I bought a vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails, but keep forgetting to take them so haven't seen much of a result! x

  3. OMG girl, your hair has so much volume! im way jealous! I recommend redken smooth down, its $18 for a decent size but its awesome! if you use heat tools, then this is the product for you. i have colored my hair over 10 times and its DRY but when i started using it, my hair has gotten better even with the use of heat and additional coloring!


  4. wow your hair is gorgeous girl xx

  5. My hair is really flat and straight no matter how much I curl it it's always straight again within an hour, I love the wavy look though and it looks good with the length I have it. I use pretty much any shampoo and conditioner that I can get my hands on, although I've been wondering if I should try some stuff made for blonde hair, even though mine's dark brown I've noticed some blonde highlights recently and I want to make them more noticeable.

  6. Yinka- I heard the Biotin tablets wreak havoc on your skin... how has your skin been reacting?

  7. littlemiss- If you want long hair try to avoid the heat styling tools and over condition it!

  8. C- Thank you, I will check it out next time I am in a drugstore!

  9. Skar- Hair products made for blonde hair will not make your highlights more noticeable, shampoo made for blonde hair is usually tinted purple, and this is meant to take the yellow out of blonde hair, to neutralize the brassiness of blonde hair. I would recommend using lemons in the sun to bring out natural highlights.

  10. I am a huge fan of your hair! I'm currently a bleached blonde who has just gone back to highlights in the hope of healthier, longer hair - like yours!

    At the moment I am loving Pantene.. it makes my hair silky smooth and it air dries so much better - less frizziness. Plus I love the smell!

    What hot rollers do you use? As soon as I get a bit more length I'm going to ditch the GHD's!


  11. Happy Sunday Belle!

    I love your blog too!!! :) Thank You so much for stopping by mine, FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle, I am just getting it up and running, but have now signed up to follow yours and will stop by often! I hope you are having a Super Sunday!!!

    Liesl :)

  12. Hi Liesl, Welcome! Nice to see you here! Have a fabulous sunday!

  13. Lydia- Thank you! So sweet of you. I use a cheap-o set from the drugstore. They are so old but I cant justify getting new ones because they work SO well.

    I dont even think they make them anymore because they are so old, but if you can find them, get them, they are cheap and great. I am sure any of their new ones work just as well though!

  14. Wow, I def need to check out that Body Shop shampoo and conditioner! I use Kerastase or Pureology and sometimes I want to cry at the price...but I'm like you, my hair is kind of my thing haha. So I def take your recommendations to heart, thank you love!! XO

  15. Elizabeth- Kerastase is worth the price in my opinion if you really need damage control, but I have found the body shops is very moisturizing and adds alot of manageability to my hair with a great price. Def check it out and let me know what you think!

  16. i LOVE your big hair i wish i could have that. I get big hair on the day i shower but the next day it just falls flat ;( even with the perm that i have... i'm currently using herbal essence for permed/color-treated hair.. its okay, i LOOVEEE the smell but i'm not sure its doing the job i need for me.. do you have any suggestions? i have very thick hair too :P

  17. I adore your hair, I've always wanted long beachy-blonde waves - but alas my hair cannot handle bleach, no matter how many treatments I put in :(

  18. Like Yinka I'm a fan of the ApHogee range! My hair just loves it, and seemed to grow more when I started using these products last summer! I also take garlic supplements to help with shedding!

    LOVE the shades! (",)

    …PS I nominated your blog for an award! Here’s the link (“,)


  19. Thx for posting this, I think I might try this next...! xx

  20. I've never had ny mad breakouts taking them but I've read too that they can make some people break out. Depends on the dosage you take I guess.

    I haven't taken them for about a month cos I haven't gotten round to buying another bottle yet but my skin's gone mad at the mo cos I've upped my water intake so all the crap is coming out.
    I've got a sexy breakout around my chin at the mo *rolls eyes*

    Oh btw I've nominated your blog Missy:

  21. Yinka: Wow the water thing is doing that to you? That is next on my list of things to do. How are you doing on it? Have you lost pds or anything like that? I cant believe its making you break out. Water is so good for you! Keep it up! Thanks for the nom! xx

  22. beautifuldirty- If you have thick hair I would recommend this, although if you tend to get oily your probably need more of a clarifying treatment. Personally, I do not like herbal essence, it smells great but the product itself is Rubbish. If you want volume use a line that is for finer hair! Let me know if you need more reccs, you can email me! x

  23. Patience- I might have to check out Aphogee!! Sounds great. Thanks for the nomination!

  24. I've recently been using shampoos with no SLS and no parabens and have noticed that my hair is softer and alot less dry. I had no idea till I watched some youtube gurus talking about how bad and dry they make your hair.I always assumed salon quality would give me the best hair possible so I always slpurged on higher salon brands. I looked on my shampoo bottles and guess what?! They had every imaginable preservatie, paraben,SLS and a bunch of other stuff nobody can pronouce. I switched to something without SLS and it made a difference that very first wash. The only thing is that it is hard to get used to these types of shampoos because they tend to have less lather. Some people equate lather with cleanliness. Although that's not actually the case, we are used to what is familiar...

  25. I used to use Kerastase too, but like you figured out they were owned by l'oreal and quit! Unfortunately the Body Shop is owned by L'oreal too. You should try out some LUSH shampoos, they are cruelty free! I use rehab and love it!

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