Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Lip Du Jour 6.27.09

You all know I only do Nude and Baby Pink lips. I wanted to try out the Illamasqua intense ligloss. WOW! That is about all I can say about this gloss. Gorgeous red, almost perfect red for me. Shiny, Glossy, Pigmented, Almost Opaque, Great Innovative Packing. Huge Win in my book. See for yourself. I am almost convinced on wearing red lips and that is saying A LOT!

There is an odd reflection.

Looks like Dorothys Ruby Slippers with MAC's Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks over.

What do you all think of red lips?


  1. Love love love!
    I don't use my reds very much though. Looks great on you.

  2. I don't normally wear red but I am at the minute because I got a red lipstick from the supervisors at the drugstore where I was doing work experience. It's a darkish red which I'm wearing with a clear glitter lipgloss over the top because it looks a bit OTT on its own. I think it'd look nice with a neutral gold eye but I was too tired to do much makeup today so I look a bit odd. My teeth look really white all of a sudden though which is nice

  3. Skar- I dont wear red either usually!

  4. This is gorgeous - what is it called?

  5. Love red lips..atm im into deep berrr lips which is an awesome alt for summer and can be worn in the day...well i rock it in the daytime LOL :D

  6. The color's fab on you!

    I used to wear red lipsticks all the time, they were actually my everyday lipstick. But as time has gone on and I'm busier, I like colors that I can just throw on and don't have to worry about fading, lipstick on my teeth, etc...

  7. It's glowing :D!
    Love it :). I usually wear redder reds, but now I want to try something similar to this colour ;).

  8. I wish I could pull them off, like you!!! :)
    Great colour!

  9. love love love. i just posted my all time fav red on my blog - check it out at

  10. WOW! I'm now starting to love red lips! I need to give my Kanga Rouge lipstick some more love!