Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dissapointment Du Jour 1.30.10: NARS Orgasm Illuminator and NARS Easy Lover Lipgloss

A big fat F for Failure for NARS Orgasm Illuminator and Easy Lover lip gloss. I do not even have a swatch because I want to return both to Sephora ASAP.

I am so let down by both, first of all, I will start with the lip gloss. From the tube and the description I thought it would provide a transparent hot pink wash to your lips, very juicy looking. No No NO! All it was was a clear gloss with a slight berry stain look to it, definitely not worth $24. Another reason I am so upset is because Easy Lover by Phil Collins is one of my top three favorite songs ever, I so wanted a lip gloss with that name! Bollocks, as the British would say!

Next, Orgasm Illuminator, just SO not worth it. It is a peachy liquid with a gold shimmer too it. Sounds like it could be gorgeous but when I put it on my hand, two minutes later it was GONE. Disappeared, then in the daylight I saw nothing The texture is also something I am not a fan of, it is very liquid-y and runny and I hate that. I like for it to have a cream texture, but that is very personal. I think other people might like this formulation as it is very light. I don't know, again just not worth $29.

So in total I am happy because now I have over $50 more dollars in my pocket, but shame on you NARS!

I am sure some people will love these products but they did not hit the spot for me.
Any one care to share their thoughts?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 1.29.10

I would give a pinky finger for these, even more maybe even a ring finer also. UNREAL.

Appropriately named the Titanic Ballerina Pump. Click to enlarge.
Alexander Mcqueen SS10

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sneak Peak into my Spring Makeup Fury...

Here is a sneak peek waht I picked up in Sephora and finally my order from transdesign came. Actually the shipping was super quick. Like 3 days!

(see my pile of black mysterious lipstick boxes? Ill give you a hint, MUFE, Illamasqua, NARS and Guerlain)

From Transdeisgn:
Essie Sweet Time Mini Pack (better picture below). It has Mint Candy Apple, but a mini version. Perfect!
China Glaze Peachy Keen
ChinaGlaze Re-Fresh Mint
ChinaGlaze Light as Air
China Glaze Grape Pop

I cant wait to start wearing. Although I am not letting myself wear any of my new spring colors until April 1st. It gives me something to look forward to!

What are you starting to pick up for spring?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair Crush 1.27.10

This is what I want my hair to look like, pale baby blonde! Scratch that, I actually just want to look like this girl in general.

Spring Lovin 1.27.10

This is what my spring fashion wish list is is shaping up to look like. My wardrobe will look something like this...

Peach silks, Paper bag waist lines, crystal rhinestone statement necklaces, cropped sweaters, cement colors, neutral platforms, white t's, nude mesh, draped fabrics, cocktail rings to go on pointer fingers, cropped pants, brown motorcycle boots, yellow and rose gold jewelry.

Thoughts? What will your spring wardrobe look like?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rengergie Microlift Eye Cream Review 1.26.10

I have been using Renergie Microlift Eye Cream for almost two weeks now. Lancome kindly sent this as part of a package. This is a product I would have never tried in a million years, why? Because I never thought I needed a lift under my eyes yet, but guess what this product proved to me I did.
This product in 2 weeks has made a difference under my eyes. Yes, it is moisturizing which is always a benefit but what I really love about this product is that this has diminished some (not all) of the blue-ish tint of my under eye circles and I would say about 80% of puffiness that I usually wake up with in the morning. This is what gives my eyes the lifted appearance. I have not noticed yet any real diminishing of fine lines beyond plumping my skin with moisture immediately but this fades within a few hours.

I also really like the gel/ cream hybrid texture of this treatment. It looks very nice under concealer, although I put this on before bed. Remember though, I have very dry skin so this might be a little richer for most of you than me. This however keeps my skin very soft and very supple. I could dunk my whole face in this and be happy! Additionally, I am very very picky with scents, and this is very subtle and classic smelling. Not too fruity or floral and definitely not overbearing.

The only con I see with this product is the price tag, I would not classify this as super expensive (La Mer, La Prarie) but it is pricey at $60 a jar. I do not know if being 25 I would yet purchase a $60 eye cream for myself. However, once I start seeing real wrinkles I am sure I will be spending a ridiculous amount of money to get rid of them! I do not think if you do not have fine lines or puffiness you necessarily need such a rich moisturizer or a pricey one.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and I will continue to use this, which is a huge thing for me as I like to bounce between products and I rarely finish things. I will update you all as to how long this lasts and when I actually finish it! Lancome is one of those heritage brands, classic. I unfortunately completely forgot about it until recently dying over the Chris and Tell Lipstick. I am glad I was re-introduced to it as it was one of my first forays into cosmetics as this was the brand my mother always used. I am very much looking forward to trying more from Lancome's skin care range.

Have any of you had any great/bad/okay experiences?

Obsession Du Jour #2: 1.26.10

Why are these two the best dressed couple ever?
Classic trench with a twist, a slight bubble hem and sky high platforms.
No words for Mr. Beckhams outfit, perfection for a man.

Obsession Du Jour: January Jones 1.26.10

I am currently obsessing over January Jones.

I have just recently started the Mad Men (LOVING IT) series. Before I watched it, she was never really on my radar but her classic beauty and looks have me looking twice at her. On the show she is a perfect 50's housewife and in real life she is sunkissed and a bombshell. I like how she mixes her classic elegance with sex appeal. Dont get me started on Don Draper, he is REALLY tickling my fancy!

Do you love her as much as I do?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Urge Du Jour 1.25.10

Do you ever have a very naughty urge to go into Sephora and just buy EVERYTHING?
I have that urge right now and it doesn't help I am armed with a wish list, a gift card and a Sephora 1 block away in Soho....

My Immediate wish list is:

-Rouge Volupte Gloss in Tangy Orange (If its not too sheer!)
- Rouge Volupte in Peach Faubourg and Rose Paris
-Guerlain Rouge G in Giulette and Gemma
- Illamasqua Lipstick in Over, Climax and Filth
- NARS Orgasm Illuminator
- NARS Easy Lover (If its not too sheer!)

(I emailed my NARS girl at Bloomingdales and Easy lover is already sold out! They did not get the Illuminator yet, its a Sephora exclusive!)

However, there are a few things I want from other places such as:

Thierry Mugler Plexi LipGloss in Coral

Thierry Mugler Concealor in Cooling Blue Glacis. This looks so COOL!

Le Metier De Beaute in Apricot Creme and Sweet Creme. You all saw this already!

I have dinner with my friend @7 so I am going to drag her into Sephora with me, hopefully that will curb my spending!

Wish me luck!

Le Metier De Beaute, Lip Creme Du Jour 1.25.10

I was at Bergdorf Goodman about two weeks ago to do some market/ floor analysis and I happened to wander down to the beauty floor. SHOCKER. By the way, Bergdorf beauty floor is one of my favorite beauty stops in Manhattan by far. If you have never been you should definitely check it out. They have some great harder to find brands there.

Anyway, allllll the way in the back of the department I found a little section dedicated to Le Metier De Beaute. I was so excited, I love this brand and they only carry it in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorfs. Look online here!

Anyway, I picked up a Lip Creme in Papaya Creme. It is a apricoty coral copper with a slight duo-chrome in gold. I love this color. I will need to do a lip swatch for you guys soon, but this is so great. It is ultra pigmented, smooth and smells great. It is a light vanilla smell. Lovely. It lasts decently on my lips, but lasts more like a lip gloss then a lipstick, I would say about 1-2 hours and not through eating. Although, personally, I always remove lip products before eating because I cant stand it and it grosses me out!

This Lip Creme is along the lines of a liquid lipstick, it is that pigmented. See below. The only set back is the price, it is $36 which is a lot for a gloss. But I think of it as a lipstick AND a gloss in one.

I am going to head back over there this weekend and pick up another few I think. I really have a crush on this lip creme right now. Next on my list is Apricot Creme, Sweet Creme and Peche Creme.

Have any of you tried these out? Thoughts?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I have a very exciting announcement and review. I will be reviewing one of my favorite products ever, one that I have used for over 8 years now. This is a product I fully and 100% stand behind and know for a fact works and changes your skin!

Ready for the exciting part, the amazing people at the company MD Skincare (don't confuse with Skin MD) behind this product has sent me one for you! This company was founded by Dr. Dennis Gross. It is the famous Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads, worth $75.

I have lightly touched upon this product in my skin care post. Let me just review it a bit more for you. First of all, back in high school I had great skin, very clear but with occasional clogged pores. I also have very dry skin which is conducive to fine lines due to aging and the dryness. I was recommended this product by my facialist at a spa back at home on Long Island. It was a relatively new product when I first tried it but I fell in love with it. It now has gained a cult- like following!

The Alpha Beta Daily Pads come in a tube with two containers within it. They containers house Step 1 and Step 2. The pads are to be used after you cleanse and tone. A little warning, do not use an exoliator the first few times before you use this product as it contains gentle acids and it might burn a little (a tiny but, like lemon juice). The first few times it will sting but that subsides after a few uses. After are prepped you take the pads in Step 1 and swipe all over your face and let sit for 1-2 minutes. After you take the Step 2 pads and clean your face with them, they are the neutralizing pads. You will not notice an immediate difference but when you wake up in the morning you will 100% percent feel that your skin is softer and smoother. After about a week you will 100% notice the increase in clarity and radiance. This product will truly alter your skin in tone, texture, radiance and clarity! I am a lifetime user of these pads and I hope the winner enjoys the prize! I would reccomend this product to any skin type, oily or dry, everyone can benefit froma smoother texture, less pores, clearer and more radiant skin!

I happen to also have the Body Alpha Beta Pads, the only difference with these are the diameter of the pads. Therefore, you can use the face on your body and vice versa.

On to the give a way, you can win a 30 day supply of MD skincare Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads worth $75.

The requirement is that you must be a follower of this blog and comment why you want to win this product. You can increase your chances of winning and enter 2 additional ways.

1. If you follow me on Twitter you will be entered again. Follow me at BelleDuJourNYC on twitter.
2. If you re-tweet my Give-A-Way Tweet on twitter.

The give a way will close on Feb 1st, I will pick the winner based on a random number generator and contact you for your address!

Good luck to you all, this is a really fabulous prize!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beauty Wish List SS2010

This is my beauty wish list for SS10, as you can see its all about the LIPS and Nails for me this season!

Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris and Fauborg Peach

YSL Sheer Gloss in Tangy Orange

Korres Cherry Gloss in Light Pink and Nude

China Glaze in Peachy Keen

NARS Illuminator in Orgasm
Barielle Nail Polish in Blossom

Illamasqua Lipstick in Over, Filth, Climax and Test.

NARS Lipgloss in Easy Lover (I love Phil Collins, Easy Lover, best song!)

Lancome Lipstick in Chris and Tell.
ULTIMATE! This is impossible to find, I have been DYING for this color. Anyone have it?

Essie Mint Apple

China Glaze Something Sweet

China Glaze Re-FreshMint

China Glaze Light as Air
Guerlain Rouge G in Giulette and Gemma.

(Sources:,, Temptalia for Nail swatches)
What are you guys digging and wanted for SS10 beauty items?

UPDATE: Just ordered the China Glaze and Essie for, each color was only $2.80. WHAT A STEAL! I cant wait to get them!