Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scenery Shot Du Jour 5.31.09

I had a lovely weekend lazing by my families pool and the sun. I got to go to the CCO I have been wanting to explore for some time, and I got ALOT. I will show it all coming up this week. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

A quick shot of NYC driving back in from Long Island.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Blush Lovin' Du Jour 5.29.09

Right now I am obsessed with cheek products and these two blushes are my summer MUST haves. They are the beauty powder blush formula from MAC. Stay put for hours and are SUPER pigmented. I am so impressed by these two suckers.

On a Mission is the most gorgeous plummy pink blush, it instantly lifts and brightens any skin tone. Dark enough to help sculpt which I love.

Eversun is by far my HG of blushes right now. Eversun is literally like putting natural sunlight on your face, it warms you right up and makes you glow! I would usually look right past an orange toned blush, but thank god I tried this. It does not look orange on your cheeks, it somehow transforms to the most perfect peach glow.

Am I raving yet?

On a Mission on the right, and Eversun on the left.

GO OUT AND TRY THIS! Trust me on this one...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Look and Outfit Du Jour 5.29.09

Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW25
Chanel Brilliance Pur in BronzeLit
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Lightscapade MSF as a highlighter

MAC Solar bits in Impassioned
MAC Solar bits in Scatterays
MAC Liquidlast liner in Black
Sephora Green Chubby Eyeliner, on bottom lash line for a pop.
YSL Faux Cils Mascara

MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick
Smashbox Lip enhancing gloss is Pout.

- American Apparel High-Waisted Black Shiny Disco Pants. (You can't see the shine here)
- Alexander Wang T white tank top
- Lots of Jewelry :)


Obsession Du Jour 5.29.09

 Brave New Bronze from the Style Warriors Collection. I know I know, I said I didn't like it. I went back into MAC and tried it again, and now that I have a tan going on I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It is a very peachy, natural nude. It is like your lips but better. Has anyone else tried this out? This for sure is a great nude for anyone with a slightly darker skin tone. It is very natural looking without the concealer look. This is a satin finish, so it is matte with a slight sheen. I highly recommend. This would look great with a pink or nude gloss over it!

Lip balm plus BNB lipstick

What are you feeling from the lipsticks promoted with Style Warriors?

Fashion News Du Jour 5.29.09

R.I.P Christian
Lacroix. The last Haute Couture fashion house files bankruptcy.

"The lessons seem to be that it is now difficult to survive in high fashion without being part of a corporate group that can invest in product development and flagship stores and that the pyramid model is no longer viable."

How sad? I used to read about Lacroix in my fashion history books, the house is a legend in the haute couture world. This economy is really killing the fashion world slowly.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look Du Jour 5.28.09

Style Warriors Neo Sci Fi Summer Look:
MAC Expensive Pink E/S
MAC Gold Mode Pigment as a base
MAC Satin Taupe e/s in Crease
MAC Molten Sol Liquid Last Liner
MAC Fasinating Eye Kohl on water line
YSL Faux Cils Mascara

MAC X-Rocks Blush
MAC Pink Hero Luster Drops as highlight
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation mixed with MAC Strobe Beam Liquid

MAC Brave New Bronze

Silly Face
What is your summer look?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bling Du Jour 5.27.09

I love Nicole Richie and I aint afraid to admit it. There is a point to this story, I swear. #1 I love the magazine blackbook and #2 this spread is sick, #3 My second obsession after makeup is Jewelry! I love jewelry, especially gold on blondes. I might be a bit bias with that though :)

Anyway, I was at my favorite sushi place, Momoya with Steph and I saw she was wearing a new ring, I clearly know every piece of clothing and jewelry she owns, we lived together for 3 years! anyway, she told me it was by House of Harlow for $18. I couldn't believe it. Low and behold it was the rings from the cover of blackbook! I promptly came home and ordered 4, 2 thick rose gold stacking rings and 2 pave yellow gold stacking rings! They are gold plated but for $18 and $33 dollars I am in. Preorder for June 30th release.

What do you think of Nicole Richie's House of Harlow?

Stila Steal Du Jour 5.27.09

Oops...I bought more makeup. 

Anyway, the new Indian Summer Stila collection is out. I have never been a HUGE fan of Stila because I dislike most of their packaging. I find it a bit gimmicky but with my makeup show discount I ordered all my favorite eyeliners, the Stila Kajal. I can not rave about this creamy eyeliner enough, so dark and pigmented. I ordered it in Onyx (black), Tigers Eye (Deep Brown) and Topaz (nude). Topaz is perfect for the inner rims of your eyes when you want to use but white is too stark. This is perfect to open up your eyes without looking like a big weirdo.  This also makes the PERFECT nude lip liner.  At $18 it is a pretty expensive eyeliner but with the 40% off its great! I also snuck in the new 24K smudge pot! Supposedly it mimics the effect of black ore solar bits, golden black. Sign me up!

Anyone that wants to order use the code STILAPRO for a whopping 40% off!
What are you guys going to order? GO FOR THE KAJALS! You wont be dissapointed!

Obsession Du Jour 5.26.09

MAC Emanuel Ungaro Cream color base in Fresh Morning. I found this while rifling around my makeup stash. There is no shimmer to this, but it is an amazing color to highlight with. I am SO loving this. I have used it as an eyeshadow base, a lip color, brow highlight and a cheek highlight. Score for multi use products!

What is your unexpected Obsession du jour?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MAC Collection Du Jour 5.26.09

Graphic Gardens, a Nordstrom exclusive. This will be released on July 9th in Canada and July 17th in the US. I will be in LA during this time, but you bet your butt I will be dragging my best friend to the Nordstrom in LA at The Grove to pick on of these babies up (the palette with the blue is singing its siren song to me ).

I love this collection because it reminds me of Grey Gardens, the documentary about Jackie. O's cousins, the Edies' that lived out in the Hamptons in piles of garbage. There is a remake done by Drew Barrymore on HBO now. Watch it!

What will you be getting from Graphic Gardens?

Sale Du Jour 5.26.09

Smashbox Friends and Family Sale.

Discount code FFS89

Will you be getting anything? If so what? 
I might pick up my tried and true photofinish primer.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Du Jour 5.25.09

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US today.
Enjoy your barbeque, pools and beaches. I know I will :)

Back to regular programming tomorrow!

New goodies to share and a giveaway for reaching 215 followers!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Style Warriors FOTD Du Jour 5.23.09

Products Used:
MUFE HD Foundation
Chanel Universal Bronzer
MAC luster drops in Pink Hero

MAC Solar Bits in Scatterrays on lid
MAC Soft Force eye shadow on Highlight
MAC Night Maneuvers eyeshadow in Crease and under lash line
YSL Faux Cils EyMascara
MAC Black Smolder Kohl

You likey?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Style Warriors Collection Du Jour 5.22.09

Style Warriors is finally here. Of course, now that its here my excitment has died down. TYPICAL.

Also, I semi hate animal print (except on a RARE occasion) so I kinda didnt realize I was going to HATE the packaging. Luckily, everything I got did not have that on it! I already threw away the animal print boxes.

Anyway, I do love my products I bought and in MY opinion what I bought were really the stand outs for ME! Meaning my taste and for my skin tone, we have to remember everything looks different on different skin tones! That is what is so great about MAC, it really is for everyone!

Anyway, I purchased:
  • Soft Force eye shadow, a buttery, soft, light champagne color
  • Night Manuevers eye shadow, This is not getting enough love from other people, for ME this is the perfect brown, I like cool browns more than warm so this is right up my alley. It is a sheer buildable shade, which I like because I can determine the intensity.
  • Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, love in a bottle. I will need to pick up the other colors of this.
  • Scatterrays Solar Bits, LOVE this, I do not find it as chunky as other people, this is a less orange melon pigment. Super frosty and metallic, I quite like the application of this.
  • Impassioned Solar Bits, See above. This looks like liquid Satin Taupe eyeshadow, highly metallic, wonderful cool brown again.
  • Mercenary Nail Polish, new favorite nailpolish, looks like liquid copper, so shimmery. Not sparkly, shimmery.

Solar Bits in Impassioned and Scatterrays

Soft Force eyeshadow and Night Manuevers eyeshadow

Pink Rebel Luster Drops

Rubbed in

Mercanary Nail Polish... helllooooo, you all need this!

What I skipped and Why:
  • Lipsticks, well I only like nudes and they had one nude, Brave New Bronze...I was excited for this but EW. Too dark and brownish peach on my hand. I did not swatch yet on my lips because I was really scared away by the darkness of it. I hated it actually. Good, better for my wallet! Although I think this would be great for brunettes!
  • Beauty Powder Blushes, they are VERY pigmented and look to be of GREAT quality. I gravitate towards pinky blushes, not peach and mauves so this is why I skipped. I will go back and test On a Mission though. Could be great for a subtle blush!
  • Bright Future and Vibrant grape shadows, I thought for sure I would be buying the Vibrant Grape, it was too pinky red of a purple. Did not call out to me. I liked Bright Future but I dont wear yellow shadows.
  • Bronzers, might go back for that, not a must have, will look at Refined Golden as Solar Riche is a bit too orangey for me.
  • Violet Fire and Peaceable Nail polish.. very dupable.
  • Lipglasses...whatever!
What are you guys going to get?
Will be posting a FOTD after!

NYC Du Jour 5.22.09

It was a GORGEOUS day yesterday! I took this picture on my walk home from work yesterday. I loved it and I know a lot of you ask me about NYC so I wanted to give you a peek into my world and Washington Square Park.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lip Tar Du Jour 5.20.09

New brand phenomenon Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is breaking onto the scene very strong. The buzz is LOUD about this brand and I know why. The product is innovative and great quality.

I just have had the opportunity so far to try out the Lip Tars and let me tell you these are KILLER. These are the meaning of pigmented. They apply glossy and dry down to a satin/matte finish. It is the ease of gloss and the wearability of a lipstick, opaque gorgeous color. I love the concept behind Lip Tars, they are meant to be customized and blended. The options are ENDLESS.

One drop of color can cover your hand. Don't believe me? Have a look yourself.

How insane are these?
I just ordered four more from the website :)
Check it out OCCMAKEUP.COM