Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bling du Jour: Crystalized Cell Phone Case by Crystal Icing 8.25.12

If you know me, you know I love sparkle. I love it on just about anything (minus in makeup). I am a sucker for anything crystallized or blinged out. I have been on an eternal hunt for the perfect crystallized iphone case. It is really hard to find a true swarovski crystal case and not have it be cheesy! That's always the catch with the crystals...its a fine line between fun and Vegas stripper!

Anyway, I met Gina through one of my many lines of work (so true), she is a client of the PR firm that I work with, Wunderlich Inc. When I saw her line, Crystal Icing,, I DIED! She is the babe behind the bling! She has done everyone's bling from Bethenny to Pauly D's head phones and laptop case (they are buddies!) to Paris Hilton to Mariah Carey to Justin Beiber.

I told her that I wanted to order a case so I sent her my logo (she can customize ANYTHING- a guitar, a laptop, an iPad, a sharpie... ANYTHING!) and she surprised with me with a completed iPhone case and a business card holder. For me, a business card holder is SO important, this I can three of my own!

Anyway, I got my package and was running around my apartment like a 5 year old. EVERYONE now asks where I got my case. I spoke to Gina and asked her if I could give my readers a discount and she said yes, which is super nice of her.

So, you can go on her site, and look around and get 10% off anything you order with the code BELLE. Just to be CLEAR, I do not make a cent off of anything anyone orders, I just wanted to share this fun company with you all!

Check out her website here: Pictures below.

It is hard to actually catch on camera how amazingly sparkly these babies are.

Are you a sucker for bling like me?
Which is your favorite on her site?


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obsession Du Jour: Pureology Precious Oil Hair Treatement

I am very loyal to hair products (the same can not be said for beauty products). I do not really venture outside of my comfort zone when it comes to my hair. I am kinda crazy about it.

As for hair styling products, well, I dont really use them, I know I should, but I dont. I dont use hairspray, gels, serums or anything like that. I like the look of bed head, I like sexy and messy hair, however I do not like dry and brittle hair. I do, however, use Argan Oil in my hair to control frizz and add some extra shine. I have been using it since 2009 (I told you! I am loyal). This is where my new obsession has come in. I recently came across Pureology's Precious Oil line, I haven't dug into the shampoo and conditioner yet, but I have tried the precious caring oil and I LOVE IT.

Here is a quick back of the cab shot of my hair with the Precious Oil, it actually has some shine.

The product has no silicone in it, which I love and contains, safflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. You only need a teeny little bit daily and this stuff banishes frizz like no ones business and smells lovely to boot, like a tropical escape. It is meant to be used on wet hair or dry. I prefer to use on dry hair to tame the frizz and make my hair look ultra supple and healthy hair.  You can also use this as a pre- shampoo oil treatment. It is uber concentrated so you really only need a few drops and this will last you forever. Trust me.

This is one of the first hair products in the line to be Green Seal certified which means it is line with environmental safety standards.  This is worth every penny.

Have you tried? Will you? YOU SHOULD!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Haulin' Du Jour 8.15.12

I have been at Sephora more than I care to admit. However, I have been finding some AMAZING products.I have re-falling in love with Stila products, they really have stepped it up.

I can't wait to share all with you.

For now, here is a little sneak peek!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sexy Scent Du Jour: Diptyque Volutes 8.11.12

Now this my dear friends is a sexy scent. Dark, woodsy, leather, tobacco, pink pepper and more.

Dive into this heady blend starting when the weather cools down. Available in September.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Du Jour 8.7.12

Wanted to share a few roof top photos from my weekend. Enjoy!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jewels du jour 8.2.12

My new little buggy friend I just added to my jewelry fam. He is a little rose gold, oxidized silver and diamond guy.

Say hello to Fred. I just named him that.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ODJ: Conceal Cover FX Camouflage concealer 8.1.12

I have been very bad with shopping for makeup. In the past few months I was so good however, tell me if you guys are with me on this. You are so good and not buying a ton of uneeded things for a few months and then you just dip your toe in the makeup shopping pool by buying one lipstick and before you know if you have made three trips to sephora and accumulated a small makeup counter in you apartment. If you follow me on instagram (@DaraKaye) you know that I have been picking up quite a few things!

Ah well, the life of a beauty addicct.

Anyway, back on track, along my travels I was looking for a new concealer. I just haven't been that happy with what I was currently using. Two weeks I found a GREAT concealer at Target, which is Boots No 7 quick cover (I will take about that later- it is a little dry for under eyes but amazing at brightening). I wanted to find something with a salmon tint as that really does the best job at concealing dark circles. I dont have any puffiness or bags, but I get killer dark eye circles. Probably a mix of hereditary and lack of sleep.

I was wondering around in Sephora and happened to swatch Conceal Cover FX Camouflage concealer. Cover FX was never a brand I was drawn to as I really dont like to cover up my skin. They are known for their foundations. I just use tinted moisturizers and bronzers. I dont like the heavy feel. Anyway, even upon first swatch I was super impressed. The coverage is OPAQUE without being heavy, it has a creamy consistency and it is the perfect color for me (I got light) and it blends SO well. IT kinda of transforms to your skin tone as you can see below in my swatch. I am so happy I found this, this is my new holy grail. You can check it out here on Cover Fx's website.

More info after the pictures.

Swatches- You can see the difference in color from right out of the tube then blended in. Amazing

I picked it up at Sephora here for $27, yes it is a bit pricey but it is SO worth it. Trust me on that.
Have you tried? Will you?

xx Dara