Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maybelline Red Revival - Best Kept Drugstore Secret

I have a guilty pleasure...drugstore makeup. The problem with that is though, I usually buy it for the thrill of cheap makeup and usually never wear it, forget about it or the throw it away because the quality isn't up to par.
Well, let me  introduce you to Duane Reade's (or CVS... whatever) best kept secret, the ultimate blue based red lipstick. Now you know, I am a nude lips girl, ALL. THE. WAY. However, there are sometimes those mornings I wake up and want a pop of color on my face. Usually when it is very sunny, or I am wearing jeans and a white t shirt. Anyway...
Ladies, meet Maybelline's Red Revival.

Perfect consistency, not drying, super pigmented and a perfect true red, coming in at $7. There is nothing to even think about here. Go get it.

If you are lazy and don't want to hunt this baby down, you can order it at


Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunglasses Du Jour: Aviators

Now that it is warming up (ok it is already sweltering in NYC) I wanted to do a post on my newest sunglasses obsession. I posted these on Instagram quite a while back (beginning of April) but I thought I would share now, my two must have sunglasses right now.

The ones I am wearing are the rayban mirrored blue and Stephanie is wearing the red mirrored. They are called the Flash lenses to be specific and you can grab them here : grab them here! They retail for $160.

However, there are a bunch of knock offs and to be honest, I love a good pair of cheap-o sunglasses...for a few reasons. One being, I lose my sunglasses like it is my job. The second, I like to wear a different pair every day almost, and if I spent upwards of $150 each time on a designer pair... well you do the math That would be a lot.

I found a few very cute alternatives for you.

These are by Cheap Monday for ASOS. Love the flash color here. Very hippie-chic and for $59 great price for quality.

Another favorite pair are these that I wear winter and summer. Another aviator style. Can you tell, I love aviators. These are polarized dark grey Raybans as well, can be found here

Looking for the cheaper alternative?  Love these! May just order these myself right now, available here and they are $28, major win!

Looking for an even cheaper alternative? Try your local H&M, I always scored amazing sunglasses there. Also, if you are from NYC, look at the street vendors, I know, usually I don't like street vendors but the sunglasses are a NYC best kept secret.