Monday, March 28, 2011

I am back Du Jour 3.28.11

Hi Everyone!

I know, I have been MIA...well I am back. I was in Barcelona visiting my sister.
Scheduling will return to normal tomorrow.

What have you all been up to?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Spring 2011 3.8.11

I am so loving the promo shots for Illamasqua's Toxic Nature SS2011 Collection.
Cant wait to check the products out in person.... the creme products look very intriguing...

What do you think?


Monday, March 7, 2011

Lancome Genifique Serum Du Jour 3.7.11

This little wonder bottle has been sitting in a drawer for over a year. Seriously. I was given this and I put in a drawer and totally forgot about it.

I know, I know! Shame on me.

Anyway, I took it out of that drawer about 2 months ago and thank god I did. Lancome Genifique Serum is now one of my very favorite skin products!

Anyway, after about a week or 2 of using I saw a very noticeable difference, my skin was much softer, smoother and more moisturized, almost plumper even.

When you open the bottle it looks like a milky watery serum. After one use you dont really notice a difference, the magic happens about a week after using. The way I use this is, I put it on under my daily moisturizer in the morning. I take about one dropper full (about a dime size amount) all over my face. It is very watery and spreads very easily. I let it dry then slather on my daily moisturizer (which is cetaphil daily lotion).

What does Lancome say about it?

Our first skincare that boosts the activity of genes1 and stimulates the production of youth proteins2. A true skincare innovation with 7 worldwide patents pending, Génifique is the foundation of every woman’s skincare at any age or for any skin concern.

1In-vitro test on genes.

2Clinical study on skin proteins associated with young skin – France.

Visibly younger skin in just 7 days. Skin looks as if lit from within – breathtaking radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Drop by drop, skin is vibrant with youth, its tone becomes astonishingly even, its texture dramatically refined.

• Drop by drop, skin is infused with life.
• Vibrant with youth, skin looks as if lit from within - breathtakingly radiant.
• Skin's youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch.
• Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined.

Do I think it claims to do what it says?? Heck Yes. The price is $58 for a small bottle and $98 for a larger one. I would definitely recommend going to your Lancome counter and trying to get a sample to try it out. I also would reccomend this to oily and dry skin types, it is not greasy nor oily it dries down to a perfect skin like finish.

I am a fan. Have you tried?
What do you think?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MAC: Quite Cute 3.6.11

Hi Guys, if you follow me on twitter you know that I am getting sick of these new MAC collection releases. They are rapidly firing off half baked collections and lacking on creativity and quality. The packaging is heinous (Venomous Villians and Wonder Woman I am talking to YOU!!)

With that being said there is a new collection in that I am QUITE interested in, and its called QUITE Cute. Get it... QUITE interested? Ha Ha... not funny! I know!

The promo's and products lookfun, springy and totally Kawaii!

Lipstick $14.50 USD / $17.50 CDN
Playing Koi - Creamy white peach pink (Satin)
Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified)
Candy Yum-Yum - Neon pink (Matte)
Quite Cute - Bright whitened lavender (Cremesheen)
Play Time - Intense violet (Cremesheen)

Plushglass $18.50 USD / $22.00 CDN
Fashion Fanatic - Creamy pale pink
Bubble Tea - Creamy pale nude
Girl ♥ Boy - Bright light blue pink
I ♥ U - Creamy mid-tone purple

Lip Pencil $13.00 USD / $15.50 CDN
In Synch - Bright yellow pink
Naked Liner - Light neutral
Boldly Bare - Mid-tone red brown

Eye shadow x 4 $36.00 USD / $43.00 CDN
Moshi! Moshi! - Pale white green gold (Frost)
Goody Goody Gum Drop - Light white pink (Satin)
Boycrazy - Pale lavender with silver pearlized pigments (Lustre)
Azuki Bean - Mid-tone violet (Frost)

Mineralize Blush US.$23.00 / CDN $27.50
Giggly - Light pink with a pearly plum heart (Frost)
Sakura - Lavender with pearly deep magenta heart (Frost)
Miss Behave - Light beige with a pearly mint green heart (Frost)

Nail Lacquer US $14.00/ CDN $17.00
Ice Cream Cake - Creamy blue pink (Cream)
Little Girl Type - Creamy pale lavender (Cream)
Mischievous - Creamy pale blue mint (Cream)

Penultimate Eye Liner $17.50 USD / $21.00 CDN
Rapidblack - True Black

Zoom Lash $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Zoomblack - Rich black

Loud Lash [Asia Only] $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Noisy Black - Black

False Lashes $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
7 Lash - Spikey, slightly seperated, high glam lash

Above photo's found on The Bubbling Blog.
Check it out here

Above photo found on Specktra.Net via HeliumHead

So are you guys interested in anything? I am loving the Playing Koi and Candy Yum Yum Lipsticks and the Plushglass gloss. Thats about it for me!

What about you?