Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eyeliner Du Jour: Laura Mercier 4.22.12

Everyone that has been a long time reader of my blog will know my undying love of a black smokey eye. Well I found the perfect addition to a black rimmed smokey eye.

Laura mercier's Black Gold eyeliner it is a very darkened gold. It is a gorgeous color to use for you bottom eyeliner. It is almost the color of engine oil. A black greasy gold. I LOVE the color. I find it very sexy. It gives a slick look to give you that sleek, greasy, sexy, lived in smokey eye look. I dont know why I never tried this before.

The only down side is that it is not budge or water proof. However with a smokey eye smudgey can be good. This definitely smudges so if you don't like that I would stay away from this one.

Have you tried?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedges Du Jour 4.18.12

Been loving all the new and fabulous Wedges for the season.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

$14 Deal Du Jour: H&M 4.12.12

Gold knife pleated shift dress. Adjustable length. It come with a built in rope-y belt so you can blouse it up to make it shorter, or not for a leaner silhouette. All you need is some KILLER heels and you are good to go.

$14...  I don't know of a better deal. Go snag now!

Good luck!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obsession Du Jour: Nine West Bealright Sandal 4.10.12

Okay, so this is the fastest blog post I think I have ever done.

I am doing it THIS quickly because I have a feeling these babies are going to sell out QUICK. I got a Rachel Zoe newsletter (don't Judge... I LOVE HER), anyway, she featured these Sandals on the front page. I clicked through Immediately to expect the designer to be Gisseppi Zanotti (My favorite luxury priced shoe designer besides YSL) or Gucci for $800 dollars.

Lo and behold there were NINE WEST for $99 dollars. As Rachel would say, MAJOR! I love wedges, I love Gladiator inspired sandals and I LOVE snake print. Let's just say... I feel like these were specifically made for me.

I clearly ordered them right away... in both colors... so sue me.

I needed both because, obviously I will wear the black more, but with white jeans (Which I wear A LOT in the summer) the camel will be gorgeous.

Can you believe these are Nine West. Nine West is really bumping up their shoe game.
If you like you can grab them here,default,pd.html . I would scoop them up quickly if you like them!

Thoughts? Love 'em? Hate 'em?


Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheap jewels Du Jour 4.9.12

After a new business meeting with my boss Gwen, we stopped in a cheap jewelry store on 5th avenue and 31st street. She spotted while walking, I figured okay Ill just walk in with her, but I DO NOT need anything. I was tired and VERY hungry and late to my Pilates class to boot. However, I am sure glad I did. Thanks Gwennies!

I scored 4 very cool and funky rings and a necklace for under $40. Love me a cheap-o thrill! SCORE!

All of the below are the perfect cocktail, statement ring for your pointer finger. To be worn alone, with no other rings, of course. And please, not all 4 at once.

I love this one, only $9, a metal matte black mesh-ish tassel. This will look fabulous with leather leggings and a great t-shirt top. Oh yeah, I am seeing it now. $9! I mean, you can NOT get a better deal than that.

If you are in NYC- check this place out...On the west side of the street. You will be happy you went, promise.



PS: You can follow Gwen and the Wunderlich PR team @wunderlichinc on twitter. Gwen also started a blog on the truth behind a NYC PR firm . Pretty hilarious actually, and so true!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Current Nails Du Jour 4.8.12

I have been getting a ton of questions about my current nails. My current obsession of the month, and yes, my obsessions change very frequently, is Yoga-Ta Blue by OPI and Essie's Set in Stones. It is a midnight navy shimmery blue with silver sparkly tips. Now listen, usually I am not into "nail art", I find it to be super cheesy. If you are like me, give this one a try, it is fun without screaming "Cheeseball over here!".

Want to know what I did? SO EASY!

What I did was pain two coats of OPI on my nail as the base and take Essie and just drag along the tips of my nails. There was no perfect science to it or guides. Just have fun with it.

Current Manicure Shot

Essie Set in Stones on the left and OPI Yoga-ta Blue on the right

Close up of Essie's Set in Stones

Another back of cab shot of the nails.

Will you try this? Let me know how it goes!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A little vacation du jour 4.5.12

Sorry I have been a bit MIA. My life has been a little nutty between looking for a new apartment, applying to a board, work, taxes and a family vacation. It was definitely time for a get-a-way!

I originally posted this while blogging from my balcony right overlooking the ocean (but it was stuck in drafts! Ugh!). Anyway, thought i would share some gorgeousness and a slice of heaven!