Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warm and Cozy Du Jour 12.29.09

The makeup collection...not the weather. it is FREEZING in New York City right now. Frigid.

I picked up a few pcs form the Warm and Cozy collection that just came out. I was very drawn to this collection because I love and mainly only wear neutrals. I don't do bright colors on my eyes. I didnt recieve them all yet, I am still waiting on Feelin Good Tinted Lip Conditioner, 2N lipgloss and the grapefruit essential oil.

I did get the Shadesticks in Relaxed and Cuddle and the MSF in By Candlelight. Even though I swore I wouldn't get anymore shadesticks because I never use them. These really called out to me, I LOVE the color of Cuddle, it is almost like Vanilla Pigment in a stick form, a light pale white with a flash of gold. It is gorgeous as a highlight and inner corner. I am very pleased with Relaxed as well. It is a very easy brown to wear and creates a VERY quick sultry look. Also great for a smoky look or a clean simple liner.

Obviously, I am in love with the MSF. I was actually going to skip it because it looks sort of Similar to Porcelain Pink but I am glad I didn't. It is WAY smoother and way more pigmented. There is no glitter, just a sheen/ shimmer. I would describe this color as rose gold. It is BEAUTIFUL. I love it on my cheekbones.

quick swatching...
I did a quick look using these colors this morning, although on my blackberry you cant really see the colors...go figure. Anyway, it looked great and it was a really quick sultry eye JUST the shade sticks and a black eyeliner. I quickly lined around the ENTIRE eye with "Relaxed" and put "Cuddle" on inner tear duct and under brow bone. Black Liner and Black Mascara. By Candlelight on cheekbones and DONE!

Review to come on the missing lip conditioner, lipglass and oils.
What did you pick up? What are your thoughts?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashion Icon's New Years Du Jour 12.28.09

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching! I saw a great article on Refinery about dressing like your favorite fashion icon. What a great idea, obviously putting your own spin into it. I wanted to show you guys it and give some inspiration for anyone that doesn't know what to wear yet.

Here are 5 Fashion ICONS to pick from:

Verushcka: a GORGEOUS popular 60's German model. One of my very favorite all time favorite models. Also very well known for her appearance in the cult hit movie Blow Up. If you have not seen this, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her makeup was generally a nude palette with a bubble gum lip twist. Always with a coiff.

Kate Moss: Is there much to say about her? Not really, she is infamous! You could do a great look based off of Kate's boho chic look. Messy bed head, smudged eyeliner, some vintage fur and lots of leg!

Chloe Sevigny: Actress, Model and "it Girl". She designed her own collection for Opening Ceremony which featured the lace up buckle boots. She is known for her long hanging blond hair, shapely legs and a red pout.

My Personal favorite, Bianca Jagger: She is a Nicaraguan Social activist, whom was once married to Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. She is mother of Jade Jagger. Her style was revolutionary. Always with a red lip!

I love the lace up patent oxfords, very chic! Can be found here. I MUST order these! Only $49.99!

Which Icon are you feeling?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Du Jour 12.18.09

I have been an awful blogger. I know, I know! Life has taken over. Lots of exciting things going on in my personal life.

Anyhoo... before this year I never really took much interest in Red lipstick. However, the red lipstick bug has gotten its teeth in me. I was scanning through WWD beauty some time ago and snapped this picture. It inspired me to really wear red more often

Here is my take on it, excuse my EXTREME paleness and shoddy quality as it was taken on my blackberry! It is FREEZING in New York City right now and I have sworn off the tanning beds.

This is Chanel Lacque in Red Dragon. It is a stunning shade of red. I would describe it as a liquid Lipstick. It is my most favorite red I own for a dramatic stunning lip look. My other red that I wear for a more toned down red lip is NARS Jungle Red which is fantastic but I digress. If you are lookng for a WOW statement go for Chanel.
Thoughts? What Red's are you loving?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 12.8.09: Daphne Guinness

I have loved Daphne Guinness for quite some time now. She is the ultimate style risk taker and I just love her skunk striped hair to her pixie quality to her armour jewelry.

Here are some pictures I found from Art Basel Miami, take a look at her shoes! Fierce.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Look what I got a back up of?? My favorite EVER lip balm! MAC, please re-release tendertones (especially in EZ BABY)!

What is the one thing you are dying for MAC to to release again?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Obsession Du Jour: YSL Rouge Volupte 12.4.09

You have all heard me wax poetic about my love for YSL's Rouge Volupte so I shall spare you. I have recently welcome 3 new girls into my family. I love them very much so!

I did also buy Praline Delight and Frivolous Pink. However I returned both. Frivolous pink was EXACTLY the same color as my lips, didn't need to pay $34 for the same color I already have naturally. Praline Delight was a dark brown on my lips, way too reminiscent of early 90's when MAC's Modum lipstick was cool. Sent those two babies right back...

My army of proud golden tubes.
New Additions to my family of Rouge Volupte, left to right: Provocative Pink, Orange Shiver, Fetish Pink
Swatches left to right:
Provocative Pink, Orange Shiver, Fetish Pink,Lingerie Pink, Sensual Silk
With flash

Let's all give a warm welcome...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 12.3.09

Quick Daily Obsession posting. The MAC 182 Kabuki brush. This is the second one I have had to buy, I lost my first one :(

This is a must have for me, I love it, it is the softest Kabuki I have used. It buffs in powder foundation amazingly and seamlessly without eating up too much of the product. I also use it for a quick swipe of bronzers and highlighter. This is a must have in everyone's collection if you use powders or bronzers!

What is your favorite face brush?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obsession Du Jour: Neosporin?! 12.2.09

Okay so I have new obsession, a product that I can now not live without. I have been using this daily for about 5 weeks now. I picked it up at my local Duane Reade. It is a small pot of Neosporin overnight lip treatment.

This is AMAZING. It is super creamy, not oily, it is a thick white creamy, emollient lip product. That probably does not sound too good but I promise it is. I personally cant stand lip products that feel waxy or too thin, just like a layer of oil on my lips. This is the exact opposite and that is why I am feelin' the love so much!

I put this on and my lips are immediately smooth and healthy feeling. I use it day and night, At night I slather a thick layer on and wake up with the smoothest lips and the product completely sinks in. I also love it for the day because it adds a nude light baby pink color to my lips.

Lip swatch.

Verdict: if you have ultra dry lips in the winter, definitely check this out, you will not be disappointed. All in all for $4 I will consider this an absolute staple it all my bags and pockets!