Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashion Icon's New Years Du Jour 12.28.09

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching! I saw a great article on Refinery about dressing like your favorite fashion icon. What a great idea, obviously putting your own spin into it. I wanted to show you guys it and give some inspiration for anyone that doesn't know what to wear yet.

Here are 5 Fashion ICONS to pick from:

Verushcka: a GORGEOUS popular 60's German model. One of my very favorite all time favorite models. Also very well known for her appearance in the cult hit movie Blow Up. If you have not seen this, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her makeup was generally a nude palette with a bubble gum lip twist. Always with a coiff.

Kate Moss: Is there much to say about her? Not really, she is infamous! You could do a great look based off of Kate's boho chic look. Messy bed head, smudged eyeliner, some vintage fur and lots of leg!

Chloe Sevigny: Actress, Model and "it Girl". She designed her own collection for Opening Ceremony which featured the lace up buckle boots. She is known for her long hanging blond hair, shapely legs and a red pout.

My Personal favorite, Bianca Jagger: She is a Nicaraguan Social activist, whom was once married to Rolling Stones Mick Jagger. She is mother of Jade Jagger. Her style was revolutionary. Always with a red lip!

I love the lace up patent oxfords, very chic! Can be found here. I MUST order these! Only $49.99!

Which Icon are you feeling?


  1. definitely veruschka, she is beyond stunning!

  2. Yeah, Verushcka is a freak of nature when it comes to beauty, style.... But I also have to get hands down to Kate Moss, espeially after her come back, she reappeared better than ever... simply effortless! :)

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