Friday, January 3, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Tom Ford's Vampire Kiss

In 2014 one of my new year's resolutions is to wear more lipstick. Isn't that a great resolution? I think I can actually keep this one. I don't believe in resolutions, clearly.

The last lipstick I feel this deeply in love with was actually another Tom Ford, Bruised Plum. A dark, vampy statement lip. This time it is Vampire Kiss, a cool toned red. On your lips it really makes your face come to life, but in a naturally, almost subtle way.

I usually go for more orangey, neon looking reds, so this is something different for me. This is a classic looking red, cool toned, with a very slight ruby shimmer. You can not see the shimmer at all, just a glisten on the lips.

If you shy away from reds, I would recommend trying this one, it is very sophisticated and understated for a red lip. You will not feel that your lips are screaming (I feel this way when I wear my favorite Giorgio Armani red lipstick).

Yes, Tom Ford lipstick is pricey at $49, but I have to say, it really is quickly becoming my favorite. The colors are just done perfectly. They are opaque, creamy and don't dry my lips out like desert.

Have you tried Vampire Kiss? Will you?


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pure Luxury only 4 hours away: Eden Roc Cap Cana

Besides beauty and creating jewelry, another passion of mine is travel, always has been and always will be. Basically, when I learned how to walk, I learned how to fly and developed the insatiable travel bug. Since then, every chance I have, I research and book a destination. Usually, I do not prefer to travel to a place more than one. To me, whats the point? The world has so much to offer and so much to see, why go somewhere again? Almost, like a book, why re-read the same page over and over? I know people don't usually agree with this. However, the below completely negates what I am about to show you. I have been to the Dominican Republic 4 times now. Why? Well to be honest, it is the most exotic place you can go for under 4 hours leaving from New York City, in my opinion. I have been to Punta Cana (terrible experience, think spring breakers, Cabarete and Puerto Plata, and now, I can say I have been to Cap Cana.

Cap Cana is unlike the rest of the Dominican Republic, usually one does not equate the Dominican Republic with utter luxury, well I have something new to tell you. Wipe that out of your head. As I arrived to Cap Cana I immediately knew I was in for a treat and as I pulled up to Eden Roc at Cap Cana and was treated to a tropical papaya, mango beach drink, I sighed in bliss.

This resort is not like any other resort in the Dominican Republic. This is no holds barred 5 star exclusive private luxury resort. From the private suites (which really are private villas) with their own infinity pools, to the gold carts you are given to drive around to the white sand, turquoise beaches. This is not a hotel in the sense that there is one main building, there are only villas which either hold a junior suite (studio), one bedrooms up to 4 bedroom suites. Junior suites start at $800 per night.

Enough of me rattling on, check out the photos, they speak for themselves.

My mode of transportation for 4 days, I love this, the best part, it plugged right in and was electric. Eco friendly! We were lucky enough t  stay in a one bedroom suite. Perfect for my friend Gwen and I.

The deep soaking tub is in every suite at Eden Roc. An ideal way to relax after a day swimming in the surf and sunning on the beach. The couch outside is a small resting area, completely private and has an outdoor shower as well. Ahhh... bliss.

The view over the lagoon.

The view walking from the Beach Club to the ocean, you pass by the brand outdoor pool.

Cabanas around the pool.

The private beach.

I must say, I have been to many a Caribbean beaches and this one ranks high above the rest. It also blows away all the other beaches in the Dominican Republic. I may also be biased her because I like the private luxury. If you are looking for a party, I do suggest looking elsewhere. This is where you come to get away from everything and have peace and quite while enjoying PURE white sand and crystal clear waters (while being waited on hand and foot- no too bad).

La Palapa for me was the highlight of the restaurants at Eden Roc, the tuna tartare was fresh and done perfectly. I do judge a restaurant on execution of tuna tartare, it is one of my favorite dishes but is hard to get just perfect. La Palapa did it. Plus, the view overlooking the beach and bluffs can not be beat.

Even as a quick storm came and passed it was idyllic. This is the point of the resort, on the bluff, a perfect place to look out and think. I do love myself some quiet time. This would be THE perfect place for a wedding, under this hut, I was just imaging it while standing here.

I must admit, I did not leave the resort much (three times to be exact). I was too happy and content. However, one of my outings (the other was zip-lining across the jungle, which was amazing too!) was to Jaunillo Beach, at Jaunillo there was a place called Jaunillo Beach Food and Drinks. It is a very unassuming little place, you might not even know if it a restaurant if quickly passing by. However, I was lucky enough to enjoy, what I must admit was the best food of my trip. The classic Peruvian ceviche was certainly something to write home about, as well as the conch shell in plantains and carpaccio. Perfect, tropical fare. If you make it to Cap Cana, I urge you to go and ask for Carlos! I hear they also throw a seasonal beach party. Wish I was there for that!

Hanging in the hammock, being a sloth for an hour watching the sunset on Jaunillo beach.

All in all, I must say, this was one of the most luxurious and relaxing vacations I have taken in a long time.

I obviously highly recommend going to this resort, far above any other if you are deciding on making a trip to the Dominican Republic. I can wholeheartedly promise that you will not be disappointed. And if you do go, you must ask for Juliana, she is is the Sales and Marketing Manager and is an absolute delight to chat with.

xx Dara

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday TOP Picks!

Well it officially Black Friday, but I made a promise to myself this year that I was not going to get out of my sweatpants until I had to, and that is for a family surprise birthday on Sunday. So that takes Black Friday for me and turns it into Cyber Monday. Call me strange, but I much rather shop online anyway.

As for the deals, I did some research and found the best of the best and wanted to share them below with you. I am more of a boutique shopper rather than mass retailers, so obviously my picks reflect that.

FORWARD BY ELYSE WALKER: (Nov 29- Dec 1) Up to 50% off select designers items. I hear the Isabel Marant boots for fall are 50% OFF! INSANE! Designers include Valentino! My favorite. You must check out. Elyse Walker has always been one of my favorite boutiques in SoCal.

BARNEYS NEW YORK(Nov 28 – Dec 1) YOU MUST CHECK OUT!  $200 Proenza Schouler’s that retail at $1200. Select items 80% off,.

REVOLVECLOTHING.COM(Nov 29 – Dec 1) Up to 75% off. Revolve has been a long time favorite online store. Think shopbop like. They have great jewelry and shoes.

SHOPBOP.COM: (Nov 28 – Dec 2) 25% off anything (new pieces included) The more you spend the more of a percentage you get off your total order. Awesome when looking for those new, not yet on sale pieces from A.L.C., Helmut Lang, Saint Laurent and more.

NORDSTROM: (Nov 28 – Dec 1) Lots of sale items and gift with pruchases.

ASOS.COM: (Nov 29 – Dec 1) 20% off everything.

STEVE MADDEN: (Nov 28- Dec 1) 30% off everything and free shipping. Steve Madden is great for designer lookalikes when you do not want to splurge on the real deal.

NASTY GAL (Nov 29- Dec 1): 40% of anything black! Fun promotion.

Are you snagging anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving gift from me to you: KAIA Jewelry Cyber Monday

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I have a gift for you all. 

For all of you that follow me on Instagram and YouTube know that over the summer I launched my jewelry line, KAIA Jewelry.  

Well, I am so excited to announce our first ever discount (and only for the year). Enjoy 20% off for Cyber Monday starting now through Friday with the code CYBER13. 

Forget Black Friday and shop in your sweats! Scoop up some diamonds at a steal.

Enjoy! Xo 

Cyber Monday deal O' Day: ShopBop

Here is another one that will be definitely used on my end this Cyber Monday and yes, I only do online shopping during the holiday seasons. 

You couldn't catch me within a 10 mile radius of a store on Friday, actually until after Christmas. I hate the crowds, however, I do love me some Cyber Monday and here is a great one from one of my most trusted and longest frequented websites, ShopBop. 

I do wish it was just 25% off instead of a sliding scale but, I suppose it's better than nothing and really great if you are planning to spend the $1000 to teach 25% off. 

Will you be indulging? 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

In honor of shopping... Because that what Thanksgiving is about

In honor of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (because hey, isn't shopping what the holidays are about), I am going to share my favorite discounts and deals every day until Cyber Monday. 

Today, one of my favorite makeup brands fell into my mailbox. Giorgio Armani isn't sold at Sephora, so hopefully you haven't overdosed on it yet.   

GA makes some of the most beautiful and quality makeup, I'm personally a fan of their eyeliners, lipstick and liquid highlighters. I am the only one that isn't a mascara lover from there. 

20% off and free shipping is a nice dent.


X Dara

Friday, September 13, 2013

Style Post: Neutrals all day, Every day.

My life.  In a cab, all the time.  And neutrals, always.  There is something so chic to me about neutrals. 

So here is a quick shot my my neutrals for the day. In a cab. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Obsession Du Jour: SK-II Eye Cream

Finally. Finally. I found an eye cream that I am loyal to and am in love with. I have tried many many eye creams and I just was never blown away by one. I was using Kiehl's creamy avocado for a while and quite liked it but I have since moved on. 

Let me introduce you to the ultimate in eye creams. SK-II's signature eye cream. 
Let me fill you in on what is so amazing about this brand. The concept was formed when a group of scientists were in a sake brewing plant in Japan. They stumbled upon the powerful effect that, the then unknown ingredient Pitera had on the women's hands in the sake plant. They saw the anti-aging in full effect. Anyway, years later this ingredient was then incorporated into SK-II. Read more here:

The eye cream is said to retard the signs of aging and provide firmer and smoother skin under the eye area with 12 hours of moisturizer. I can agree with this, on top of major moisture, I really feels like it makes fine lines less visible and definitely brighter and smoother.

The draw back? The price, it is $110 for a small jar. However, you really only need a dab on each eye because it really is so emollient. Therefore this could definitely last you about a year (I swear), and would only cost you then, only $10 a month. Girl math at its finest right there!

Also, I like this eye cream even better than their facial creme and sometimes use it on my face without ANY breakouts. Basically, if i could, I would bathe in this.

If this is way out of your price range, I would recommend Kiehl's,,default,pd.html. Kiehl's is a great very affordable alternative to SK-II's.

Have you tried? Thoughts?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bauble Du Jour: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

I love excess. I love Gold and I love bracelets. The natural progression of this thought is, I love Jennifer Fisher's jewelry line. It is excess to the max.

However, it is done with a rock and roll edge. Her line started from a simple dog tage that she made for herself, then that all of her friends wanted. The collection now includes, bone brass bracelets, stacked gold cuffs, double finger rings with diamonds, charms, skulls and much more. Everything is designed to be stacked and layered for that instant cool look or along for a more elegant and refined approach.

You know which I lean towards... more. more. more. 

Next on my list of must buys is a wedding present to myself for my upcoming wedding in the gold and diamond cuff with the initials D+A. Killer.

Take a look at the visual extravaganza and I dare you not to covet a piece or three...

Want more? Follow her delicious instagram @JFisherJewelry

Available at and Barneys 

You are welcome!

xx Dara

Friday, September 6, 2013

Winner: Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream Review

I wanted to introduce to you and share with you my secret weapon. Now listen up, I rarely wear face makeup, just because my skin is so dry that most makeup, even the product with the promises to make your skin as moist and soft as a newborn babies, dry me out.

With that being said, I jumped off the foundation bandwagon a long time ago. However, when the BB cream boom happened, my ears perked up. I used and tested and love. I was pretty loyal to first my Garnier BB and then for a while the Dior Hydra BB.

After a while, I notices the Dior became more mask- like than the look I was going for, maybe I will return in the winter in my paler days, where I want full coverage. And yes, to me, the Dior BB cream provides basically full coverage. I suppose your milage will vary depending on blemishes and what you need to cover.

Anyway, I digress, please enter my knight in shining armor.

Peter Thomas Roth's CC cream. This is the absolute perfect, color, coverage and consistency for me. It does not dry me out, emphasize the fine lines that are slowly creeping up at 28 (boo hoo!). It almost gives my face an airbrushed look. Every time I wear, I get asked about my skin. Plus, when I take it off at the end of the day, my skin still feels moisturized. That makes a winner for me.

Swatches for coloring below, this is the medium shade which is perfect for me in September and a touch line during my tannest, however, I will assume, this will be too dark during the height of winter so I will check out the light color once I need.

The only down side? The price is a touch hefty at $48, but, I have been wearing for 2 months straight and I think I am only half way through. The coverage is great so you only need 4 dots on your face.

You can buy here at or you can search around the web, I found for $43 on QVC too!

Have you tried?

Let me know if you do and how you get on.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bauble Du Jour: Jennifer Zeuner

For my first installment of Bauble Du Jour I am bringing one of my long time favorite necklaces to you. I love gold and I love long necklaces. However, I am very picky about them. One of my favorite overall themes of jewelry, is the spiritual theme, such as Hamsa's and evil eyes. This one combines both.

This piece was a gift to me from my future mother in law actually a few years back, but I still love it and it is very current, I feel even classic. It is a long necklace by Jennifer Zeuner.

The overall shape is a Hamsa hand with a few different "luck" symbols within. If you look closely you can see it. There is an evil eye with a baby diamond chip, a number 7, an elephant, a wishbone and a horseshoe.


Unfortunately, I do not see this exact one on her site, but I do see it in silver here. It also comes in a different variation, which I also like a lot here and is a good alternative if you can not find this one.  Instead of the hamsa shape it is a circle and comes in gold. I am a gold fan, we all know that.

This one is a perfect as a long layering piece or a statement on its own. I love how delicate the chain is. Makes for a perfect lone accessory with a simple white tank or like I said, it works well layering with other necklaces.

Down to the details, the necklace is gold vermeil and retails for $308.

What would you pair this with? Love or hate? Would love to know.
Stay sparkling!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

A bit of a change...

If you are a long time follower of my blog and other platforms you will know this blog started out as a beauty blog. As the years have gone by, my interests have wavered.  Not to say I don't live beauty anymore, of course I do, it's a passion of mine.  But lately ( for past year)I have been bored ( I am sure you can tell by my lack of posts). Therefor I have decided to make a change. 

I am going to be expanding this blog to beauty and baubles.  Meaning, I am going to incorporate my other, erm, rather, first love and passion into my blog, jewelry. 

Again, if you follow me on twitter and Instagram I am sure you are already aware of my jewelry obsession.  Well, I am coming on here to tell you, I am going to start posting more here about my finds, scores and obsessions from around New York City, online and my travels for you all here. 

I will still have my product and beauty reviews, I will just be adding some bling to my blog. 

Hope you enjoy! Stay sparkling! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maybelline Red Revival - Best Kept Drugstore Secret

I have a guilty pleasure...drugstore makeup. The problem with that is though, I usually buy it for the thrill of cheap makeup and usually never wear it, forget about it or the throw it away because the quality isn't up to par.
Well, let me  introduce you to Duane Reade's (or CVS... whatever) best kept secret, the ultimate blue based red lipstick. Now you know, I am a nude lips girl, ALL. THE. WAY. However, there are sometimes those mornings I wake up and want a pop of color on my face. Usually when it is very sunny, or I am wearing jeans and a white t shirt. Anyway...
Ladies, meet Maybelline's Red Revival.

Perfect consistency, not drying, super pigmented and a perfect true red, coming in at $7. There is nothing to even think about here. Go get it.

If you are lazy and don't want to hunt this baby down, you can order it at


Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunglasses Du Jour: Aviators

Now that it is warming up (ok it is already sweltering in NYC) I wanted to do a post on my newest sunglasses obsession. I posted these on Instagram quite a while back (beginning of April) but I thought I would share now, my two must have sunglasses right now.

The ones I am wearing are the rayban mirrored blue and Stephanie is wearing the red mirrored. They are called the Flash lenses to be specific and you can grab them here : grab them here! They retail for $160.

However, there are a bunch of knock offs and to be honest, I love a good pair of cheap-o sunglasses...for a few reasons. One being, I lose my sunglasses like it is my job. The second, I like to wear a different pair every day almost, and if I spent upwards of $150 each time on a designer pair... well you do the math That would be a lot.

I found a few very cute alternatives for you.

These are by Cheap Monday for ASOS. Love the flash color here. Very hippie-chic and for $59 great price for quality.

Another favorite pair are these that I wear winter and summer. Another aviator style. Can you tell, I love aviators. These are polarized dark grey Raybans as well, can be found here

Looking for the cheaper alternative?  Love these! May just order these myself right now, available here and they are $28, major win!

Looking for an even cheaper alternative? Try your local H&M, I always scored amazing sunglasses there. Also, if you are from NYC, look at the street vendors, I know, usually I don't like street vendors but the sunglasses are a NYC best kept secret.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Venue booked... Wedding Journey Update

Quick update for you all, I have received tons of messages, tweets and emails that you wanted to come along with me on my wedding journey, so I will be posting some snippets and sharing some fun details.

My first to-do, and quite honestly the one that was stressing me out the most is checked off and completed. The venue.  

I had head very different wedding scenarios in my head that I loved equally.  A beach wedding with a flower crown in the bridesmaids hair, and old rustic barn but flamed out and an old Mansion. 

I crossed off the beach idea because I hate hot weather and sweating (Hello, frizzy hair!), so I didn't want to chance it. Additionally, I LOVE fall, true fall. the crisp air, the colors of the leaves, the smell, everything. I was born in November, so maybe I am biased. However, that left me with the two above.

I didn't get very far in my search because the second venue I found I absolutely fell in love with.  I got that gut feeling that I just knew it was the place.  As soon as I walked in. I just knew. Then my Fiancee said, "This is where we are getting married" and I knew.  And mind you, it was pouring rain and I still fell in love. 

It is an old mansion on the north shore of Long Island overlooking the Long Island sound and lighthouse.  It is a very private area and surrounded my woods.  It is perfect. 

The arched always and rooms were the cocktail hour will take place. 

The entrance:

Some outside details:

The theme I am going to go for I think is that feeling of all white magical wedding. However, I really am not there yet.  I am just so thrilled that this is locked in and now I can kind of sit back relax and enjoy! 

Andddd.... The date is set, November 1st 2014. 

Would love to hear what all of your weddings were like! Any recommendations? 


Thursday, May 23, 2013


I know, I have not been very good (okay, thats an understatement) about updating my blog with personal events, I guess that was never the point of my blog. But I feel like I wanted to share this big moment with all of my readers, especially as you have been following along since the beginning in 2009.
I am engaged!
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you already know this of course, but I wanted to do a more in-depth post. I wanted to share a bit of the proposal and some photos, and of course, the first thing everyone wants to see is the ring!



I wasn't feeling well last Friday, a combination of being exhausted, allergies (these are new this year... great!) and a cold. We were supposed to have a "date night" at my favorite restaurant ever, Mr Chows. Being ill, my boyfriend at the time (now Fiance... weird to say that), decided he would bring my favorite food to me and we ordered in.

The dinner was normal and just as usual (although, I should have known something was up as Adam, was dripping sweat throughout our dinner). Desert is always something I love, well I just need something sweet at the end of a meal. Always. So as usual, right on cue, I reached for the fortune cookie. Adam mentioned whatever numbers were in the cookie, we should play the lotto with.

I grabbed the cookie and opened it, first thing I saw was a bunch of ???, then the rest slowly came into my vision, the first words out of my mouth were "What the F"? I couldn't believe it, I was BLOWN away and I turned around and he was on his knee.

I was speechless, I couldn't speak for 20 minutes. I kept saying I don't believe this.

Personally, for me, this was the IDEAL way he could have proposed, Adam knows, I hate when people are staring at me, and I am such a homebody, that this proposal really took into account my personality traits and wants. I was just beyond surpised and thrilled.


Out that Saturday night celebrating with a friend (This is not my Fiance)You can see how sparkly the ring is...
A few pictures of my Fiance and I

Now, what you are all waiting for... the ring!
More pictures on Instagram @DaraKaye

A quick note about the ring, I never thought I was a "pear" girl, I actually never even liked pears at ALL. I always thought I wanted a cushion or emerald ring. Adam and I looked a bit together a while ago, like 6 or months ago. We tried cushions, but after all of the looking I realized I had no idea what I wanted, I couldnt even fully commit to a cushion. There are things I didnt like about it (very trendy and everyone has it now) and every cut of a stone I looked at there was something about. Anyway, I am so thrilled with this ring, and every time I look at it I love it more and more. Just goes to show, sometimes its good to let yourself be surprised and have your boufriend not listen to you. I am very happen that he didnt listen to me this one time (I doubt I will ever say that line again).

This ring has a very special meaning and that give it so much more weight and meaning to me.

And that's it and now the craziness commences with booking a venue.
We are thinking Sept/Oct/ November 2014 on either Long Island, Westchester, Hudson Valley or Connecticut.

I was thinking of doing some wedding planning posts.. Would you guys be interested in this?
Let me know below!


Monday, May 13, 2013

New Daily Hair Holy Grail Du Jour: Davines

Coming to you live from the land of soft hair, I know, that is very unlike me, my hair is usually dry as the day is long. Now you have probably heard me complain for years about my dry skin and hair. I know, I know, sorry! However, I finally found a product that is perfect for me, actually its perfect for every girl on earth, because every girl on earth needs a little bit of TLC on their ends. Mine just happen to need A LOT of tender, loving care.

Meet my new favorite hair care product from Davines. If you are like me, you probably have never heard of Davines, however, as soon as I saw the packaging I recognized it immediately. They carry Davines at Barneys and on their retail site , I knew I had seen it before. Personally, I had never tried any of thier styling products, I am a wash and go kinda girl, I like oils but thats about it.

Anyway, I was sold on this product as soon as I was told is it like a daily moisturizer but for your hair. You can apply it throughout the day on the ends of your hair, like you would a hand cream on dry hands. Hello, that has my name written all over it.

I throw this tube in my bag and have been applying it around 3 times a day, my hair is incredibly soft, and lets talk about the scent. AMAZING. It smells like a mix between Body Shop's White Musk and my little ponies, I know you know what I am talking about!

Have you tried Davines? Will you give it a shot?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cherry Bombe Magazine Du Jour 5.7.13

Ladies, I have exciting news, well in my world, magazines are very exciting news in gerenal, but a magazine that is about Fashion AND food? Well, you mind as well tell I have been sent 5 Hermes birkin bags free of charge, thats how exciting Fashion and Food are to me (Okay, that might have been a teeny exageration).

Anyway, Cherry Bombe Magazine is just that, from thier mouth to my ears " a new magazine that celebrates women and food—those who grow it, make it, serve it, study it, enjoy it and everything in between. It is about sustenance and style and the things that nourish the mind, the eye and, of course, the stomach.

Cherry Bombe features a variety of cultures, cuisines and voices—chefs and servers, food stylists and scientists, culinary icons and up-and-coming entrepreneurs—as documented by some of the most interesting food and fashion writers and photographers around. Almost all of the subjects and contributors are women. "

Full Disclosure here, Kerry Diamond, the genius behind Cherry Bombe is THE woman who urged me and quite frankly, convinced me to start this whole Beauty Channel deal on YouTube. You can kind of call her the Beauty Whisperer. Her career includes opening resturants, being a Harpers Bazaar editor, launching WWD Beauty Biz, Lancome, Coach and more... I mean... this woman is a power house.

Check out the below beautiful imagery from the first issue. Mine should be arriving within the next few weeks.



Will you be picking it up?