Monday, July 29, 2013

Bauble Du Jour: Jennifer Zeuner

For my first installment of Bauble Du Jour I am bringing one of my long time favorite necklaces to you. I love gold and I love long necklaces. However, I am very picky about them. One of my favorite overall themes of jewelry, is the spiritual theme, such as Hamsa's and evil eyes. This one combines both.

This piece was a gift to me from my future mother in law actually a few years back, but I still love it and it is very current, I feel even classic. It is a long necklace by Jennifer Zeuner.

The overall shape is a Hamsa hand with a few different "luck" symbols within. If you look closely you can see it. There is an evil eye with a baby diamond chip, a number 7, an elephant, a wishbone and a horseshoe.


Unfortunately, I do not see this exact one on her site, but I do see it in silver here. It also comes in a different variation, which I also like a lot here and is a good alternative if you can not find this one.  Instead of the hamsa shape it is a circle and comes in gold. I am a gold fan, we all know that.

This one is a perfect as a long layering piece or a statement on its own. I love how delicate the chain is. Makes for a perfect lone accessory with a simple white tank or like I said, it works well layering with other necklaces.

Down to the details, the necklace is gold vermeil and retails for $308.

What would you pair this with? Love or hate? Would love to know.
Stay sparkling!



  1. Love this. Pity it's in vermeil. For as much as I would wear this, solid gold would be better.

  2. I really like how unique this piece is--especially the simplicity of the overall shaping, but the intricacy of what it shapes to be.

    Even though I don't wear a lot of necklaces, I could foresee myself wearing something like this with any type of outfit--casual to evening wear. It definitely has versatility.

  3. I love the shape and design of this necklace. Very pretty!

  4. Very pretty!

  5. Very unique interpretation of the Hamsa. Love it!

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