Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 10.26.10

I have always LOVED Drew Barrymore. Ever since ET, from50 first Dates (One of my personal faves!) to Grey Gardens. Oh! And who can forget The Wedding Singer? I love the characters she portrays and I love her wild child/ flower child appeal. Her style, however, sometimes leaves something to be desired.

However, I am in LOVE with this shoot. She looks amazing. I will go as far to say this might be the best she has ever looked! Her hair has got it GOING on. She's embracing the whole Ombre hair style that's ever so popular right now!

Take a peak below:


Friday, October 22, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 10.22.10

Everyone knows about my love affair with Illamasqua, it is no secret.

I have been feeling not so inspired my makeup recently. Everything has been looking very much the same. Mac has been completely disappointing me with their collections and just about everyone else too. Forget NARS, one of my most favorite brands ever just has recently failing to excite me.

I got a lovely surprise email from Alex, whom I am sure you all know. The wonderful Junior Brand Manager and writer of the Illamasqua blog, http://illamasqua.blogspot.com/, wondering if I had checked out the new collection, Art of Darkness. Funnily enough, that day I had JUST ordered Ore Pigment and Resolute Liquid Metal from Sephora. Anyway, She send me a little gift and in it are two of my absolute favorite things for fall currently. The one I will talk about in this post is the 4 liquid metal palette.


The colors are absolutely fantastic, especially for someone like me, who is a color phobe! You know I hate cheesey colored eye shadows. HOWEVER, these are so classic and sophisticated. They are dark so they do not scream "hi, i am a 14 year old playing with makeup for the first time".

The formula is great, you can wear on the cheeks, lips or eyes. I have been wearing the red on my lips and it is a perfect deep cranberry. I also am loving the navy on the eyes. It gives the perfect smokey sexy eye. On the eyes, yes they crease, however, I love when cream shadows crease. It gives that rocker sexy look. I am into it.

I also love the gold rubbed onto your cheekbones, makes your skin look metallic and amazing!

Anyway, let me stop babbling and show you!

All my US ladies, go to Sephora and snag this! Very much worth it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends and Family 2010

So here it is the Sephora Friends and Family discount code: FF2010
Starting Oct 22nd- Nov 3rd, online only and US based only.

Let me know what you all get!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 10.19.10

Now that the weather is finally getting cold, red lipstick has been calling the song of the sirens to me.

I love red lips in the winter. Everyone wears a red lip differently, personally i like to wear my red lips when i am dressed down. I like to wear it with jeans and a white soft slouchy tee or even a Heather grey t to switch it up. I like the juxtaposition of a classically dressed up red lip with a casual downtown vibe. I also am a fan of red lips in the winter because I love red against white skin, something about it reminds me of a cool snow white.

My favorite red lipsticks are:
NARS Jungle Red
MAC Russian Red
Chanel Lacque in Red Dragon and Cormorandel.

What is yours?

Two of my favorite red lip inspiration photos:

Me rocking a red lip with a white tee and a braid. This was taken in the dead of winter when I was VERY pale. I love the look of red lips and white skin! (This is Chanel's Red Dragon)

Whats your favorite way to wear a red lip?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Favorites Du Jour 10.18.10

I wanted to do a quick post on four of my favorite things right now that I can not leave the house without. I must have these 4 things in a 5 ft radius of me AT ALL TIMES!

- Essie Nail polish in Chinchilly- the perfect taupe
- MAC lipstick in Beachbound (a light peach shimmer)
- Nivea Essential Care (Just like the old school La Bello- my favorite lip balm EVER)
- Starbucks Venti Non Fat No Foam latte with chocolate powder

What are your favorites that you must have at all times with you right now?

Sephora Friends and Family 2010

Rumblings around the web are telling us that Sephora Friends and Family is starting Oct 22nd.
I will update this post when I get more info.

I wanted to share my short Friends and family list.

Whats on yours?

- Fresh Lemon Sugar Body Scrub (prob 6th time purchasing this)
- Refill Of D&G Perfume "The One"- love this
- Big bottle of Fresh Cannibus Santal perfume
- Refill of NARS Casino

and thats it!

What are you guys planning on getting?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiration Du Jour 10.15.10

Happy Friday to everyone!

I am dying over this spread in L'Officiel. My best friend Stephanie showed me this and I went crazy for the makeup in it.

Photographer Gaetan Caputo captures Helene Desmettre in bold and vibrant looks for the October edition of L’Officiel Ukraine. Aided by hair stylist Philippe Gonay and makeup artist Olivier Baille, Caputo creates a story of opulent glamour styled by Lea De Nesle.

My favorite is the first girls Bordeaux lips and the last girls sparkly black cat eye. Steph and I are going out this weekend, I am going to do this black sparkley eye for our Saturday night out together.

Whats your favorite look?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Fashion Blog Sale 10.12.10

Today is a sad day but I am finally doing it. I bought a pair of YSL Tribute boots that were way too big but I HAD to have them, unfortunately they just don't fit and I am have been staring at them lovingly for a while now.

I decided that they deserve to go to a better home. To a bigger footed fashionista, and it has to go to a fashionista because these boots epitomize a confident fashionista.

Anyway, ill get on with it, sadly albeit.
These are a size 7 YSL Patent Tribute Too Boots with a blue sole. They have a whopping 5 inch heel but a 1.5 inch platform so they are actually very comfortable.

They retail for over $1000.00, I am listing on ebay for $600, but on here they will be negotiable ($500) :)

Here they are!

On the Aldridge Momma...
On one of my favorite bloggers, Chauss... Check her out! http://ckparis.blogspot.com/
Damn this woman can rock a hot shoe like no other!

Next up I have for sale, the Frye Motorcycle boots in 8r in black (the short ankle boot) in a size 5.5. These I am selling for $150. Listing on ebay for $200.

I have so many designer gorgeous shoes that I just don't need, I rather share the love!! My sisters unfortunately aren't my size which is such a bummer!

post to come later!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Brazilian Controversy Du Jour 10.11.10

After getting my Brazilian blowout done last Wednesday news of its controversy has just surfaced. This was the second time I have gotten it done and I LOVED it. the first time I couldn't even believe there was a product on the market that could make my crazy wild frizz prone hair so smooth, soft and lustrous. The second time I got just as amazing results. Frizz free soft and shiny hair, what more could I ask for? Well.... I guess a safe product?

Anyway, billed as formaldehyde free formula is is the safest of the keratin treatments on the market...or is it?

From WWD: The professional hair-smoothing treatment called Brazilian Blowout — one of the biggest innovations in the salon industry in the last decade — is enmeshed in a controversy that calls into question the safety of ingredients used in its popular salon service. Accusations that the formula contains formaldehyde — classified as a probable carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — has sparked a backlash from several high-profile salons and consumers clamoring for independent lab testing of the product’s formula.

The dustup began after the Oregon Health & Science University’s Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology last week released lab results that indicated the Brazilian Blowout formula ... contained between 4.85 percent and 10.6 percent formaldehyde.

The company, Brazilian Blowout LLC of Hollywood, markets the straightening treatment as formaldehyde free on its Web site and promotional materials. Its manufacturer, Cadiveu Brasil, also touts the formulas as formaldehyde free.

The 90-minute hair straightening process involves clarifying the hair with shampoo, applying the formula strand by strand, followed by blow-drying and flat-ironing the hair.

Brazilian Blowout chief executive officer Mike Brady and co-president and salon owner Devin Semler told WWD in an exclusive interview Thursday that its own recent tests conducted by Acc U Bio-Chem Labs of Glendale, Calif., showed formaldehyde levels ranging from 0.00049 percent to 0.49 percent. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an industry organization charged with assessing the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics, has declared that in order for a beauty product to be considered safe it should contain 0.2 percent of free formaldehyde or below. Prior to this test, the firm was going by results performed by Cadiveu Brasil, which is based in the South American country, which showed even lower levels of formaldehyde, 0.0002 percent.

Brady said that if the formaldehyde levels found in Oregon are true, then the finger should be pointed to its manufacturer, Cadiveu Brasil.

Patty Schmucker, a consultant for Cadiveu USA, a U.S. counterpart of the Brazilian firm which was formed three months ago, said the results found in Orgeon are a result of Brazilian Blowout tampering with formulas.

Brady denied this accusation.

“I am very concerned because I want to do everything right,” Brady said, adding that what may be his only choice going forward is to sever ties with Cadiveu and establish his own, U.S.-based, FDA-regulated manufacturing plant that would batch test every shipment.

In a move that casts a doubt on the formula’s “formaldehyde free” claim, Frédéric Fekkai salons removed Brazilian Blowout from its service menu in September, just several months after offering it at each location. Its parent company, Procter & Gamble Co., had tested the formula and found levels of formaldehyde.

“We wanted to make sure this product was living up to its claims,” said P&G spokesman Brent Miller on why the company tested the formula. “The product billed itself as formaldehyde free. Our testing showed that it contained high levels of formaldehyde and, as a result, we no longer offer the treatment,” he said, adding there was a substantive difference between the level deemed safe by CIR and the level of formaldehyde found in the Brazilian Blowout. “We feel very confident in our science,” said Miller. "

What do you all think about this?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Make Up Forever Du Jour 10.1.10

I completely forgot to do a post about something very exciting for my fellow New Yorkers. I opened up WWD and it smacked me in the face! Well guess what? A Make Up forever Shop in shop is opening in Soho!! While, I for one am ecstatic about this, my wallet for sure isn’t. I work a measly three blocks away! Uh oh!

Anyway, Sephora is teaming up with Make Up For Ever for a store-in-store, with the first to open today at the retailer’s SoHo store. The next one that will open will be in Vegas @ the Venetian Hotel and then the third will be in South Coast Plaza in California on Oct 15!

From WWD.com “ The in-store boutiques, which range from 600 to 750 square feet, are intended to resemble a backstage environment, including studio makeup stations and lighting and an entrance separate from the main store entry point. Each will stock more than 1,200 Make Up For Ever stock keeping units, including professional-only and special effects products. At present, only Make Up For Ever’s Manhattan flagship offers these items, most Sephora stores carry anywhere from 400 to 600 of Make Up For Ever sku’s. (What that means is there will be TONS of products that sephora never carried! Very fun! )

“Three things influenced the decision to do these boutiques,” said David Suliteanu, president and chief executive officer of Sephora Americas. “First, Make Up For Ever is one of our largest brand partners and is an exclusive brand partner. Second, we both feel that Make Up For Ever’s consumer brand recognition isn’t where it could be. And finally, Make Up For Ever has an amazing history and expertise in makeup artistry.”

The separate entrance is key as well, said Suliteanu. “It’s really important for the consumer to realize that this is a Make Up For Ever space. Obviously, they can cross-shop and pay for things in either space, but the staff is clearly Make Up For Ever, and there is clear difference in environment.”

I cant wait to check it out? Will you be checking it out?

Are you a Make Up Forever fan?