Monday, December 27, 2010

Drugstore Du Jour 12.27.10

Two things I am dying to try from the drugstore...

Has anyone tried any of these? Thoughts?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiration Du Jour 12.21.10

I love everything about this. Red lips with perfectly bond hair.
This makes me crave the summer again.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Laura Mercier Du Jour 12.20.10

I have always loved Laura Mercier, however, not for her color products. I have always been a fan of her skincare and bath and body products. I was tagging along with my friend during lunch, she needed to pick up a new Chanel Vitalumiere (I tried a sample of Chanel Teint Innocence, which I fell HEAD OVER HEELS FOR, but that's another post!) and I wandered over to the Laura Mercier counter.

I had always eyed the lip gloss in Bellini (a soft peachy coral with gold shimmer) but it ALWAYS is out of stock when I go to buy it. They finally had it in stock so I grabbed it. I love this gloss, the smell is great and the formula is very soft and long lasting and NOT sticky. I love this color also, its a soft peach with gold shimmer and imparts a lot of color and pigment on the lips.

I also saw a product that was brand spanking new to me. Laura Mercier's Lip Stains, I picked up the stain in the color Peach Glaze. It is a very warm peachy nude. It is GREAT! This has shot up to my top 5 favorite lip products. It is opaque, not thick and not drying. It is pretty much a miracle product for me. I for one, love pot products, I know a lot of people do not like them. The only gripe? I wish there were more colors (like a baby pink!). However, this is a GREAT nude for people that are scared that nudes make them look dead, it is warm though, I don't know if I would recommend this for cooler toned ladies, might run a bit orange. I love it for now but I am going to REALLY LOVE it when I am tan again.

Swatch Left to Right:Bellini and Peach Glaze
With flash

Swatch Left to Right:Bellini and Peach Glaze
Without Flash

Have you tried Laura Mercier lip gloss or stain?
Will you pick any up?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mac Du Jour: Cham-pale Collection and Swatches 12.18.10

Well, Hello Ladies,

I know everyone has been waiting for these swatches from the new Mac Cham Pale Collection. MAC had an early release online. I wanted to get these pictures up from you ASAP. I will review each one in detail later on in the week.

I decided to pick up a few things and I am absolutely thrilled with what I decided to pick up. The only other thing I want is Soiree Nail polish which I am going to order. There is no dud in anything that I got up, everything is gorgeous and high quality, in my opinion.

What I picked up:
  • Fix Plus with Lavender
  • Get no Kick Eyeliner (shimmery nude eyeliner)
  • Scintillation Lip Gelee (extreme sparkly icy pink lip gloss- SO NOT STICKY!)
  • Bubble Lounge Lip Gelee (extreme sparkly pink peach lip gloss- SO NOT STICKY!)
  • Chez Lame Lame Highlighter Powder (Gorgeous light gold highlight powder with a cool white shimmer, I wouldn't say silver! It is perfect for cheekbones- gives that fake plastic shine- which I love! Very Glowy! I am in love with this. Its very very smooth.)
  • Chilled on Ice Paint Pot (a white gold cream eyeshadow- I did not find it to be sheer as everyone else, reminds me of vanilla pigment in a cream base form, has a slight shimmer/sparkle to it)
  • Lip Conditioner in Calm Mode (heaven, a neutral pink nude lip balm)

Chez Lame Lame Highlighter Powder

Calm Mode Lip Conditioner and Chilled on Ice Paint Pot

Lip Gelee's (these pictures do NOT do them justice, They are so sparkly in real life)

Swatches from Left to Right:
Scintillation, Bubble Lounge, Chilled on Ice, Get No kick eyeliner and Chez Lame Lame Powder

Bubble Lounge On Lips, awful picture but it is SOOO sparkley in real life.

I absolutely love what I got. I will use ALL of this very frequently.

What are you picking up?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: OPI Sparklicious 12.17.10

Everyone knows I am the biggest Magpie ever. If you are like me and love sparkley nails, hell, all sparkly things you need to pick up this color.

OPI Sparklicious.

Formula wise, it is great for sparkles. It is pure sparkles no base. I layered 4 coats on for COMPLETE opacity. Yes, I know that's a lot but I was in a trance and just could not stop. More sparkles, More Sparkles!!

However, trying to take pictures of this elusive gem is very hard because of the sparkles. See below.

Have you tried Sparklicious? Will you pick up?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

News Du Jour: NARS STORE 12.16.10

Have you heard?

NARS will be opening its first store in NYC and on Bleeker St. in the west village. It is slated to open in Spring 2011. It also has been reported that they will carry exclusive products to that location!!

Can not wait to check it out! Will you be stopping by?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 12.15.10

You probably are so sick of my ring obsessing but I am sorry, it is an ADDICTION, a disease I tell you! How can you not love the below picture?

I wish these were my hands.

All of the above rings are from BCBG. You can find almost all of these rings HERE.

I have found the ultimate ring. If you know and love Loree Rodkin, but can not dish out the $20K for one of her rings than I have found your solution. Well, I have found MY solution.

If you dont know about Loree Rodkin let me educate you a little bit. She is the super cool uber chic chick from LA who used to date Don Henely . How cool? Anyway, she makes the most gorgeous diamond encrusted jewelry that is classic but with a goth edge. She makes all Daphne Guinness's armor rings, which are to DIE FOR. She also was commissioned by Michelle Obama to make her inaugural jewelry (which will forever be in the Smithsonian collection now). Maddona, Elton John, Mary Kate Olsen, Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder are just a few fans I will Mention. Now let me show you her gorgeous creations and the rings that started the whole armor knuckle craze!

Anyway, back to reality and what I can afford. My favorite of the first group picture from BCBG is this one.

I just ordered this baby and at only $118. That might sound pricey to some, but to me, this is a STEAL for such an ornately, vintage inspired armor jointed ring. If you like it, you can order it here at BCBG.COM

Luckily for me, and all my small fingered and handed girls they ONLY have my size left which is a 5 in this particular style.

Do you like? What are your thoughts on armor vintage inspired jewelry?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Old is New Du Jour 12.10.10

One of the great things about downsizing and streamlining your makeup collection is the fact that you actually know what you have (oh! and the fact that it doesn't take 10 minutes just to find what you are actually looking for).

I totally forgot about this, I actually wanted to get rid of it at some point. It is the NARS Brightening Serum. Well, oops, I am glad I didn't. I have been using it every day.

I am absolutely loving it right now. I use it after my moisturizer in the morning, La Mer. I use a pea sized amount of La Mer, brush my teeth and it already is perfectly sunken into my skin. After that I use this baby. I use about a half a pump, a nickle sized amount and smooth it all over.

I have noticed my skin is a lot more moisturized, I feel like this holds in my moisturizer. My skin is also a lot brighter. In the winter I get very pale, I am probably like a NW15-20 now. When you are pale its important to look glowy, or you just look dead. So this does the trick. It imparts a pearly SUBTLE glow. If you are like me and you don't always use foundation just dust a light powder over and you are out the door. You can also use foundation over it to reap the same benefits. Although, I think foundation might cover the pearly effect.

This is a big bottle and I love the minimalist packaging, however I def do not love the price of it. It costs $61 dollars. It is quite pricey but it is a great product, no breakouts what so ever!

Have you tried this?
Will you?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


If you know me you know that i LOVE rings. Rings are my major weakness in life (well along with shoes, lip gloss and cheese! ). I love stacking on rings with jeans and a tee for a fun easy look! I like stacking on rings no matter what I am wearing!

I always look to the Olsen twins for jewelry inspiration. Say what you like about them, but their jewelry style is impeccable. I love it!

They stack, layer and pile it on. Lots of gold and lots of fun stones.
Take a look at some below pictures I found around the web at various sites...

Then I went on my own hunt for some of my own new rings. This is what I found:

Order here @ I ordered this one!

Order here @ PS! There is a code! BR20HOL for 20% off. I ordered both of these as well!
Order here at

Will you be picking up any cocktail rings for the holiday season?

(I am not affiliated with ANY of the links I posted...I am just sharing great things I found and have PERSONALLY ordered! )

Monday, December 6, 2010

Waking up in Vegas Nails Du Jour 12.7.10

I am sure everyone remembers this Lady Gaga cover of Vanity Fair. I was obsessing over her nail polish quite some time ago.

I found out it was Waking Up in Vegas by Deborah Lippmann. It had been out of stock for quite some time and when I heard they were having a 20% off sale and I saw this color was in stock I jumped at it right away! And I am SO glad I did!

I have not taken this color off in over a week and for me that is huge. I usually change my nail polish every 2 days! The color is captivating, its very neutral but there is a je ne sais quoi about it... its not quite grey and its definitley not taupe. It is a mix but more grey with a beige mixed in and creamy looking. Chin-chilly by Essie is close but darker and browner.

Let me tell you about the formula. Perfection! Creamy, One coat and completely opaque. Not streaky, not too thin and not too thick. I am in LOVE.

Excuse the grainy shot, I had my J.Crew fingerless gloves on and I was waiting for my elevator to come!

You can buy this polish here at Deborah Lippmann! I highly recommend you love a grey/ taupe color.

Will you pick up?

More Charlotte Kemp Muhl Du Jour 12.6.10

Recently everyone is interested in Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I posted about her quite a while back but it seems steam has really picked up on the Kemp Muhl train! I was alerted to a great article on Refinery 29 here about her shopping diary and places to go in NYC. Fun! They also posted a sideshow of her favorite stores and her shopping in them.

She mentions one of my favorite stores here in Soho, Evolution. Actually, one of my favorite stores in general. It is a mix between random, wierd and freaky things with a touch of sparkle. I know that sounds bizarre but they carry fossils, taxidermy, gemstones and jewelry and MUCH MORE!

Here are some pictures of her in Evolution:

Excerpt from the article:

"Unearthly beautiful, charmingly irreverent, lyrically blessed, oh, and and dating rock royalty—all are ways of describing model-turned-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl...we had the distinct pleasure to nab some one-on-one time with the fresh faced ingenue, with an afternoon browse fest—the lovely New York lady took us to her top three spots for buying the unique (mainly vintage) clothes and accessories that have made her a true style star; Not many people can mix Victorian with a necklace made from raccoon penis-bone, now can they? ... the 23 year old girl, who now spends less time behind the camera and more time singing with boyfriend Sean Lennon in their band, The Ghost of a Sabor Tooth Tiger... Peep the amazing, sexy and sensual photos by Altamira NYC's Craig Arend, as we galavanted around SoHo...

Here are three of Muhl's favorite NYC shopping go-tos:

1. Exquisite Costume: "This is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year…I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes. It's like a one-stop shop."
Exquisite Costume, 377 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott streets); 212-966-4142.

2. Evolution Store: "Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this taxidermy-ed [sic] eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy."
Evolution Store, 120 Spring Street (between Greene and Mercer streets); 212-343-1114.

3. Geminola: "The [last] place [is] Geminola, [she] is my friend. She reworks vintage into new things. It's kind of like Imitation of Christ, but it has a different style. She dyes them in really pretty colors and re-cuts them…it's funny, the things here last really long, because they're made in a time when things really are made to last."
Geminola, 41 Perry Street, #1, (between West 4th Street and Waverly Place); 212-675-1994.

Here's our whole, err, slightly disjointed conversation with Ms. Muhl:

Have you been shopping at Exquisite Costume a lot?
"Yes, this is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year...I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes, it's like a one-stop shop."

What are some of the coolest things you've gotten here?
"Victorian dresses, amazing coats, hats, vintage shoes that of course don't fit me because I have man feet, but I give them to my girlfriends. I wish I could dress everyone in my life from this store because it would just be like casting a movie with the all most beautiful things."

Do you live around here? How did you find it?
"I used to live in Chinatown, nearby here. I lived on Eldridge St."

I live on Henry.
"This is your hood."

Yeah I'm the only white person in the building but that hood is great!
"The greatest Vietnamese rolls are right next door. I live in the West Village now, but I come here all the time shopping. It's the only place I like to shop in New York, really. The other places I'll be taking you today are...Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this taxidermy-ed [sic] eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy..."

What about your boyfriend? What's his style like?
"We have very similar proclivities, we like old things, we like to choke on dust every time we get dressed. Like that jacket he would love. He would be a little too concerned it would look like he was trying to reference Sergeant Pepper in it, but he would love that and be sad that he couldn't wear it."

Do you guys shop together a lot?
"We do, he's one of the first boyfriends I've had that actually probably enjoys fashion more than I do."

Does he ever borrow your clothes or vice versa?
"Does he ever borrow my outfits? No, he wouldn't really fit my clothes, but I borrow his all the time it's kind of not fair, like his underwear (although I just went lingerie shopping!) and I wear his shoes all the time."

Wow, you can fit into his shoes?
"Yeah, I told you I have huge feet. If I were a boy I'd have a big %$#%"

To read the rest of the article head over to to check it out!

I will end this with the most random comment ever but, why does she have THE most perfect nose! Very jealous!

Do you love her as much as I do?