Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mac Du Jour: Cham-pale Collection and Swatches 12.18.10

Well, Hello Ladies,

I know everyone has been waiting for these swatches from the new Mac Cham Pale Collection. MAC had an early release online. I wanted to get these pictures up from you ASAP. I will review each one in detail later on in the week.

I decided to pick up a few things and I am absolutely thrilled with what I decided to pick up. The only other thing I want is Soiree Nail polish which I am going to order. There is no dud in anything that I got up, everything is gorgeous and high quality, in my opinion.

What I picked up:
  • Fix Plus with Lavender
  • Get no Kick Eyeliner (shimmery nude eyeliner)
  • Scintillation Lip Gelee (extreme sparkly icy pink lip gloss- SO NOT STICKY!)
  • Bubble Lounge Lip Gelee (extreme sparkly pink peach lip gloss- SO NOT STICKY!)
  • Chez Lame Lame Highlighter Powder (Gorgeous light gold highlight powder with a cool white shimmer, I wouldn't say silver! It is perfect for cheekbones- gives that fake plastic shine- which I love! Very Glowy! I am in love with this. Its very very smooth.)
  • Chilled on Ice Paint Pot (a white gold cream eyeshadow- I did not find it to be sheer as everyone else, reminds me of vanilla pigment in a cream base form, has a slight shimmer/sparkle to it)
  • Lip Conditioner in Calm Mode (heaven, a neutral pink nude lip balm)

Chez Lame Lame Highlighter Powder

Calm Mode Lip Conditioner and Chilled on Ice Paint Pot

Lip Gelee's (these pictures do NOT do them justice, They are so sparkly in real life)

Swatches from Left to Right:
Scintillation, Bubble Lounge, Chilled on Ice, Get No kick eyeliner and Chez Lame Lame Powder

Bubble Lounge On Lips, awful picture but it is SOOO sparkley in real life.

I absolutely love what I got. I will use ALL of this very frequently.

What are you picking up?



  1. Can´t wait for these collection. The release in Germany is in January! Aaaah! My list is so long! I´m waiting for the paint pots. Whats with the lipsticks?

    Thank´s for posting!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I'm not sure I'm going to buy anything from this collection but I love the lip gelees and I wish MAC would release more! They are my favorite lip gloss from them!

  3. I have been checking online and do not see them. Did they release it for just a ceratain period of time? I'm really excited about this collection. Thanks for the swatches.

  4. You picked up some great bits there! I am obsessed with this collection, shimmery neutrals are right up my street! I am thinking of looking at the paint pots, the nude eyeliner, the shimmering nude eyeliner and the highlighting powders - they all look fab xx

  5. Definitely interested in quite a few from this collection like the Calm Mode Lip Conditioner, the Paint pots, highlight powders and lipsticks. And the Bubble Lounge Lipgelee looks gorgeous :)

  6. Oh, great purchases! I need all of those paint pots and maybe 2 lip gelee's :)

  7. I could be tempted by Calm Mode, it looks really pretty.

  8. I really want that highlighter!

    does the Fix+ lavender smell nice?

  9. The hilighter looks absolutely stunning! xx

  10. Thanks for sharing. You always have the best recommendations.

  11. These all look so beautiful! <3 x


  12. please please please do a youtube video on these!

  13. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it all looks gorgeous. It will be an age before any of this lands in Blighty. Ah well, patience is a virtue, or so they say!

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