Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 12.1.10

Right now I am obsessed with Knuckle rings! I loved them about 2 years ago then they exploded onto the scene so I quickly got over them. However, I have just seen some that have taken my breath away and I MUST own one of these.

The top three are by Soixante Neuf. I am new to this brand but I am loving it! Very geometric looking yet soft and feminine at the same time, with a rocker edge of course. You can check out their website at

I love this ring, I love the combination of gold and smokey quartz.

Here is the same ring in clear quartz! Gorgeous!

Another style with a cross shaped quartz inset.

This one is by LowLuv by Erin Wasson and in brass at a much lower price point. Still very fun! I love Armour inspired jewels. I have a LowLuv ring I was gifted from Erin a long time ago when she was just launching her line. It was the original hammered one.

Which is your favorite? Which should I get?
I think it is between the top two, now I just need to decide on smokey quartz vs clear. What do you guys think?



  1. My fave is the armour one. But if I had to choose between the top 2 I think the smokey one is gorgeous :) Are these comfy to wear though?

  2. smoky quartz, hands down! it's beautiful

  3. Defenitely smokey quartz!!

  4. the top smokey one is the cutest, the quartz kind of looks like it's trying too hard to be a diamond. good luck! :)

  5. Definitely smoky quartz, without a doubt!

  6. SMOKY QUARTZ looks so much better quality than the clear one which looks tacky.

  7. My favorite are the last one and the first one :)

  8. Off-topic, but did you get an e-mail from J.Crew? Cardholders get 30% off AND free shipping! It's good for one purchase. I didn't get the e-mail, but I contacted customer service and placed an order over the phone and they applied the discount for me. AWESOME promo!!

  9. smokey quartz 100% clear looks cheaper...