Friday, December 10, 2010

Old is New Du Jour 12.10.10

One of the great things about downsizing and streamlining your makeup collection is the fact that you actually know what you have (oh! and the fact that it doesn't take 10 minutes just to find what you are actually looking for).

I totally forgot about this, I actually wanted to get rid of it at some point. It is the NARS Brightening Serum. Well, oops, I am glad I didn't. I have been using it every day.

I am absolutely loving it right now. I use it after my moisturizer in the morning, La Mer. I use a pea sized amount of La Mer, brush my teeth and it already is perfectly sunken into my skin. After that I use this baby. I use about a half a pump, a nickle sized amount and smooth it all over.

I have noticed my skin is a lot more moisturized, I feel like this holds in my moisturizer. My skin is also a lot brighter. In the winter I get very pale, I am probably like a NW15-20 now. When you are pale its important to look glowy, or you just look dead. So this does the trick. It imparts a pearly SUBTLE glow. If you are like me and you don't always use foundation just dust a light powder over and you are out the door. You can also use foundation over it to reap the same benefits. Although, I think foundation might cover the pearly effect.

This is a big bottle and I love the minimalist packaging, however I def do not love the price of it. It costs $61 dollars. It is quite pricey but it is a great product, no breakouts what so ever!

Have you tried this?
Will you?


  1. I would shell out the $61 for the NARS but the La Mer would break my bank! Do you know of any other good moisturizers for dry skin that are more budget friendly?

  2. NARS is so goood:) Happy that you like it:)

  3. I love NARS, might give this a try. Does it have any benefits for the skin? Also a long time ago you mentioned talking about your 'no foundation' routine and how it helped your skin. Can you do a post on it? I have ok skin but not flawless, a few blackheads some times and a little redness, so I need the coverage but I wish I could get away from it... Do you know if stopping foundation would help me?

  4. Katie- I have used Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream since it was rec'd to me by my dermatologist while I was in my early teens. They now make a Rose Day Cream Light if the orig is too heavy. It's all holistic & sold at Whole Foods but, I prefer if you want to try several items first you can choose 5 products out of everything they carry for $10-15 and they're larger than Delux size samples. You can also req what your free samples will be. Hope that helps!

    Dara- I'm not artistic at all where colors are concerned. I am also NW15-20, could you post about what colors/looks are good for us pale girls so we can look alive in the cold, dreary winter?

  5. Katie: I am with Sarie! I love love love Dr. Haschuka's Rose cream also. Its fabulous!

    Sarie: I am a neutrals girl, but I will def put up a post of colors for pale winter skin!

    Westinflorida: Lately I have been using this thing from Sabon, I should do a post on it. I have the worlds driest skin and I am loving it! Its like a block of shea butter almost!

  6. Anon: The no foundation routine really has improve my skin, in the winter i still have redness and stuff, but a little concealer helps that! I will do a post on it. I still wear foundation once in a while, probably like 5 times a month! x

  7. It sounds lovely, even if a bit pricey. Will check it out though :)

  8. I know you kind of answered Anon's question about this, but are you ever going to do the no foundation post? Like why you stopped using foundation, what you did instead, the benefits etc... I would really love to read it !

  9. That was actually offensive to reference pale skin with looking dead. Especially for girls that are fair all year round.

  10. I don't see how that is offensive when it is two women that are cognizant of that concern for themselves. I'm barely NW15 and maybe move up to NW20 if I have a decent tan. For example,if I choose the wrong color nude lipstick I run the risk of looking unhealthy or dead if you will. Being aware of and learning what is flattering on you is part of reading beauty blogs, looking at swatches and seeking advice. Dara, thanks for your advice; someone has to look out for us pale girls.

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