Thursday, December 9, 2010


If you know me you know that i LOVE rings. Rings are my major weakness in life (well along with shoes, lip gloss and cheese! ). I love stacking on rings with jeans and a tee for a fun easy look! I like stacking on rings no matter what I am wearing!

I always look to the Olsen twins for jewelry inspiration. Say what you like about them, but their jewelry style is impeccable. I love it!

They stack, layer and pile it on. Lots of gold and lots of fun stones.
Take a look at some below pictures I found around the web at various sites...

Then I went on my own hunt for some of my own new rings. This is what I found:

Order here @ I ordered this one!

Order here @ PS! There is a code! BR20HOL for 20% off. I ordered both of these as well!
Order here at

Will you be picking up any cocktail rings for the holiday season?

(I am not affiliated with ANY of the links I posted...I am just sharing great things I found and have PERSONALLY ordered! )


  1. rings are also my major weakness , I've been searching online for some new ones as well. I love the ones you bought their beautiful!
    - zena

  2. omg i love cocktail rings too! nothing makes bold red nails stand out more than an abundance of rings! Loves it! ♥

  3. Oh my link

  4. I am not a fan of the olsen twins style, but i really like these rings !

  5. I want to wear/love rings, but I'm a size 4.5/5 and costume jewelry never fits me :( Do you have any suggestions for smaller hands?

  6. Ahh love how they layer those rings. I am on such a jewelry kick right now and I love the ones you picked out!

  7. I WISH I could pull off rings, but I can't! I have very small hands, short and tiny fingers. Rings just look awkward on me so if I wear one, it has to be a little one. The same goes for the rest of my jewelry too. I can wear big earrings or necklaces either because I'm very petite. I love jewelry; it's such a fun accessory. I wish I could pull off the layering look!

  8. I'm obsessed with layering jewelry. So FAB!

  9. katie: You can pull it off! Its all in your confidence! I am a size 4.5 and 5 also! x

  10. anon: I have the same size fingers. Weirdly though my pointer finger is the fattest one and is a 6. My middle is a 5 and my ring finger is a 4.5. I love wearing chunky cocktail rings on my pointer. try it out and let me know! x

  11. I loove rings but i cant find cool rings for my tiny size 4 chicken fingers :p