Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bling Du Jour 12.1.10

I love this! I want to get this done. It is like the blinged out big sister to Minx Nails. I love the gold on gold color way too.

I wonder if I could do this myself? I also wonder how long this would last? Probably an hour...If I am lucky!

Anyone ever try this?


  1. I've done it on my toes before for a night out, it looked great! I used silver rhinestones, took me a while to do it on myself, but maybe that's because I was watching Cougar Town lol.

  2. not good if you want to wear your stockings or leggings, the little stones can get rip it off :p it has happened to me before !

  3. That looks so cute! I will definitely be trying this out for the Holidays!

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