Friday, December 17, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: OPI Sparklicious 12.17.10

Everyone knows I am the biggest Magpie ever. If you are like me and love sparkley nails, hell, all sparkly things you need to pick up this color.

OPI Sparklicious.

Formula wise, it is great for sparkles. It is pure sparkles no base. I layered 4 coats on for COMPLETE opacity. Yes, I know that's a lot but I was in a trance and just could not stop. More sparkles, More Sparkles!!

However, trying to take pictures of this elusive gem is very hard because of the sparkles. See below.

Have you tried Sparklicious? Will you pick up?


  1. Pretty but no doubt hard to get in the UK.

  2. i got this and 'bring on the bling' from ebay in the uk :) amazing!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and this would be perfect to dress up my otherwise black dress ensemble!


  4. It's amazing! Almost worth the trouble of getting it off :)

  5. Oh my, it is such a lovely colour:) Awful to take off i bet :p

  6. I was thinking the same's going to be a bitch to take off, but it looks sooo nice on the nails. Let us know how easily (or not) it is to remove.

  7. I love it!! And thanks for the reply about the foundation routine thing! I love your blog. I love sparkle nail polish! Some of my faves are deborah lippman- I love across the universe and life is like a fairytale. This one reminds me of her happy birthday polish! Sorry I was anonymous last time I commented, I didn't know how to put my name, and then the other dumb anon person put some comment about pale being offensive or something... and I didn't want you to think it was me!

  8. This look amazing!! I have Bring on the Bling but I haven't tried it out yet, think I'm going to pop it on over Christmas xx

  9. I just finished painting my nails this color and I was letting them dry, when I saw your tweet that you did the same thing! I was reluctant at first to paint them all because before I was just doing the lorraine stanick nail...but I absolutely love how it looks!!

  10. I absolutely love this nail polish! I too am a total magpie, but it's all good! The more sparkle the better! When I saw this about a month ago, I knew it had to be mine! It's like mardi gras in a bottle, so so so pretty! And I love the name too, very cute and very appropriate!

  11. I think I'm wearing this at Christmas, cuz I'll be in violet.

  12. Oh, yes! I own this and the whole Burlesque collection! :P I love the nail polishes but there is one thing only that I hate about it... how difficult it is to remove the glittery nail polishes!!! :(

  13. This looks so cool. I've never bought really sparkly nail polish before because I tend to go for the more pigmented colors, but this looks like it could be fun for a party.

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