Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Du Jour 2.26.10

out of my office window behind my desk.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pink Lips Du Jour 2.25.10

I love this picture. This is the perfect bright pink without being over the top. It doesnt hurt that this girl has the perfect shaped lips.

What color do you think this is? Its too dark to be Mac St. Germain, too bright to be Mac Rose Romance, look a bit similar to YSL provocative pink.

What are your guesses?

Obsession Du Jour 2.25.10

I am beyond obsessing over these. I need these for spring, period.
They are perfect in the cement natural bone color with shorts and skirts, so chic with the perforated mesh! Hardcore crushing. The onset of sunshine in the city has got me salivating for spring clothing.

I will make sure I have these in my life if it is the last thing that kills me.

solestruck - in the dark grey color, I want the bone, which is sold out everywhere!
needsupply- in the bone but sold out


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Du Jour 2.24.10

I am in love with this ring, no pun intended.
So simple and elegant.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Betty Draper Du Jour 2.23.10

As you all know I love Mad Men and I love January Jones character Betty Draper. I did some detective work as I wanted to learn more about the makeup they use and where they draw inspiration from. I learnt that they only use MAC on set..shocker, which is great because it is so accesible/

See below interview I found with Mad Men’s lead makeup artist, Lana Horochowski, answers some of your most burning questions in an exclusive interview.

Q&A with Lana Horochowski
Mad Men, Makeup Department Head

Q: You’re the new department head at Mad Men for Season 3, will you be making any changes to any characters makeup?

A: Since we are moving a little forward into the future, we have changed up the color palette for each character to go along with the time period.

Q: When you were preparing for this season, did you do any research for inspiration? If so, what most inspired you?

A: Weeks and weeks of meetings and research. I love looking through the old magazines. They are a great reference and a huge source of inspiration; however, we do try to keep the characters looking like real people that do their own makeup and not like movie stars with a makeup artist standing by. Magazines and old movies are a great guideline for a basic look and color selection.

Q: How would you describe the looks of each one of the characters? How do they differ?

A: Joan Holloway- always put together, very sassy and sexy


Betty Draper- although she is a housewife she is an ex model, so her makeup is clean but very current for the period


Peggy Olson- Peggy is a young and fresh faced business woman of that period, she is a very clean natural makeup


Q: What are your key products for creating the makeup looks for the main female characters?

A: Joan Holloway- We do a heavier eye on Christina, so the key products would be eyeliner and strip lashes.

Betty Draper- Betty has 2 distinct looks, her at home look and her going out/evening look. For home she is very natural, basically a sheer foundation, think black eyeliner and mascara. Evening Betty goes a little thicker on the liner and a brighter lipstick, but aalways coordinated with her clothing.

Peggy Olson- Since the key to Peggy’s look is to appear as though she is wearing no makeup, a great foundation is super important. Also, a natural cheek and lip stain is applied to give her a little color.

Q: What are your favorite M·A·C products for each character?

A: Joan Holloway- Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle, Fluidline in Blacktrack and Rich Ground, brown and black, and Eye Shadow in Soft Brown.

Betty Draper- Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle, Blushcreme in Posey, and Lipsticks in Vegas Volt, Lip Pencil in Redd and Cherry

Peggy Olson- Eye Shadow in Orb, Vanilla, and Soft Brown and Blot Powder

Q: Everyone always notices the lips on the show, but brows seem to play a very important part to the look. Can you talk about the brows on the show?

A: Women of the 60’s had a stricter code of style and etiquette, so people tended to follow the trends closer to the book. Nowadays, women have a variety of different brow styles so we are constantly tweezing, shaping, and filling the brows to recreate the look of the period.

Q: Each character has the most perfect lashes framing her eyes. What are your favorite lashes to use to get that perfectly plump line of lashes?

A: We love the M·A·C individual lashes as well as the traditional strip lashes.

Q: Do you collaborate with the hair and costume departments when coming up with a look?

A: Absolutely! We have at least 3 meetings per episode to create the look as a unit. I could not do this show without Lucia Mace (hair), Janie Bryant (costumes), and my fabulous key Ron Pipes!

Q: There seems to be a lot of making out on the show, how many times do you have to redo those red lips? Does it get messy?

A: We do what we can to seal the lip color, but we still have to go in every take to perform a minor clean up.

Q: What can real women take away from the show’s look and incorporate into their everyday look?

A: Well, a great start would be lining the top lash line only with a gel liner like M·A·C Fluidline. We love this product for recreating the perfect 60’s eye. Also, replacing gloss and sheer or shimmer lipsticks with matte reds, bright pinks, and corals help create a more retro look. Lastly, instead of a powder blush try using creme in pinks and corals to create a flushed looking cheek. For evening, strip lashes are always a bonus.

I am going to be whipping my Vegas Volt Lipstick out today to wear! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did, but probably normal people aren't as obsessed with Betty Draper as I am.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Color me Coral Lips Du Jour 2.17.10

I am trying to mentally will spring to show up early! I am so ready.

My current favorite lip combo:
MAC Color Me Coral Lipstick
Le Metier De Beaute Papaya Creme Lipgloss

What are you wearing on your lips currently?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Forecast Lips Du Jour 2.16.10

Hi Ladies, excuse me for my absense. It is fashion week and then market. Crazy time in the fashion world and loads of work!

However, I still have somehow found the time to go to MAC, of course! I picked up a few things from the new collection, firstly have you checked out the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick? love love it, a cool toned bubble gum pink, I will swatch that and show you all a picture soon. I will be wearing that A LOT this spring.

Next up, the Spring Forecast collection. It is huge, I narrowed it down to the lips. I picked up, nanogold e/s, bubble gum lipstick, Pink burst lipstick, Color me Coral Lipstick, Victorian Lipstick, Fresh Salmon Lipstick, Ember Glow lipgloss and Electric Fuschia lipgloss.

I have wanted Nanogold for a very long time, it is reminiscent of Vanilla pigment, its a pale gold with a pink sheen. I have been wearing it on my eyes everyday and also as a cheek highlight.

From left to right: Bubblegum, Pink Burst, Color me Coral and Victorian with Ember Glow below.

Unfortunately, I am returning Bubblegum, I do not like it. It is too purple for me. Does not brighten my face, actually makes it dull!

My must haves for this collection?
- Ember Glow Lipgloss: Love this, this was an impulse buy, it is a light creamy orange creamsicle color.
- Electric Fuschia Lipgloss: This color is funtabulous dazzleglass on steroids. This is super pigmented and super sparkly. I will swatch this later too.
- Color me Coral Lipstick
- Victorian Lipstick
- Nanogold eyeshadow

All in all this is a great collection and definitely has somethings for everyone!
What did you pick up?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Style Du Jour 2.7.10 Bazaar UK

fabulous spread in Bazaar UK. Very Glam!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander Mcqueen 2.11.10

It is reported today that one of my fashion icons, Alexander Mcqueen has committed suicide. I am in shock. He was truly an amazing and legendary designer.

The fashion world is in mourning today, I know I am.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Du Jour 2.10.10

Mark Wahlberg and his tighty whities were a force to be reckoned with back in the day.

Him and Kate Moss, that is a fantastic duo right there of hotness. If this isn't a Belle Du Jour post I dont know what is! Literally Beauty of the Day...what is hotness of the day in French??

Monday, February 8, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: MAC Fresh Salmon 2.8.10

I happened to pop into mac and pick up Fresh Salmon LS, Missy Slimshine and Electric Fuschia from the new collection. Here is Fresh Salmon swatched on my vampire like skin.

It looks quite different in real life from the swatches I saw online. For a lustre, this is very pigmented and bright. I love it!

I will show you Electric Fuschia tomorrow, it is FABULOUS!

On the way now to me from the interwebs:
Color me Coral Lipstick
Victorian Lipstick
Bubble Gum Lipstick
Pink Burst Lipstick
Ember Glow Lipgloss

What do you plan on picking up from the Spring Color Forecast?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Gorgeous Du Jour: Erin Fetherton Pt 2

Love this shoot, so sixties. I love the makeup and her...
TOTAL girl crush!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Battle of the Corals: Guerlain, Illamasqua, Makeup Forever and Lancome

Okay, so Obviously I have been on the hunt for Corals, and in the search for my perfect Coral which is YSL Peach Faubourg I have amassed some AMAZING lipsticks. Each and everyone of the below I absolutely love and am very happy I went on this search because I would have never found these, Guerlain Guilette, Illamasqua Over, Make Up Forever 405, Lancome Chris and Tell.

Guerlain Guilette, Illamasqua Over, Make Up Forever 405, Lancome Chris and Tell

In Natural Light, From Left to Right:
Lancome Chris and Tell, Make Up Forever, Illamasqua Over and Guerlain Giulette.

With a flash Indoors, From top to Bottom:
Lancome Chris and Tell, Make Up Forever, Illamasqua Over and Guerlain Giulette.

They look very orange-y in doors with a flash but they aren't. All of these colors are so great in their own way.

Guerlain Giulette: A creamy, very rich lipstick that lasts and lasts. This is the darkest of all colors and has more pink than the others. There is a SLIGHT golden shimmer, very very slight and undetectable in the texture once on the lips. For me, this color would look better with a tan, this one out of the bunch I will wear the least because it is a darker color but its fun!

Illamaqua- I love this color, this might be my favorite color out of the bunch, however the texture isn't my favorite. It is very matte and very thick. Do not wear if you have dry lips, it would look terrible. This wears forever, Which is a huge plus and is Super Opaque which is super awesome. This is almost a neon coral, I am VERY happy i found this, I will be rocking this A LOT!

Lancome Chris and Tell: Easiest shade to wear, definitely the most flattering on every skin tone. Very light, creamy and opaque. Its a perfect mix of coral, peach and pink. This so universal. This would also be fab used as a cream blush in a hurry.

Make Up Forever 405: Great Color, Great Consistency, Great Formulation. I am very impressed, this is my first MUFE lipstick and I am loving it, I will be looking more at this lipstick line. This is most similar to chris and tell but with a more neon kick. I love it, its a little spicier and daring.

All in all, these are all great lipsticks!

Thoughts? Do you own any of the above?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gorgeous Du Jour 2.5.10 : Erin Fetherton

I really don't know if there is a more beautiful person on earth....

Lancome Chris and Tell du Jour: Love in a Tube

I am one lucky lady, look what i have below. As you all know I have been DYING for this lipstick. Lancome's Chris and Tell, the perfect soft coral. I am so psyched about this!

I have worn like 4 times already, i am using sparingly as I never want to run out. I wore it out to dinner the first night and got 2 compliments!! One from my boyfriends mother and another from a co-worker. That's when you know it is a success!

The formulation is super creamy and moist, lasts about 4-5 with no eating. It has the classic Lancome smell which I am a huge fan of. The color is like a ripe peach with a hint of pink to make one of those universally flattering. This color will look amazing on ANYONE. I am so crushing on this!

Swatch of Chris and Tell on the very top of my hand.

This is one I will be rocking everyday soon as it warms up...or not and just wear it now!
Anyone else happen to snag this?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rave and a Rant Du Jour 2.4.10 Lancome Mascara's

Hola Beauty Babes, so I have a RAVE RAVE RAVE and a rant, well not really a rant, just something I did not love. What should I start with? Good news first or bad news? I like to start with bad, then end on a high note.

I was kindly sent a few mascaras from Lancome to try out. I used to wear Lancome Mascara a lot until i found my YSL faux cils which I fell in love with and never strayed for YEARS!

I will start with Definicils review. This is the one I really didn't like too much. I can see certain people liking it, just not for me. The formulation is semi thin and so is the brush as you can see below. I like a fuller brush so I might be biased. Onto to results, for me this was not a winner, it did a great job of separating each lash but I did not see a difference in length or thickness and I believe a mascara should do one or the other. However, I think someone going for a more natural eye than I like would enjoy this mascara.
Next, onto a mascara that I have been using EVERY day instead of my Faux Cils, which is pretty amazing because I am a die hard fan. Lancome Hypnose is pretty fab! This baby creates DRAMA! A seriously thick lash fringe. I love the fullness and thickness it creates. I wish the brush were a BIT fuller but I am very pleased with this mascara and will continue to use this. It really gives you a false lash effect when used with some black liner. Love that! One gripe? The packaging, it hogs up too much room in my make up bag!

Have any of you tried either of these? Any thoughts? Any Lancome mascara's that are even better that I should know about?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Style Du Jour 2.3.10

Seriously crushin' on Miroslava Duma's style.

She is so chic yet has an edge. You can really tell she enjoys fashion and putting outfits together. Her make up is always simple yet refined, bronzey with a swipe of black eyeliner and nude lips. Love it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: YSL Peach Faubourg #30 Rouge Volupte Lipstick

I finally found my HG Coral/ Peach lipstick!

As you all know I have been OBSESSED with coral/ peach. I have been searching high and low for the perfect one (I will update you on all my different findings).

However, I have FOUND the Holy Grail. This is the end all, be all to my search. It is the perfect mix of peach and coral with the creamy almost soft neon color to it. It is not too orangey but not pink, perfectly peach!

I should have known all along it would come back to my beloved Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. This is Peach Faubourg #30. This calls for a back up and I NEVER buy back ups!

The package was bling blinging...

NARS Cruising Lipstick Swatch on top and YSL Peach Faubourg Swatch on the bottom.

Messy lip swatch

The picture does not really do it justice as it was taken on my crappy blackbery and just messily swiped on my lips. The color is a bit more vibrant in real life!

If you are looking for a version of Coral Peach with a soft creaminess to it reminiscent of a sophisticated orange creamsicle this is it! This is excatly what i have been looking for. It looks like PeachyKeen from China Glaze in Lipstick form.

Like all other Rouge Volupte's so perfect, so creamy, and so opaque.