Monday, February 8, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: MAC Fresh Salmon 2.8.10

I happened to pop into mac and pick up Fresh Salmon LS, Missy Slimshine and Electric Fuschia from the new collection. Here is Fresh Salmon swatched on my vampire like skin.

It looks quite different in real life from the swatches I saw online. For a lustre, this is very pigmented and bright. I love it!

I will show you Electric Fuschia tomorrow, it is FABULOUS!

On the way now to me from the interwebs:
Color me Coral Lipstick
Victorian Lipstick
Bubble Gum Lipstick
Pink Burst Lipstick
Ember Glow Lipgloss

What do you plan on picking up from the Spring Color Forecast?


  1. Every time i read your posts i have a new item to add to my wishlist =0/ if i end up homeless, it will be your fault =D

    the 2 tone blushers from the new collection look super awesome! I want the bronzery one =D xx

  2. You really have been on a coral kick! I have been too, recently, wishing for summer colors :]

    If you have a chance, please check out my blog! I'm just getting started!


  3. Madeline- I know! I will move on to another color soon, maybe not! x

  4. Looks gorgeous, ur accessories look extra fabulous! X

  5. I want this lipstick! You're influencing me to want more coral in my collection ;-)

    I love your accessories too!

  6. everytime you post new stuff, i fall in love & have to go pick it up!

    btw where do you get the beads to make your bracletes they are beautiful1!

  7. which is better, MAC's fresh salmon or the YSL peach color?

  8. Love all the coral lipsticks you wrote about! Thank you. And the ring is beautiful x

  9. Hahaha, you have ordered everything that is on my list for when it launches in the UK! Great minds think alike!

  10. beauty in the breakdown- I like YSL's peach color better, it is a little lighter and creamier. Fresh Salmon is a brighter darker coral. two different moods!

  11. I have Electric Fuchsia and it's gorgeous!!! I have it and I also have Beigeland, Colour 3 Quad and Kumquat l/g. On the way, I have Bubblegum l/s, Fresh Salmon l/s, Almondine l/g, Straw Harvest e/s and Nanogold e/s.

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