Monday, February 1, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: YSL Peach Faubourg #30 Rouge Volupte Lipstick

I finally found my HG Coral/ Peach lipstick!

As you all know I have been OBSESSED with coral/ peach. I have been searching high and low for the perfect one (I will update you on all my different findings).

However, I have FOUND the Holy Grail. This is the end all, be all to my search. It is the perfect mix of peach and coral with the creamy almost soft neon color to it. It is not too orangey but not pink, perfectly peach!

I should have known all along it would come back to my beloved Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. This is Peach Faubourg #30. This calls for a back up and I NEVER buy back ups!

The package was bling blinging...

NARS Cruising Lipstick Swatch on top and YSL Peach Faubourg Swatch on the bottom.

Messy lip swatch

The picture does not really do it justice as it was taken on my crappy blackbery and just messily swiped on my lips. The color is a bit more vibrant in real life!

If you are looking for a version of Coral Peach with a soft creaminess to it reminiscent of a sophisticated orange creamsicle this is it! This is excatly what i have been looking for. It looks like PeachyKeen from China Glaze in Lipstick form.

Like all other Rouge Volupte's so perfect, so creamy, and so opaque.



  1. OMG I agree this is perfect I am on a quest too of the perfect light coral lipstick and it's harder than what I though...

  2. I LOVE this!! It is amazing! My HG peach is 'shygirl' from MAC you own that one? If not you must have it! <3

  3. Ooh lovely! I was torn between this and Rouge Paris. Can't go wrong with Rouge Voluptes!

  4. Thank you for the swatch! I am so happy to find the other person who is so in love with coral as I am myself! I will check that lipstick 100% now but I am also thinking about #26 Rouge Volupte, what do you think about it?

  5. Added to my list. I've been loving peaches and corals so much lately!

  6. Ok, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE!!!

  7. it is still very pretty despite the "crappy blackberry" pic attempt. I also like how the YSL lipsticks smell.

  8. This really is a beautiful coral! I looove it! I really must go check out the Rouge Volupte line...

  9. This colour looks amazing, I will definitely have to check it out!!

  10. Hi I love the colour!
    What is the price for this lipstick in the USA?
    Here in Holland we pay 30 euro's...

  11. Hi I love the colour!
    What is the price for this lipstick in the USA?
    Here in Holland we pay 30 euro's...

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