Saturday, February 6, 2010

Battle of the Corals: Guerlain, Illamasqua, Makeup Forever and Lancome

Okay, so Obviously I have been on the hunt for Corals, and in the search for my perfect Coral which is YSL Peach Faubourg I have amassed some AMAZING lipsticks. Each and everyone of the below I absolutely love and am very happy I went on this search because I would have never found these, Guerlain Guilette, Illamasqua Over, Make Up Forever 405, Lancome Chris and Tell.

Guerlain Guilette, Illamasqua Over, Make Up Forever 405, Lancome Chris and Tell

In Natural Light, From Left to Right:
Lancome Chris and Tell, Make Up Forever, Illamasqua Over and Guerlain Giulette.

With a flash Indoors, From top to Bottom:
Lancome Chris and Tell, Make Up Forever, Illamasqua Over and Guerlain Giulette.

They look very orange-y in doors with a flash but they aren't. All of these colors are so great in their own way.

Guerlain Giulette: A creamy, very rich lipstick that lasts and lasts. This is the darkest of all colors and has more pink than the others. There is a SLIGHT golden shimmer, very very slight and undetectable in the texture once on the lips. For me, this color would look better with a tan, this one out of the bunch I will wear the least because it is a darker color but its fun!

Illamaqua- I love this color, this might be my favorite color out of the bunch, however the texture isn't my favorite. It is very matte and very thick. Do not wear if you have dry lips, it would look terrible. This wears forever, Which is a huge plus and is Super Opaque which is super awesome. This is almost a neon coral, I am VERY happy i found this, I will be rocking this A LOT!

Lancome Chris and Tell: Easiest shade to wear, definitely the most flattering on every skin tone. Very light, creamy and opaque. Its a perfect mix of coral, peach and pink. This so universal. This would also be fab used as a cream blush in a hurry.

Make Up Forever 405: Great Color, Great Consistency, Great Formulation. I am very impressed, this is my first MUFE lipstick and I am loving it, I will be looking more at this lipstick line. This is most similar to chris and tell but with a more neon kick. I love it, its a little spicier and daring.

All in all, these are all great lipsticks!

Thoughts? Do you own any of the above?


  1. Oh I love them all! I love Coral lipsticks they are so refreshing! I think I'm going to have to hunt down a few of these :)

  2. Yesss I am with Sarah...these are super fun! I think the Illamasqua shade is my favorite as well, although the drying aspect doesn't sound great. Good job finding fun corals for us! Did you see my post about the Spring '10 Coral Trend? You should check it out! ☺

  3. I have the Over on from illamasqua and I love it I wish I could find the Chris and Tell one though =(

  4. I really like the MUFE one...don't think they seel that brand where I'm from though..damn!

  5. I don't think they "sell" it either haha..really should spellcheck before I post

  6. Some great swatches :)

    Lots of love,

  7. glamour- they are matte but not super drying. I always put a lip balm on about 10 minutes before and it helps a lot!

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