Friday, February 5, 2010

Lancome Chris and Tell du Jour: Love in a Tube

I am one lucky lady, look what i have below. As you all know I have been DYING for this lipstick. Lancome's Chris and Tell, the perfect soft coral. I am so psyched about this!

I have worn like 4 times already, i am using sparingly as I never want to run out. I wore it out to dinner the first night and got 2 compliments!! One from my boyfriends mother and another from a co-worker. That's when you know it is a success!

The formulation is super creamy and moist, lasts about 4-5 with no eating. It has the classic Lancome smell which I am a huge fan of. The color is like a ripe peach with a hint of pink to make one of those universally flattering. This color will look amazing on ANYONE. I am so crushing on this!

Swatch of Chris and Tell on the very top of my hand.

This is one I will be rocking everyday soon as it warms up...or not and just wear it now!
Anyone else happen to snag this?


  1. I really want this but can't get hold of it...sob! Such a nice colour xx

  2. I am TOO jealous. Just read the Lancome blog and they almost sold it out :( I have no idea who can get it for me.

  3. tali- this would look so fab on yoU!

  4. Looks lovely! I was thinking to get the peach/coral l/s from the Estee Lauder Michael Kors collection, but now thinking I should try this instead...?


  5. I will be having a contest and one of the prizes is a tube of Chris and Tell. You may join if you want. The contest will be next month. :-)

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