Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Forecast Lips Du Jour 2.16.10

Hi Ladies, excuse me for my absense. It is fashion week and then market. Crazy time in the fashion world and loads of work!

However, I still have somehow found the time to go to MAC, of course! I picked up a few things from the new collection, firstly have you checked out the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick? love love it, a cool toned bubble gum pink, I will swatch that and show you all a picture soon. I will be wearing that A LOT this spring.

Next up, the Spring Forecast collection. It is huge, I narrowed it down to the lips. I picked up, nanogold e/s, bubble gum lipstick, Pink burst lipstick, Color me Coral Lipstick, Victorian Lipstick, Fresh Salmon Lipstick, Ember Glow lipgloss and Electric Fuschia lipgloss.

I have wanted Nanogold for a very long time, it is reminiscent of Vanilla pigment, its a pale gold with a pink sheen. I have been wearing it on my eyes everyday and also as a cheek highlight.

From left to right: Bubblegum, Pink Burst, Color me Coral and Victorian with Ember Glow below.

Unfortunately, I am returning Bubblegum, I do not like it. It is too purple for me. Does not brighten my face, actually makes it dull!

My must haves for this collection?
- Ember Glow Lipgloss: Love this, this was an impulse buy, it is a light creamy orange creamsicle color.
- Electric Fuschia Lipgloss: This color is funtabulous dazzleglass on steroids. This is super pigmented and super sparkly. I will swatch this later too.
- Color me Coral Lipstick
- Victorian Lipstick
- Nanogold eyeshadow

All in all this is a great collection and definitely has somethings for everyone!
What did you pick up?


  1. ember glow looks like the gloss form or barry m's 54 (peach), it looks like it would look amazing over any nude gloss, on its own or with a similar colour. I love those shades! X

  2. Mmmmmm the Ember Glow lipgloss looks perfect! I want!

  3. I can't wait to get Bubblegum! xx

  4. I love Bubblegum l/s! It's so pretty!! What I recieved in the mail recently were:

    Nanogold e/s
    Straw Harvest e/s
    Fresh Salmon l/s
    Bubblegum l/s
    Almondine l/g

    What I have coming sometime either this week or next week are:

    Pink Burst l/s
    Cha Cha l/g
    Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre
    Ripe Peach Blush Ombre
    Vintage Grape Blush Ombre
    Hot Hot Hot e/s
    Lala e/s
    Very Violet e/s

    And last night I ordered Hush, Hush Rose l/g and will place an order on Colour 4 Quad or Spingshine Blush Ombre.

  5. Bubblegum does look too purple and that's weird since bubblegum as we know it should be PINK? Color me coral looks cute, I should have picked up that one when I got Victorian! Love Victorian, I find myself reach for it everyday since I bought it :)

  6. I stopped by MAC today and picked up Victorian, Gaga, & a little late but I finally got a Lilly Pulitzer Lip Gelee in Preppy...the MUA suggested using it over Gaga because they look amazing together! ♥

  7. I want Victorian! I got Fresh Salmon thanks to your recco and LOVE it.

    Also got Gaga and Cyndi. Love both!

  8. I did purchase the Lady GaGa lipstick. I love it and am wearing it alot...

  9. Michele, How are you liking fresh salmon?