Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eternal Hunt Du Jour 8.27

I finally gave in and bought MUFE e/s in 92, the ultimate purple. I have to say that I still am on the hunt for the perfect purple. Funny enough, the color purple that is pictured is the excat purple I am looking for. In person this is the true color, has a redder base, not as true blue purple. As you can see the picture without the flash is more of a true representation.

As for the formulation of the shadow, it is beautiful. Silky, matte, extremeley pigmented and easy to blend. Why cant I find the perfect purple? Does it not exist??

I want it to look like this on my eyes, this is with a flash, it does not look like this in real life!
true color representation...

Any suggestions on finding the perfect perfect purple?

Illamasqua Obsession Du Jour LIPSTICKS

I know I have not even done the whole Illamasqua show and tell yet, but as you as know I LOVE this stuff. I probably tell about 10 people about Illamasqua a day. A stand out product for me is the lipsticks. The lipsticks are very matte yet very soft. The formulation is FANTASTIC. It is extremely long wearing. The two colors that I am in love with are Sonnet and Liv, which I have not heard talked about so much yet.

The only, and I mean ONLY drawback to them is that the name rubs off on the bottom of the tube so soon I will not eb able to remember which color I am using.

Left to Right: Liv and Sonnet
Liv is a wearable baby bubblegum pink, it resembles MAC's St. Germain. Sonnet is just AMAZING. It is a gorgeous perfect soft nude, it closely resembles the HG of all nudes GOSH Darling.

I urge you to try these out, if you are in the US head over to Sephora and try them!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update: Project Clear Skin 8.26.09


Thankfully after I ditched the awful Mario Badescu moisturizer and started on my clear skin regimen i have successfully won the battle AND the War. Small word to the wise, never ever use Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer. Don't give in to the temptation, unless you want deep cystic acne.

Anyway, using within one week of using my trusty tools,my clarisonic, cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night my skin has completely cleared. My skin has not only cleared but it is supple, moisturized and glowing. I will never veer off this path again...or so I say until I MUST try something else. Simple skin care always wins.

I am going to do a more in depth review later on this week on the above products, especially the Clarisonic, which I love love love.

What are your tried and true methods?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Obsession Du Jour: Korres Lip Butter Review

I will buy this over and over and over and over.

This was one of those purchases that are so random but you thank god you found it. I was browsing wasting time and I saw the nude color and that is what originally grabbed me. Thank god.

This is a very moisturizing lip butter. Its creamy and soft. The color is nude but on the lips it is the softest nude ever, it just very subtly tones down the pigmentation of your lips. The smell is to die for, its almost a Creme Brulee smell, i am not quite sure, it is very very very faint. I have never had anything that is nude and seriously moisturizing.

This is an absolute steal for $9. I know this will become a staple of mine. I have been holding on to this for dear life since I bought it. Carrying it everywhere with me, from meetings, to lunch, to dinner to my night stand. I will be buying a bunch more!

Love at first sight... it does exist.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obsession Du Jour: Smashbox POUT

Looks like my random sephora pop in turned out to be the ultimate for me.

Please allow me introduce you to my new favorite lipstick, I have been wearing it since the moment i got it and it has caused me to neglect all my other lipsticks! It is creamy, moisturizing and THE perfect color. It is Smashbox Lipstick in Pout. This is what I hoped Angel would be for me. This is much creamier than MAC's lipsticks and really nothing in the MAC lipstick line compares to this color for me. The consistently is almost of a lustre, very soft, creamy and moisturizing but lays down quite alot of pigment.

I would describe it as almost exactly the MAC Pink Fish TLC in tube form.
It is pink but pale but not so pale that it doesn't impart a glow to my face. Sometimes nudes and light pinks draw color out of the face this one adds it.

If you like pinks, I URGE you to try this one out! I absolutley am mad for it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food Photos! LA Pt 1: Katana

Katana, its a pretty well known Asian fusion restaurant. It used to be very trendy and sceney, but that has died down a bit and it is just good food with good people watching, overlooking Sunset Blvd and the across from the Mondrian Hotel.

I think i would have to say Asian is one of my favorite types of food. The food here was outstanding. My boyfriend made the reservation for my best friend and I and then surprised us at the end of the meal with already having paid for it. So sweet!!

Yellowtail and Jalapeno carpaccio with a Yuzu sauce.

Crispy Tuna Rice. MY FAVORITE!

Shrimp Tempura in a Jalapeno Honey sauce. No mayo which makes it so amazing.
Seared Albacore tuna with crispy shallots on top with a Lime Yuzu around the edge. My other FAVORITE.

Cod and Halibut Skewers.
Kobe Beef Skewers, two different marinades. One was a roasted garlic and the other was a grilled pepper sauce.

Molten Chocolate Lave cake, perfect end to the meal.

Hope that did'nt make you TOO hungry! I made myself drool!

Obsession Du Jour: NARS Mekong

This is my new favorite eyeshadow. Hands down. No Contest.
The color caught my eye across from Sephora. I thought to myself, NO you do NOT need anymore brown shadows, but this one was so sparkly!!! I knew it had to be mine, and then I swatched it and it sealed the deal.

It is a gorgeous warm brown, beyond pigmented, literally a dab of this will cover your eyes. I dabbed my MAC pencil brush into this today to wear in my outer V and it was perfect for depth and drama. This is a very multipurpose product for me, you can use it to add a ton of drama ala smokey eye, or lightly just in the crease and even as a liner. This would make a beautiful brown eyeliner. This shadow is quickly climbing to HG status for me.

Anyway, the glitter is not chunky, it is micro fine and gives the sense of just shimmering sparkles and it really it within the whole product. I know sometimes NARS shadow will be matte with glitter chunks. This is not the case with Mekong. See below....

Has anyone else tried this? Planning to? You should!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LA LA Land Trip Snapshot

Here are some some quick shots from my LA trip a few weeks ago.

Virgin is the best airline. I call it Club V.

Our Room

ABH pool party on Sunday, Above Beverly Hills Rooftop pool party.

Steph was mad at me in CVS because I was still drunk from the pool party even after a nap! I was probably torturing her somehow!

Beverly Hills Thompson rooftop pool

The swarovski encrusted pool

Santa Monica

We saw Bruno at the famous Arclight theatres.

Next up...Food Porn!