Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fashion News Du Jour: Christian Siriano for Payless

I am sure you are aware of the buzz going on regarding Christian Siriano for Payless.

When I first saw the pictures I was UBER excited about the shoes. I mean look at them...hot, high platforms for what? $49.99? I am in! They resemble Rodarte with the chains and spikes and platforms. I have been dreaming about these babies...

Unfortunately, and i mean VERY unfortunately those shoes were only made for "runway purposes". BUMMER to the thousandth degree!!! Please see below on what they actually have, I hate the pumps! Ew. And why did they remove the platform? Why didn't they make a limited run, especially with all the press and exposure over these? Makes ZERO sense to me.

(Pics from nitrolicious.com)
Anyway, I ordered the black booties to see what it is like in person. I hope they are cute, I obviously wish they were like the runway ones but oh well! Still a great deal... Cant go too wrong with a black bootie. I will update you when I receive and yes I ordered online, just because!


  1. looks cute ill have to check these out

  2. Thanks for this post! They have a few cute styles on the website! I hope my payless has them.

  3. i'm mad i knew nothing about this! i will have to check them out

  4. lol you ordered online 'just because' lol. i use that phrase a lot of my friends.

    hmmm i have to see these in person lol

  5. becky- yes just because!!! I will let you know how they look in person!

  6. Nattyn- I am sure they will, if not there is always online shopping!