Thursday, August 27, 2009

Illamasqua Obsession Du Jour LIPSTICKS

I know I have not even done the whole Illamasqua show and tell yet, but as you as know I LOVE this stuff. I probably tell about 10 people about Illamasqua a day. A stand out product for me is the lipsticks. The lipsticks are very matte yet very soft. The formulation is FANTASTIC. It is extremely long wearing. The two colors that I am in love with are Sonnet and Liv, which I have not heard talked about so much yet.

The only, and I mean ONLY drawback to them is that the name rubs off on the bottom of the tube so soon I will not eb able to remember which color I am using.

Left to Right: Liv and Sonnet
Liv is a wearable baby bubblegum pink, it resembles MAC's St. Germain. Sonnet is just AMAZING. It is a gorgeous perfect soft nude, it closely resembles the HG of all nudes GOSH Darling.

I urge you to try these out, if you are in the US head over to Sephora and try them!!!


  1. I have never tried them but I think I am now convinced. My next shopping therapy it will take place at Sephora!

  2. I was sent the Agony lipstick from Illamasqua and at first it looked very concealer-like and I was a bit scared to use it. It definitely needs a gloss over the top to make it work...but now I like it. The Sonnet one looks more wearable version though

  3. Liparazzi- Sonnet is very wearable, its amazing

  4. They both look so pretty....! *Sigh*!


  5. sonnet is my fave, i love it! i think it's more peachy than gosh darling though personally. i love how it's layerable and can built to opaque!

  6. geeesh both look sooo pretty. i love matte lipsticks even though they tend to dry my lips. but this one sounds so good.

  7. They look wonderful and i would love to try some products of Illamasqua,i'll put an order on line in September :))

  8. Hannah- yes you are right, it is a bit peachier. It is fanstastic

  9. becky- yes mattes are drying, i recommend putting on some moisturizer about 20 min before and letting it soak in!

  10. Not until my next Illamasqua order and I already have so much on my Illamasqua wishlist...
    Hopefully soon though! ;)


  11. tina- I hope you get to try everything out!

  12. I'm loving these!! Def. going to check them out :)

  13. Great colours! I purchased Sonnet in a lip palette and I love it, Liv looks stunning!

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