Monday, December 6, 2010

More Charlotte Kemp Muhl Du Jour 12.6.10

Recently everyone is interested in Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I posted about her quite a while back but it seems steam has really picked up on the Kemp Muhl train! I was alerted to a great article on Refinery 29 here about her shopping diary and places to go in NYC. Fun! They also posted a sideshow of her favorite stores and her shopping in them.

She mentions one of my favorite stores here in Soho, Evolution. Actually, one of my favorite stores in general. It is a mix between random, wierd and freaky things with a touch of sparkle. I know that sounds bizarre but they carry fossils, taxidermy, gemstones and jewelry and MUCH MORE!

Here are some pictures of her in Evolution:

Excerpt from the article:

"Unearthly beautiful, charmingly irreverent, lyrically blessed, oh, and and dating rock royalty—all are ways of describing model-turned-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl...we had the distinct pleasure to nab some one-on-one time with the fresh faced ingenue, with an afternoon browse fest—the lovely New York lady took us to her top three spots for buying the unique (mainly vintage) clothes and accessories that have made her a true style star; Not many people can mix Victorian with a necklace made from raccoon penis-bone, now can they? ... the 23 year old girl, who now spends less time behind the camera and more time singing with boyfriend Sean Lennon in their band, The Ghost of a Sabor Tooth Tiger... Peep the amazing, sexy and sensual photos by Altamira NYC's Craig Arend, as we galavanted around SoHo...

Here are three of Muhl's favorite NYC shopping go-tos:

1. Exquisite Costume: "This is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year…I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes. It's like a one-stop shop."
Exquisite Costume, 377 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott streets); 212-966-4142.

2. Evolution Store: "Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this taxidermy-ed [sic] eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy."
Evolution Store, 120 Spring Street (between Greene and Mercer streets); 212-343-1114.

3. Geminola: "The [last] place [is] Geminola, [she] is my friend. She reworks vintage into new things. It's kind of like Imitation of Christ, but it has a different style. She dyes them in really pretty colors and re-cuts them…it's funny, the things here last really long, because they're made in a time when things really are made to last."
Geminola, 41 Perry Street, #1, (between West 4th Street and Waverly Place); 212-675-1994.

Here's our whole, err, slightly disjointed conversation with Ms. Muhl:

Have you been shopping at Exquisite Costume a lot?
"Yes, this is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year...I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes, it's like a one-stop shop."

What are some of the coolest things you've gotten here?
"Victorian dresses, amazing coats, hats, vintage shoes that of course don't fit me because I have man feet, but I give them to my girlfriends. I wish I could dress everyone in my life from this store because it would just be like casting a movie with the all most beautiful things."

Do you live around here? How did you find it?
"I used to live in Chinatown, nearby here. I lived on Eldridge St."

I live on Henry.
"This is your hood."

Yeah I'm the only white person in the building but that hood is great!
"The greatest Vietnamese rolls are right next door. I live in the West Village now, but I come here all the time shopping. It's the only place I like to shop in New York, really. The other places I'll be taking you today are...Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this taxidermy-ed [sic] eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy..."

What about your boyfriend? What's his style like?
"We have very similar proclivities, we like old things, we like to choke on dust every time we get dressed. Like that jacket he would love. He would be a little too concerned it would look like he was trying to reference Sergeant Pepper in it, but he would love that and be sad that he couldn't wear it."

Do you guys shop together a lot?
"We do, he's one of the first boyfriends I've had that actually probably enjoys fashion more than I do."

Does he ever borrow your clothes or vice versa?
"Does he ever borrow my outfits? No, he wouldn't really fit my clothes, but I borrow his all the time it's kind of not fair, like his underwear (although I just went lingerie shopping!) and I wear his shoes all the time."

Wow, you can fit into his shoes?
"Yeah, I told you I have huge feet. If I were a boy I'd have a big %$#%"

To read the rest of the article head over to to check it out!

I will end this with the most random comment ever but, why does she have THE most perfect nose! Very jealous!

Do you love her as much as I do?


  1. i love this post, so interesting to read about NYC fashion and places to go. I wish i could visit this wonderful city one day :)

  2. She's gorg and I've always loved how she can pull off dresses and a Native American Headdress. I'm super lime green jello. I have a theory that skinny people can wear anything. Sucks for me because naturally my body doesn't have ideal proportions or a crazy fast metabolism. Something about her becoming a musician though really irks me. Maybe it's that she does so without showing much talent makes such little effort to understand music, but I really can't stand her because of it. As a music student and musician I have to say I really can't respect her on that note.

  3. She is just stunning. This post is so inspirational.

  4. Love her quirky style! She looks a lot like a young Liv Tyler in certain angles :) super gorgeous!

  5. hey dara
    this blog reminded me of you. she's a surfing/australian/hippy version of you

  6. Omg, I would die for a nose like hers.! She looks gorgeous!

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