Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nails Du Jour: Deborah Lippmann 11.30.10

First let me start with an apology! Why? Because I am sorry I didn't know about this SOONER to tell you guys! BUT it is okay, you still have until the end of day to place your orders (Promo ends tonight at midnight). Get ready... Deborah Lippmann is having a 20% off promotion on her website.

This is huge! Her nail polishes are my favorite hands down. Why you ask?

They are always so creative and the quality is superb. Naturally, I just placed a large order.
Let me share what my favorites are and what I have ordered. I have been wanting these for quite sometime, I just never got around to it. Who knows why. But whats a better reason than 20% off? NADA!

Ill get on with it.... The code is TURKEY20. GO! Order HERE at DeborahLippmann.com

Let me share with you all what my choices were...

The first one I threw into my cart, if you know me, is an obvious one. The highly touted "Happy Birthday". It is SO fun and I have never seen a dupe....not even close. Deborah describes it as a party in a bottle, I am so down for that!

Another one, I have been eye balling for a while... Ruby Slippers. I love dark red and this is all sorts of perfect. Its a dark red black base with red glitter and red hexagonal larger glitter parts. Perfect for holiday season! (Temptalia.com has a great swatch of this here)

Next we have "Across the Universe". To me, this looks like a mermaids tail smushed into a bottle. Yes please! I love the name and I love the color.

Then we have a new one that I never saw before, Boom Boom Pow. The reason I got this, is because I was playing at Stephanie's apartment last night and she had the Sephora Gold Top Coat. I put it on and I couldn't stop looking at my gold hexogonal glitter on my nails. this is an amped up better version!

Lastly, Waking up in Vegas, this is the boring of the group, but it stood out to me, its a creamy grey Taupe.

Will you be picking up any? If so, let me know!
I cant wait to swatch them all for you!


  1. i just checked out that website because you just tweeted about it! i LOVE all of those colors, especially Ruby Slippers. gorgeous!! i am going to have to place an order as well :)

  2. That's such a good sale! I've wanted that "Happy Birthday" color for so long now and wish I could purchase at least that but my budget won't allow it currently. *sigh* Maybe later on...

  3. i love across the universe! you have to show us it on when you receive it!

  4. So pretty! I'd love to see what Ruby Slippers comes out like. Wish we got that 20% off in the UK! xo

  5. These look amazing, I love your 'mermaid's tail' description too!

  6. They look amazing, but sadly glitter is SOOO hard to take off :(

  7. These are all such gorgeous color!



  8. I have the Happy Birthday one, and it is seriously amazing. I really like how it looks layered over Essie's Mint Candy Apple.

  9. hey girl I ABSOLUTUELY love your blog and youtube channel. I hope you can check mine out as well and give me some feedback. thanks so much


  10. Oh my god that first one is divine! Kinda like UD's silver from the Alice in Wonderland collection but better! Hope I can find these in the UK somewhere! xx

  11. Love these! I just picked up Ruby Red Slippers myself and I adore it! Great choices!


  12. The Happy Birthday one looks amazing! I think it could be fab with the shoes I just blogged about though only on my fingernails...

  13. Waking up in Vegas is my favorite