Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tricks and Tips Du Jour 11.23.10

I know, I have been a very bad blogger. Ah well, such is life. It was my birthday on Saturday and then I came down with a wicked flu. Not fun at all.

Anyway, I thougt I would share my secrets of how to look healthy when you are sick. I think I have perfected this art at this point as I seem to always be sick with some sort of cold or flu now. Which off of the topic, but really baffles me. I eat healthy, I exercise, I treat my body well and I take vitamins. I am actually going to try some alternative eastern types of medicine. If anyone has good advice let me know!

Anyyyywayyy, back to the point of this post, how to get your beauty routine on point when you do not look so hot.

#1. First of all, drink TONS of water to keep you hydrated. I know, I for one, tend to get very dried out from being sick. My skin and hair will look dry. I combat this with tons of water and Creme de La Mer moisturizer.

#2. Already mentioned above, but prime your face with a good moisturizer. Like I said, I get dry and the last thing you want to look is flaky and dry. Its bad enough you feel crappy, you don't have to look it too!

#3. Next I use a moisturizing foundation for the above reasons. My go to favorite is Chanel Vitalumiere. This is my old faithful, I have been using this for 8 years now. I cant even believe it. I really do not wear foundation anymore, but when I'm sick my nose is red and i look a bit uneven, therefore foundation it is!

#4. Vitalumiere is extremely moisturizing so it will need to be set with a powder. I like to use MAC's Refined MSF (From the sugarsweet collection). It is a light peach with a very subtle opalescence to it. I actually use this all over my face to give a glow. I love this powder, it sets my makeup without being powdery. I have a back up of this that I picked up at the CCO! Score!!

#5 Concealer. Lord knows I need concealer when I am sick. I get dark circles like no ones business, my favorite concealer is Make Up Forever's palette concealer. It has a peach one to counteract blueness. Also another trick is to take white eyeliner (I uses NYX jumbo pencil in Milk) and dot it on JUST the darkest parts and then blend your concealer over it. It works like magic. I don't know why, but it does!

#6. Blush!!! You need blush. I use a nude, dusty pink. My personal favorite right now is NARS Douceur. Its an amazing color. Check this color out!

#7. On my eyes, I do not want to look like I am wearing a lot of makeup but I want to look fresh and alive (opposite of how you look when you have the flu). I used specifically NARS Nepal eyeshadow (a peachy rose champagne) on the lid to warm up my eyes. Then I use NARS Blondie (a warm taupe- HIGHLY pigmented). I tend to go for warm tones when I am sick because cool tones can wash you out. Also, a good trick is not to use black when you are sick, it just looks too harsh! I line my lower lash line with Urban Decay Baked 24/7 eye pencil, a warm soft gold to give some life. However, I still use a black mascara to top it off! Do not forget to curl your lashes, this helps you look wide eyed (Again, opposite of what I really am with the Flu).

#8. Lip Balm, I am a HUGE fan of Nivea Lipbalms. You need to use that when you are sick because we all know, lips get dry from colds.

#9. Lipstick to give your face some color, I like to go with something very subtle but definitely not nude. Nude will be way harsh id you are sick. I went with a light peach, NARS Barbarella.

Hope this helps some of you during evil flu season!

Let me know your tricks and tips!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Dara! I hope you feel better soon! I'm also loving NARS Douceur even though it isn't quite as pigmented as most NARS blushes. It's a perfect neutral pink for the fall (although it's starting to feel more like winter here in Toronto).

  2. Love the Chanel Vitalumiere (its my Winter fndn). Happy Belated!

  3. NARS Douceur is a beautiful color, but the pigmentation was so dissapointing. I'm NC43-45 ish and I have to pack that baby on! Great tips! Do you think a tinted moisturizer would work in place of a foundation(dont wear foundation)?

    Also, I know this is horribly off topic, but I would love to see a fashion post, like of your outfits!! I remember you did a video on affordable shoes, and I commmented that you should do a video with outfits and the shoes and you said you might do a blogpost. I was wondering if that blogpost is still an option? I know you don't do videos anymore and that post may be something currently out of your comfort level, but I was an avid watcher, and still an avid reader. Just something I'd love to see! :)

    Also, happy belated!

    Best wishes,

  4. Happy belated birthday; I hope you feel better! Great tips, by the way. Normally, I wear full makeup but I think that skipping over the heavy eye makeup is a big must for me when I'm sick. I apply Orb (MAC) all over my lid because it's a light, flesh-toned color that brightens up the eye. I pass on the eyeliner and add a touch of mascara.

  5. I also like the MUFE concealer palette and Nivea lip balms, I always have one in my bag.
    I personally use a highlighter when I am sick and a pink lip gloss.

  6. Happy Belated... and im so sorry youve been ill too! Fingers crosses 2011 is better for us with that! xox

  7. Great idea for a post! Hope you're feeling better and that you had a killer birthday. :) Oh, and this cracked me up:

    "I know, I for one, tend to get very dried out from being skin."

    I don't know what you meant to say, but I think I like this better! haha

  8. I love this post!


  9. I loved this post particularly because I look like death when I am ill, but I like your trick about the NYX Jumbo Pencil, thanks for sharing!
    Gloria x x x

  10. Happy belated birthday sweet! Great post must try vitalumiere but really I'm on the no foundation wagon at the moment and my skin is soo much better!!! :D

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Thanks for the tips and tricks. I remember you did a video on this a while back on how to look good when you are sick and it was amazing.
    Hope you feel better

  12. Happy Birthday Dara! Hope it was a good one even when feeling sick. Get well soon!
    Thanks for the tips. You mentioned not wearing foundation anymore and wondering what you using lately. Happy Thanksgiving! BTW loving the Happiness Project!!

  13. Happy Belated! About the flu/colds - throw away your old toothbrush when you start feeling better and get a new one. Hope you feel better.

  14. Happy Birthday!!Hmmm u mentioned u have always cold or flu,besides u eat healthy food,lot of water and vitamines and u do gym.This sounds good but something no good if u have sickness.So u should look wich kind of vitamines u are taking!!Ur immunity isnt good cos cant fight with cold and viruses..it mean:u have too many acid in ur body!!!U have to reduce meats(especially red meats,if u can stay away from all,fish are allowed only!!),no coffe ,no sugar,less white bread.Try to take some minerals wich make ur body in basic not acid like now(sorry for my english,but i am from Hungary so english isnt my language :-))Drink lot of green tea,and take schussler salts,wich help to ur body to get balance in it !Try to take echinachea bitters,or silver colloids daily.If u have any question,i try to help:

  15. Happy Belated Birthday dearie...I hope you are getting better. I just tried Nepal as highlighter on a recent makeover event at the NARS counter - it is LOVE. I have been obsessing over it ever since. Now that you mentioned, it's meant to be.

    I hope you are well enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow!

  16. ooo, ps tried that thing with my milk pencil today.. BRILLIANT!

  17. Great tips! Gonna try them out next time I get a cold... wait, what is wrong with me? I sound excited to get a cold? lol

  18. i LOVE NARS's Barbarella lipstick. It's a beautiful every day color. Sorry to hear you're sick often these days. It's hard to not get sick this time of year especially with everyone ELSE sick. Feel better =]

  19. I hope you didn't get the flu shot. It gives you the flu! This has been from personal experience.

  20. I like your idea with the white pencil before the concealer I will defiantly try this.