Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick! Amazing Deal of the Day 11.4.10


I wanted to quickly post this amazing deal from Sephora. They are running a promo for $10 for a NARS eyeshadow duo which would normally run you about $32 plus tax. I would jump on this boat and pick both colors up! Thats only $20 for two shadows that would normally be $64.

Amazing Deal!

Go here to order, I am sure the stock will run out quickly!

Let me know if you guys pick them up!
I picked up both- couldn't let this deal pass me by!


  1. It's a good deal but both duos are colors that are not very wearable as I am a neutral girl...bummer:(

  2. I saw it last night but ended up ordering the Boscia Peppermint Blotting Sheets for $5 and took advantage of the F&F sale for one last time.

  3. I picked up cheyenne right when I saw! And with the FF sale, it was only $8! What a steal.

  4. thats a great deal. shame we dont have a sephora here and they dont ship here as far as i no.


  5. hi--- where in nyc do you buy the seche veet nail polish you tweeted about? or do you have to order online?

    thanks, and as always, you're awesome!

    Elissa :)

  6. haha i was afraid they'd sell out quick so i made the order last night. i hope they're not crap though!

  7. Hey Dara

    If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
    You can check it out here:


  8. Great deal!

    Just came across your blog!


  9. Hi Dara, I ordered booth of these during FF and they came in today. Wasn't sure if I'd really like them both but at that price I couldn't pass them up!! Turns out I LUV them both, the texture and color payoff is incredible! I will probably use the Wicked more in the springtime. So glad you got them too...let us know what your thoughts on them are =)

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