Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NARS Bento Box Du Jour 11.24.10

This is THE gift for the cosmetic aficionado in your life.
"New & Extremely Limited. NARS Founder and Creative Director Fran├žois Nars has interpreted the charisma and drama that is kabuki theatre for today’s elegant, modern woman.

Debuting this holiday season after years of development is the NARS Bento Box Set – a limited edition set of two Kabuki cups that were hand-poured with a new exclusive-to-NARS lipstick formula in highly pigmented shades. Housed in a handmade bento box, the set includes a Kabuki lip brush, designed for precise application by dipping the brush into the cup and blending until desired coverage is achieved.

NARS captures the majesty of the kabuki lip – the ideal of feminine beauty – with Maiko and Sakura, unique lip colors in this exquisite keepsake. "

Will you be picking this up for $125?
I will pass for that price tag but this is a lovely gift!


  1. I really wanted one. The colors are gorgeous, aren't they? I passed because of the price tag too. I could get a handful of things from NARS for that price.

  2. It's undeniably beautiful, but if I had the money for it, I would rather spend that amount of cash on a selection of other NARS products or maybe invest that as a chunk to part of the purchase price of a Rebecca Minkoff bag... which has nothing to do with this post but it's something on my mind, haha.

  3. Stunning but just not my kind of colors to be worth that amount of money! xx

  4. Looks gorgeous and love the description, but I can't justify the price either! x x x

  5. I'm going to pass on this for sure! But it is really an original idea, even the way this product is presented!

  6. I will be passing too but i've been throwing a few hints around to friends and family ;)

  7. Those are such gorgeous colors, but as well as you, I will have to pass