Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Du Jour 11.29.10

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving filled with health and joy!

I wanted to drop a note and take a moment to touch on Cyber Monday. It is estimated that today will be the first time that online sales hits 1 billion dollars! That's crazy!

The web is full of fabulous deals today. I for one, have actually not been in the shopping mood latley. I dont kow what it is! Maybe I am actually being mature and thinking about saving money? Probably not!

Anyway, the cyber monday deals that I am most interested in right now are:
  • All Saints. They are having a 25% off everything sale in store and online.
  • Net-A-Porter. 50% off sale on select items.
  • 30% off everything with the code THANKS30
  • La Dama, 25% off everything with the code TOFUTURKEY

I am so disappointed that J.Crew didn't do something better than boring old 25% off sweaters! Who cares....

What are you guys excited about?
Comment me below with what you are getting on this Cyber-riffic Monday!


  1. Thanks for this - I love All Saints so I'll definitely be having a look on there! x

  2. net a porter please have my shoe size in stock <3

  3. All the Conde Nast magazines discounts!

  4. I did all my shopping on Black Friday and now I'm's a miracle!

  5. I'm all over that net-a-porter sale!

    Enter my giveaway, over $400 worth of prizes xx

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