Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lanvin X H&M: Lipsticks!

Soooo... I am not all that interested in the Lanvin for H&M that has the whole interwebs a buzzin'.

However, I got wind of something that IS exciting.

There. will. be. lipsticks!

This is the first time that Lanvin has ever put their name on a make up item and @ 9.95 a pop I would love to snatch up all the colors! There will be 4 shades: Red, Bordeaux, Old Rose and Hot Pink. Plus, HOW cute is the packaging?

Will you wait on line and endure the craziness on Nov 20th (MY BIRTHDAY)?


  1. How cute are these?!?! I miss you, Miss D, and hope that you are doing well and staying warm.

  2. Wow. Might need to take a look at those if they arrive in the UK too. It's my birthday on 20th November too. I'm going to be 30! Eeeeek! Happy birthday to you for then xxx

  3. kute packaging <3

  4. im excited about these too! gawjus packaging! hopefully they will range more colours :) xoxo

  5. Happy early birthday! Wait, what do you mean wait online? H&M doesn't have online shopping does it?

  6. Nevermind! I just remembered that New Yorkers say online instead of in line. Oops.

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