Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Fashion Blog Sale 10.12.10

Today is a sad day but I am finally doing it. I bought a pair of YSL Tribute boots that were way too big but I HAD to have them, unfortunately they just don't fit and I am have been staring at them lovingly for a while now.

I decided that they deserve to go to a better home. To a bigger footed fashionista, and it has to go to a fashionista because these boots epitomize a confident fashionista.

Anyway, ill get on with it, sadly albeit.
These are a size 7 YSL Patent Tribute Too Boots with a blue sole. They have a whopping 5 inch heel but a 1.5 inch platform so they are actually very comfortable.

They retail for over $1000.00, I am listing on ebay for $600, but on here they will be negotiable ($500) :)

Here they are!

On the Aldridge Momma...
On one of my favorite bloggers, Chauss... Check her out! http://ckparis.blogspot.com/
Damn this woman can rock a hot shoe like no other!

Next up I have for sale, the Frye Motorcycle boots in 8r in black (the short ankle boot) in a size 5.5. These I am selling for $150. Listing on ebay for $200.

I have so many designer gorgeous shoes that I just don't need, I rather share the love!! My sisters unfortunately aren't my size which is such a bummer!

post to come later!



  1. They are gorgeous!! Too bad they're also too big for me! I would've loved to have them.

  2. Gorgeous,but too small for me:(((

  3. WOW These are amazzzing!!!

    XOXO, CC


  4. Your style stll makes my days better, but what happened to ur YouTube Channel?

  5. they are amazing, a bit small for me though!


  6. So beautiful. I wish I could wear heels, but I am on my feet for about 10 hours a day. Hope you find the perfect owner for them!


  7. d, thanks for the shout out. :)
    love you 41N chick
    xoxo chauss
    i have another pix of the trib toos i will attach in an twitter now if you want to post it to show a totally different look with same shoes.

  8. It's too bad they're one size too small for me.=(
    They are absolutely stunning though.


  9. Really miss your posts (yey for this one!) and most especially your videos. You have a good energy and a lot of us just really miss that...


  10. Hi, I absolutely love your blog, you are also very pretty! keep up with the great work:)

    can you check out my blog/or follow it at


    Shelly :)

  11. Wow - great bootie but you just made me feel like my feet are boat sized. I hope you find a good home for them - that's a shame.

  12. i love the aldridge momma! and the daughter. I know someone who has clothing from when mrs aldridge had Atlantis Underground in Dallas way back when ..it was quite a shock when i found out. It's a small world. I wish i even existed when it was around. haha. These are Amazing boots!