Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 12.3.09

Quick Daily Obsession posting. The MAC 182 Kabuki brush. This is the second one I have had to buy, I lost my first one :(

This is a must have for me, I love it, it is the softest Kabuki I have used. It buffs in powder foundation amazingly and seamlessly without eating up too much of the product. I also use it for a quick swipe of bronzers and highlighter. This is a must have in everyone's collection if you use powders or bronzers!

What is your favorite face brush?


  1. MAC 182 is also one of my faves! I use it with my MSF natural. I carry the two in my purs for touch-ups.

  2. *purse. but I'm sure you got it anyway :p

  3. I was looking at that brush. I was thinking I should have it...

  4. one of my favs as well =D
    I use it with my MSF natural for lazy days when I'm too lazy to put on proper foundation =P
    My other fav brush would be the 226 blending brush. *heart*

  5. Oh this brush looks amazing! Atm I'm using a Body Shop Kabuki and I have to say it is pretty good :)

  6. I don't own any MAC kabuki's at the moment! :(
    But I do love my Louise Young fan brush for highlighting, it's lovely!