Monday, March 28, 2011

I am back Du Jour 3.28.11

Hi Everyone!

I know, I have been MIA...well I am back. I was in Barcelona visiting my sister.
Scheduling will return to normal tomorrow.

What have you all been up to?


  1. i'm happy that you're back. i hope that you had a wonderfull time in barcelona. maybe you could post some pictures and tell us what you did there? i love this city so much ♥

  2. lovely to hear your back and had a wonderful time! i was wondering if you could fill me in please, i'm going to barcelona in a couple weeks and have read on the internet that it's respectful to cover up a little bit in the main city. did you find this? should i pack short shorts or something a bit more covering? thank you x

  3. Yay! Glad you are back...haven't been up to much but I am sure you had a blast!!!

  4. just flew back from barcelona yesterday!

  5. yay welcome back to the concrete jungle... wait, barcelona sounds much nicer =P

  6. Hey!
    Glad your back!

    I recently started my own blog.
    Please check it out.
    XOXO Peggy

  7. Welcome the US, anyway. How exciting that you got in a visit with your sister. She must have loved having you there. Glad you made it home safely and hope that TSA took it easy on you.

    Take care,

  8. Im trying out the genifique serum, are you still seeing results? Also, did you get a chance to see my swatches for the new Chanel coco rouge lipsticks?

  9. oh, my beauty blog is:
    I refer to your page on my Chanel post cuz you have great swatches for the new shadow palette.. hope thats ok? (:

  10. @unebellejadore
    barcelona is a city in spain, not saudi arabia.why would you think that youd have to cover up to be respectful in there, is beyong me.the city is by the beach, with amazing weather and lots of gay clubs.covering up is sooo not the thing to do
    love from europe

  11. oooooh hope you had a fabulous time xx

  12. you need to check for the jewelry they have on there right now! the rings remind me of you so much its unreal!

  13. You're so lucky that you got to visit Barcelona. Hopefully we'll get to see some pics soon :)

  14. Beautybelleval says

    So glad you are back. Missed your daily posts. can't wait to see pics of Barcelona trip.