Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obsession Du Jour: Clarins Lip Perfector in Rose Du Jour 5.14.11

Hello Ladies, Excuse me for my longer than anticipated break, sometimes life just takes over!

Anyway, I am back and more ready than ever to share all my great finds and obsessions with you all again.

Lets get on with it shall we?

This is not a new find whatsoever, but more so something I have been using since high school (eek is that really 10 years ago?) Anyone that ever asks me what my favorite lip gloss is will always get the same answer. Clarins Lip Perfector in the "pink color" that's what I call it, but the technical name is Rose Shimmer.

This gloss is a jelly baby pink, it is not very pigmented but it covers your lip color, its very interesting. I guess you could call it a "My Lips but Better" color. I find that it gives your lips a pale pink cast. It is very moisturizing and "cushy" feeling and TOTALLY non sticky.

Now the bad part? I could literally go through a tube a week. I am so obsessed with it that I re-apply constantly and go through it at an abnormally fast pace and at $21.00 a pop that could get to be an expensive habit. However, if I had to chose one lip product for the rest of my life it just might be this one. BOLD statement. I know!

I should next get a picture of this on my lips. Ah, well.

Anyway, let me know if you have tried this and what your thoughts are!


  1. Mmmm I have this in 02 and I LOVE it! It smells gorgeous and is such a pretty colour, will have to look into this too!


  2. I have it in 'the peachy color' and I also love the look it gives. Very simple but gorgeous. I dont feel that it moisturizes deeply but it feels very nice on the lips. I have the same problem though, I am constantly using it coz of the look and the feel.. (and the taste :D )

  3. I tried them on at the counter because of all the raves. They seem great, smoothe and all but the shades are too sheer and there isnt a natural pink or cherry shade to suit my pigmented lips, it's like putting MAC underage on my lips ;(

  4. I love it too! I am allergic to nuts so its interesting using a product with an artificial coconut smell

  5. i'm so glad you're back!
    i love this stuff, sadly someone stole mine at a party :( must repurchase!

  6. I have it too and I love it. I wear it every day is that good!

  7. YAY. Im so glad you're back. I died a little inside when I visted your blog and it said private.
    xx ash

  8. This product is on my wish list now!! Everyone raves about these. I need all colors!!