Monday, May 16, 2011

Fresh: Cannibis Santal Du Jour 5.16.11

Writing a blog post about a scent is hard because it is SO hard to describe a scent but I will try my best. I am SO picky about perfumes. I love fruity perfumes for a second but I do not like to walk around smelling saccharine sweet. Most of my perfumes fall into two different categories soft and musky or deep and spicy. I do not like your typical types of perfumes.

This one is my favorite deep and spicy scent. I have been wearing this for over a year now and still love it. Quite a feat! Fresh Cannibus Santal is one of my very favorite perfumes. It smells very unisex and sexy, almost manly and woodsy. This is what you wear when you are going on a hot date or know you are going to be smooching!

It has notes of Vanilla Musk, Chocolate, Vetivier (quintessential sexy smell), Patchouli, Dark Plum, Kumquat and obviously Cannibus.

I carry a small bottle in my bag and have the big one in my bathroom.

You can purchase at Sephora or any FRESH store. The small bottle is $32 and the larger is $75.

Have you tried? What are your thoughts?


  1. I picked this up about a month or so ago under your recommendation when you were still doing YT videos! Thank you so much! I have the same exact taste as you... Scents like flower bomb that people rave over, I just can't do. It's too sweet for me. I love Cannibis Santal! It's a perfect mix. It's sweet and has just enough spice and I don't know about you but I smell a little bit of citrus too.. Maybe it's just the way it wears with my skin.

    You should really try Black Orchid by Tom Ford! It's my new favorite HG scent. You can find it at Sephora. It's so multidimensional and it fits me perfectly. I find myself smelling my wrists all the time. It's extremely deep and musky but it has this sweetness to it. Almost like chocolate, but deeper than that. When you first smell it you get the spiciness right away, but then that quickly fades and changes into a musky sweet scent. Sooo difficult to explain, but I'm so in love with it.

    Thanks for your posts! Glad you're back!

  2. I will need to check this out, I love all types of fragrance-always looking for great new ones to try!

  3. Well I was going to post a comment and I read Anna's comment above so I will just say - Ya what she said! hahaha I tried this beccause of your YT video when I was at Fresh in NYC and bought it immediately. It is super sexy and so different. I was going to recommend Tom Ford Black Orchid which I have been wearing for about 3 years now. I LOVE it. It is along the same lines as the Fresh. Very sexy and spicy. It is funny because I cannot wear the Fresh at work. People just dont seem to get it!

  4. Damn, I wish I could track this down in Australia! The way you describe it (and how I imagine it), I think it would be amazing.

  5. Angela - I'm in Melbourne and I ordered in from it has sold out a few times but you should be able to get it :)

    I got this based on Dara's YT rec too and I LOVE it - risky since I bought online :) My boyfriend loves it as well...

  6. I too gave this a try when you talked about it, and love it. It's super sexy. Smells kind of chocolatey and spicy, very unique. I'm also loving right now Boyfriend by Kate Walsh. I think you may like it.

  7. Hi you should try Narciso Rodriguez perfumes , they are right up your alley... Personally I love the one in the black botttle....