Sunday, May 29, 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme Du Jour 5.29.11

I am in love with this super creamy lipstick, it is from MAC's new (not brand new, but new to me) line Sheen Supreme in the color "supremely confident". Why am I so in love with this color? It is just SO creamy and shiny! The nude is your run of the mill TRUE nude, very similar to my all time favorite nude, Gosh Darling.

However, this is from the States and a lot easier to get since it is from MAC and basically there is a MAC in every city.

I highly reccomend this lipstick line if you love creamy shiny lipsticks and this color if you love a true pale nude. If you love those things you will be obsessed with this. The con? It doesnt last long at all because of the extreme creaminess (however once the shine wears off the nude color is left behind) and its easier to mess up the stick because its so soft!

Swatch on hand below:

Have you tried? Do you love?


  1. Hi Dara,
    I have two of these amazing lipsticks from MAC and I absolutely love them. I have the colors "Cant get Enough" and Impressive" I really love the fact that there are so creamy just like you said. I also love the packaging. They never break this way. I hate it when you apply your lipstick and it comes out....or it bends-:) So for me the way the packagind is made is def. a major plus.

  2. have it and love it, its my top up lipstick for all the dryish ones i have like myth, fleshpot and playing koi.