Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ODJ: Conceal Cover FX Camouflage concealer 8.1.12

I have been very bad with shopping for makeup. In the past few months I was so good however, tell me if you guys are with me on this. You are so good and not buying a ton of uneeded things for a few months and then you just dip your toe in the makeup shopping pool by buying one lipstick and before you know if you have made three trips to sephora and accumulated a small makeup counter in you apartment. If you follow me on instagram (@DaraKaye) you know that I have been picking up quite a few things!

Ah well, the life of a beauty addicct.

Anyway, back on track, along my travels I was looking for a new concealer. I just haven't been that happy with what I was currently using. Two weeks I found a GREAT concealer at Target, which is Boots No 7 quick cover (I will take about that later- it is a little dry for under eyes but amazing at brightening). I wanted to find something with a salmon tint as that really does the best job at concealing dark circles. I dont have any puffiness or bags, but I get killer dark eye circles. Probably a mix of hereditary and lack of sleep.

I was wondering around in Sephora and happened to swatch Conceal Cover FX Camouflage concealer. Cover FX was never a brand I was drawn to as I really dont like to cover up my skin. They are known for their foundations. I just use tinted moisturizers and bronzers. I dont like the heavy feel. Anyway, even upon first swatch I was super impressed. The coverage is OPAQUE without being heavy, it has a creamy consistency and it is the perfect color for me (I got light) and it blends SO well. IT kinda of transforms to your skin tone as you can see below in my swatch. I am so happy I found this, this is my new holy grail. You can check it out here on Cover Fx's website.

More info after the pictures.

Swatches- You can see the difference in color from right out of the tube then blended in. Amazing

I picked it up at Sephora here for $27, yes it is a bit pricey but it is SO worth it. Trust me on that.
Have you tried? Will you?

xx Dara


  1. It looks great. I've never been attracted to that brand either, but I'll have to go play around with some samples. Great review!

  2. Mmm looks interesting! x

  3. Have your tried the MUFE Full Cover Concealer? How does it compare? Also how is the Boots No7 Concealer compare to the Hourglass one? Thanks!

  4. I haven't tried this, but I have yet to find the perfect concealer for my skin. I will definitely try this out next time I am shopping at Sephora (which is far too often...) lol!


  5. Omg I hated this concealer and after I had it for a year, I just threw it away. After awhile, the consistency gets watery and whenever I'd try to squeeze out a tiny bit of concealer, just oil/water and runny color would come out onto my hand. I would try and shake up the tube or try to mix it together, but nothing would work :/ Maybe I just got a bad one out of the batch. Hope it keeps working for you though!

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