Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAC BABY BLOOM Collection Du Jour 5.14.09

MAC Cosmetics Baby Bloom for Fall 2009

U.S. Launch Date: July 30th, 2009
International: August 2009

BECOME A FORCE OF NATURE… Introducing Baby Bloom, the newest and simplest way to combat hot and cold extremes, air-conditioning and outrageous heat, with our next generation collection of Studio Moisture Tint treatments…makes the sunny side of the street the place to meet! Five neutral skin-tone shades, all SPF 15, to drench skin in healing emollients, give it glow, rescue it from future damage. And fresh new Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in five sheer colour shades, from Pink Tinge to Moist Plum, are the big news we’ve been tight-lipped about…until now!

Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 ($29.50 U.S. )

  • Light Soft pale beige
  • Medium Warm beige
  • Medium Dark Caramel beige
  • Dark Deep caramel
  • Deep Dark Rich golden bronze

Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm ($14.50 U.S. )

  • Just A Smidge Soft, pastel yellow with multi-coloured pearl
  • Lilt of Lily Soft, creamy pale pink
  • Pink Tinge Clean bright yellow-pink with gold pearl
  • Full of Grace Soft, sheer rose
  • Moist Plum Light lilac with very fine pearl
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This looks like my dream collection...moisture moisture moisture. I have very dry skin and anything that is formulated to hydrate and refresh is right up my alley. I love tinted moisturizers and Lip Balm. This Suntints looks very interesting and right away Just a Smidge, Lilt of Lily, Pink Tinge and Moist Plum is calling out to me.

Why is this coming out so late? July 30? What the hell?
Will these be the new tendertones? Is this why they aren't releasing new tendertones? I hope these are similar!!!!

What do you all think?


  1. What a simple, yet beautiful collection.

  2. LOL we must have been typing at the same time. I just did a blog post on Baby Bloom.

    I'm not wowed by it at all though :-(

  3. looks interesting - but I am not sure about how the studio moisture tints would go on my skin - oily t zone! But since they are not here in Switzerland until August, they could be a good light option for winter instead of mineral make up. The lip balms are a great idea though - I have dry lips unfortunately :(

  4. So are these Studio Moisture Tints the replacement for the discontinued Select Tint? Hope so, though whether 5 shades is enough to find something to suit everyone...? The lip balms sound lush.

  5. Havent heard of this collection but looks so interesting and there is a new packaging?Will def check it out!!

  6. wow.. thanks for the post!! i want all of the liquid balm! ALL!! they loook soo yummylicious :)

  7. Olivia- that is excatly why I love this collection. The simplicity of it!

  8. yinka- we are on the same wavelength!

  9. Jassy- I am super dry so anything moisturizing is great. I hope the tints are good! I could use an affordable tinted moisturizer!

  10. Ondine- I am thinking they will be sheer enough that the 5 shades will cover everyone, it will probably exclude the lightest people and the darkest though...thats what usually happens :(

  11. freckltone- you are welcome! the balms look very mouthwatering!

  12. I need to convince myself that I don't 'need' these...not sure if my willpower will last.

    BTW, I love your blog! Come check out mine if you get a chance.

  13. lipstickrules- willpower is overrated ;)
    I will come check you out!

  14. ur blog is great!!!! i saw the same purple pic for gucci and have searched high and low for the same color! weird!!! we are like twins lol xx

  15. beth- welcome! glad to have a twin here hahah

  16. Love your blog!! You're gorgeous !

  17. I haven't heard of this collection either but to me we should be wearing this now...This collection looks very interesting......

  18. krista- it is coming out July, its brand new! We need it now!!!