Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MUFE Smokey Eye Du Jour 5.19.09

I have a charity event tonight at a bar.
I am using my new self made smokey eyes palette from Make Up Forever!
#3, #4, #40, #139.

I absolutely LOVE these eyeshadows. I always gravitate towards neutral matte's and it takes alot to stand out as a matte. These are buttery soft and beyond pigmented, usually matte's are a pain in ass to blend. Not these. These blend with such ease. Huge Fan! #4, Black puts MAC's Carbon to shame! This might even be my favorite smokey look to date.

MUFE Palette
YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Black
MAC Feline Kohl
Lips Fleshpot

And thats it!

I really need my hair done, I have an appointment tonight. I am going lighter!

Have you tried MUFE? What is your favorite Smokey look?


  1. Thanks for your comments, cute blog!
    I do a smokey look fairly often. During the day a more subtle smokey eye, with browns and whites etc. At black for night. But yeah! Lovely.

  2. Belle du Jour:)
    Thank you for your comment. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am loving it. Keep up your great work!! You are stunning girl by the way and I absolutley love this eye look:)

    Kisses from London

  3. Moni- Aw thank you, very sweet compliment. I am glad you are enjoying my blog!

  4. great smokey eye look. I love smokey eyes.

  5. Oh this is gorgeousssss, perfect for a night out!!! I can't believe these are all the products you needed to create this! You are toooo pretty! Argh, I know the feeling about getting your hair done, I'm in the same boat right now too :)

  6. Wow, this looks just gorgeous on you! And what a nice palette. :) I can't wait to see your hair after it's done!

  7. I have not tried Mufe. I really want to but didn't know what to try...their products look great...This is a gorgeous eye look on you too...

  8. Sarah- Your hair is perfect, what are you saying? I am going for a very natural blonde...i think! Hahah!! Yes, simple smokey eye right??

  9. Chrissy- I will post it tonight. It is the same basically! hahah

  10. Krista- Try the matte shadows, they are unbelievable quality!

  11. Lovely look. :) I've never tried these as the brand is difficult to get hold of where I live but they look great. Nice sleek palette too. :) xxx

  12. ohh I like the pink and the nude color lipstick!!

  13. Winter- Where are you located? That's a shame, no intl shipping?

  14. This smoky eye is ridiculously sexy ;)

  15. beautiful. I love it. You only used a few things to create such a pretty look.

  16. Your eyes look gorgeous! Did you make the palette yourself or was it pre-made when you purchased it? Hope you have fun at the benefit!