Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun with Stephanie Du Jour 5.2.09

Meet my best friend Stephanie. This is what happens when it is rainy and cold on a Friday night. I will take you step by step through our Journey.

Happy Stephanie.
This is what we started with, day of worn in make up.

First Look done on right eye, we call this tropical eyes.
  • Products Used:
  • MAC Bare Study Paint Pot as a base.
  • Coastal Scents Pallete for E/S colors, purple, bright red and Yellow.
  • Purple in the outer 1/3 of Eye, Red in the Middle and Yellow on the inner corner, all blended together with MAC 217 Brush
  • MAC Carbon applied in the outer V and in Crease
  • MAC Vanilla as a Highlight.

Second Look done on Left eye, Quick Smokey Eye.
Products Used:
  • MAC Bare Study Paint pot as a Base
  • MAC Vanilla eyeshadow as a Highlight
  • MAC Brule all over, good base to blend off of
  • MAC embark eyeshadow on lid
  • MAC Carbon in Crease and on outer V and under the eye as liner used to smoke out
  • MAC Fluidline in Black as liner, winged out to a cat eye

Super Hero Look
Jamaican Flag Representation.
LISA FRANK- Anyone remember her? Rainbows and cat trapper keepers!!
Leopard spots for MI KITTY.
Makeup+ Boredom+ Late Nights= Above


  1. Love both of the looks!!Isnt it nice to have a friend who let you "play"??:)))

  2. thanks!!! yeah! we had tons of fun, but we could have fun sitting in a white room!! I also got purple pigment in her mouth!! haha!

  3. Ohhh these are fantastic!!! Love the Super Hero!!!!! Haha what a great friend to let you play with makeup on her!!!! My sister runs a mile most times when she see's me coming with the makeup kit lol

  4. Love all your looks!! Very creative ;) I notice you use bare study paint pot like me! It's a staple forsure! I haven't used my carbon e/s in quite some've inspired me to dig it out of my collection!!

  5. Hi Viva, thanks for stopping by! I love bare study, I am a huge fan of paintpots! Carbon is my staple, I don't think I could survive without it. let me know how you are going to use it!