Friday, May 22, 2009

Style Warriors Collection Du Jour 5.22.09

Style Warriors is finally here. Of course, now that its here my excitment has died down. TYPICAL.

Also, I semi hate animal print (except on a RARE occasion) so I kinda didnt realize I was going to HATE the packaging. Luckily, everything I got did not have that on it! I already threw away the animal print boxes.

Anyway, I do love my products I bought and in MY opinion what I bought were really the stand outs for ME! Meaning my taste and for my skin tone, we have to remember everything looks different on different skin tones! That is what is so great about MAC, it really is for everyone!

Anyway, I purchased:
  • Soft Force eye shadow, a buttery, soft, light champagne color
  • Night Manuevers eye shadow, This is not getting enough love from other people, for ME this is the perfect brown, I like cool browns more than warm so this is right up my alley. It is a sheer buildable shade, which I like because I can determine the intensity.
  • Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, love in a bottle. I will need to pick up the other colors of this.
  • Scatterrays Solar Bits, LOVE this, I do not find it as chunky as other people, this is a less orange melon pigment. Super frosty and metallic, I quite like the application of this.
  • Impassioned Solar Bits, See above. This looks like liquid Satin Taupe eyeshadow, highly metallic, wonderful cool brown again.
  • Mercenary Nail Polish, new favorite nailpolish, looks like liquid copper, so shimmery. Not sparkly, shimmery.

Solar Bits in Impassioned and Scatterrays

Soft Force eyeshadow and Night Manuevers eyeshadow

Pink Rebel Luster Drops

Rubbed in

Mercanary Nail Polish... helllooooo, you all need this!

What I skipped and Why:
  • Lipsticks, well I only like nudes and they had one nude, Brave New Bronze...I was excited for this but EW. Too dark and brownish peach on my hand. I did not swatch yet on my lips because I was really scared away by the darkness of it. I hated it actually. Good, better for my wallet! Although I think this would be great for brunettes!
  • Beauty Powder Blushes, they are VERY pigmented and look to be of GREAT quality. I gravitate towards pinky blushes, not peach and mauves so this is why I skipped. I will go back and test On a Mission though. Could be great for a subtle blush!
  • Bright Future and Vibrant grape shadows, I thought for sure I would be buying the Vibrant Grape, it was too pinky red of a purple. Did not call out to me. I liked Bright Future but I dont wear yellow shadows.
  • Bronzers, might go back for that, not a must have, will look at Refined Golden as Solar Riche is a bit too orangey for me.
  • Violet Fire and Peaceable Nail polish.. very dupable.
  • Lipglasses...whatever!
What are you guys going to get?
Will be posting a FOTD after!


  1. My mac won't get all of these in until next weekend, but I'm still pumped for it.

  2. i've been lusting after the lustre drops (nice alliteration, huh?) ever since i saw them! i will definitely be buying them. quick question, are you going to use yours as a highlighter or mix it in your foundation? the pink shade stands out the most to me, but seeing your swatch, it looks more like a cheek stain.

  3. Kelsey- It will still be exciting for you then!

  4. Hi Valerie, I used it as a highlighter today. I will be posting a FOTD later. You can see it gives a sliiiight pink sheen. Its actually really gorgeous.

  5. For the love of God, the wait for this in the UK is causing my interest to increasingly wane.

    I'm gonna get:

    Sun Rush lustre drops
    Purple Rite l/s (might just get a Barry M purple instead though)
    Tribalist l/s
    Night Manoeuvres e/s
    On A Mission beauty powder blush

    Not much. I need to get a load of Dazzleglasses and a Guerlain palette from the new Summer Splash collection when it comes out.

  6. Yinka- The luster drops are really awesome! I am LOVING Night Maneuvers too!

  7. Yeah so I've heard! I'm just hoping the drops don't look greasy after a while on my face.

    ( )

  8. Aw, excellent haul! I can't freaking wait, we don't get Style Warriors here until prob mid-end June...:( ! Btw, how do you use the Solar Bits? I love the colors, but don't how you 're supposed to use

  9. these r such nice colors.. soo neutural n lovely browns... too bad i cant get my hands on this collection =(

  10. I ordered Tempting eye shadow and On a mission blush from the collection. I am so jealous of what you got. So great. I am a stay at home mom with no income now but my husband is nice enough to let me purchase a couple of things when new collections do come out...

  11. yinka- I don't think they will look greasy, they just gave me a nice shimmer. I will post a FOTD tomorrow!

  12. Tina- I actually love these and the application, I spritz my 239 brush with fix plus or water and dab into the little jar and brush it on, i get a silky smooth finish.

  13. Fun and Makeup- Why not? where are you?

  14. Krista- What a lovely husband you have!

  15. Nice haulage! I ordered some Style Warriors last night and I'm too excited that I can't wait to get them! I may get Scatterrays Solar Bits since I've never tried one before and it sure does look like Satin Taupe.

  16. FabDiva- Impassioned looks like Satin Taupe. Scatterays looks like melon pigment!

  17. oh my gosh, I had no idea that nail polish exsisted, i didn't see it in any other reviews/hauls. I neeeeed it!
    How opaque is it? Other MAC n/p's i have tend to be streaky. :(

  18. Do I spy MAC Soho? Awesome haul Bella ;)

  19. I might skip the whole collection this time coz the ugly packaging. Luster drop sounds interesting tho...

  20. Finally some love for Night Maneuvers and Soft Force. And finally someone likes the Solarbits. I love them for summer, their finish is so special on the skin.

    How dark is Mercenary nail polish? I am still on the fence about this one. The darker, the better :)

  21. awesome haul! you've convinced me that I need pink rebel. great pics & swatches@!

  22. what a great haul and review :) The nail polish looks really nice.

  23. Great review! I intended to ONLY get the Brave New Bronze lipstick but ended up with the gold gloss, the peacy gloss, the purple nailpolish and Mercenary. I haven't tested any of it out yet except for the gold gloss which is awesome layered on to lipstick - any lipstick.
    I will hopefully test out the rest this weekend and post a review myself. Cheers.

  24. That nail polish is stunning! You'll have to take some photos with it on :)

    And I'm going to have to buy them two eyeshadows when the collection arrives in the UK. I love brown/gold eyeshadows. xx

  25. I can't wait until next week when I go and make my purchases! The items you picked look gorgeous!

    I am looking into getting Tempting eyeshadow since my normal base eyeshadow has hit pan. Besides Tempting I am also thinking about Vibrant Grape and Night Manuevers. I am also looking into getting Sunsational and Brave New Bronze lipstick, depending on how they look on me. I am thinking about passing on the lipglass since I have enough lipglosses or lipglasses that aren't even half way empty yet. I am also looking into purchasing one of the blushes in Eversun and the nail polish in Mercenary or Peaceable.

    The rest of the products I might hold off and wait a bit before buying them. But my mind might change once I see what they look like on me.

  26. Lisa- I LOVE the nail polish- it is NOT streaky, 2 coats and you are perfect

  27. bis- YEAH loving NM and soft force, Im not about all the bright colors! Im a neutral gal usually! Yes SOLAR BITS!!! No one else loves them, I know crazy, nothing gives such a sick metallic finish! As for the nail polish- it is def not a DARK color like dk brown, its very medium, opaque creamy goodness, kinda like a hershey bar if that makes sense! hahah

  28. AW! I love the packaging for this line!!

  29. That lustre drop is so pretty, what do you use them for?

  30. OMG, You bought solar bits!
    I soooo want them!

  31. Sylvia- It is growing on me, I hated it at first but its growing on me!

  32. jaime- They are used in combination with your foundation, moisturizer or alone to highlight you cheekbones or to give a dewy look.