Monday, January 25, 2010

Le Metier De Beaute, Lip Creme Du Jour 1.25.10

I was at Bergdorf Goodman about two weeks ago to do some market/ floor analysis and I happened to wander down to the beauty floor. SHOCKER. By the way, Bergdorf beauty floor is one of my favorite beauty stops in Manhattan by far. If you have never been you should definitely check it out. They have some great harder to find brands there.

Anyway, allllll the way in the back of the department I found a little section dedicated to Le Metier De Beaute. I was so excited, I love this brand and they only carry it in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorfs. Look online here!

Anyway, I picked up a Lip Creme in Papaya Creme. It is a apricoty coral copper with a slight duo-chrome in gold. I love this color. I will need to do a lip swatch for you guys soon, but this is so great. It is ultra pigmented, smooth and smells great. It is a light vanilla smell. Lovely. It lasts decently on my lips, but lasts more like a lip gloss then a lipstick, I would say about 1-2 hours and not through eating. Although, personally, I always remove lip products before eating because I cant stand it and it grosses me out!

This Lip Creme is along the lines of a liquid lipstick, it is that pigmented. See below. The only set back is the price, it is $36 which is a lot for a gloss. But I think of it as a lipstick AND a gloss in one.

I am going to head back over there this weekend and pick up another few I think. I really have a crush on this lip creme right now. Next on my list is Apricot Creme, Sweet Creme and Peche Creme.

Have any of you tried these out? Thoughts?


  1. That pigmentation is beautiful! Love the packagaing too, really sleek.


  2. Looks really lovely especially the glitter. Please follow me? xxx

  3. DangerouslyBeauty, there is no glitter in it! x

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  4. Cat- it is fantastic, I love the packaging too. The cap has that NARS matte feel to it!

  5. Very pretty color. That will look so great on you...

  6. I have one of these, it's nice but doesn't have the wow factor for me.

  7. Vex, really? what color do you have? maybe its just this color that I love so much!

  8. It doesn't say which shade it is, and just has Liberty stamped on the bottom (I got in an event goody bag a couple of mths ago). It's a nice warm beigey nude shade with subtle gold shimmer in it. You'd quite like it actually. Gonna wear it tomorrow and see if I change my mind.

  9. Oh Vex, you are right that sounds right up my alley. try it out, see how you like it, let me know the color! The color Papaya creme color is really fabulous.